Benefits of Japanese language For Job Seekers

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Benefits of the Japanese language For Job Seekers

Did you know Japanese is one of the most demanded languages in Southeast Asia? It is due to the immense career opportunities that the language offers to the experts. Japan has been contributing to diverse industries of the global economy, such as automobiles, infrastructure, optical media, consumer electronics, shipbuilding, and so on. Moreover, Japanese companies have already spread their wings to various countries worldwide. As a result, if you want to increase your professional value and advance your career, knowing the Japanese language is a fine decision. This article will expose you to the benefits of the Japanese language for job seekers.

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Top Career Opportunities for Japanese Language Experts

It is high time to learn Japanese as a new language skill to boost the value of your resume. Let us check out how the Japanese language can help to launch your career:

Accelerates Your Career and Takes it to a New Level:

Do you aspire to settle in Japan? Then, you need to learn the Japanese language to ensure bright career opportunities and streamline your day-to-day life. Once you master the language, you can better immerse yourself in the culture, tradition, and professional scopes in Japan.

Did you know there is no dearth of opportunities for professionals who have aced the Japanese language? Many Japanese companies look for candidates with fluency in both Japanese as well as English.

However, you need to cater to other requirements specific to the job as well. It is also true, a candidate having advanced fluency in the Japanese language will be more likely to get preferred over the rest. Many Japanese organizations are willing to welcome versatile professionals in various job roles.

If you learn Japanese, you can expect better opportunities in your career, especially if your office has a tie-up with a Japanese company or has branches in Japan.

Won’t that be great if you are preferred by your superiors in your office just for your strong grip on the Japanese language? As a result, you can better represent your country and organization in Japan.

Knowing how to speak in Japanese would also make you eligible to interact with your Japanese clients and business partners. So, there is no loss for you if you decide to master the Japanese language.

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Helps you become a Translator or Interpreter:

Many people aspire to learn the Japanese language to make a successful career as a translator and interpreter. However, these two career paths are different from each other.

As a translator, you would be provided with materials in Japanese that you would have to convert into English and vice versa. Nonetheless, an interpreter acts as a mediator between two communicators speaking in two different languages.

That means an interpreter needs to comprehend both languages, translate each language into the other and convey the information to both parties.

Many lucrative opportunities are available for translators and interpreters in the public and private sectors. However, if you want to make your career in this field, you may need to work in both of the job roles.

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Provides Opportunities in the Aviation Sector:

Having fluency in Japanese can help you land a job in the aviation sector. The best part is that you just need to complete a bachelor’s degree to apply for a job in this regard. Nevertheless, you must have a strong grip on English as well.

How does it sound to you to be an international flight attendant with lots of perks? It sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? Hence, if you have a deep interest in the Japanese language, it is time to turn your passion into dedication. It would be translated into some of the outstanding opportunities for you in the aviation industry.

Mastering Japanese can also help you to grab a job in customer service relations. You can expect promotions in your career if you fulfill all criteria apart from being a fluent Japanese speaker.

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Helps you become a Japanese Teacher or Trainer:

Learn Japanese language online, and you can set your career as a Japanese trainer or teacher. Japanese people try to learn other languages when they are not in their country, especially for professional reasons.

It can be a golden opportunity for you to apply to a Japanese company with the requirement for a trainer. You would have to communicate with candidates in Japanese and help them learn other languages.

As a Japanese language expert, you can also train the company’s employees to interact better with businesses and clients.

Do you aspire to work in the education field as a Japanese teacher? Apart from being a trainer in a company, you can also make your career as a language teacher. Then, you can help students to learn Japanese and add value to their resumes.

Note that teaching would also help you to hone your expertise in the Japanese language. You can become an inspiration to future generations in learning Japanese.

Look for teaching opportunities both online and offline (institutions, schools, colleges, and or organizations).

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Prepares you to work in Embassies:

If you become fluent in the Japanese language, you can apply for language jobs in embassies. However, you need to be ready to work abroad based on requirements. Mastering Japanese will also help you to work as an employee in the Japanese embassy.

Gets you ready to be an employee in a Japanese Company:

Numerous branches of Japanese MNCs are there all over the world. Needless to say, you can expect to get preference with a resume mentioning your fluency in Japanese.

You can apply in Japanese MNCs (Honda, Yamaha, Toshiba, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Sony, Daikin, Panasonic, Canon, Suzuki, Fujitsu, Casio, and so on) based on your expertise and experience. Note that the employability and job position keep changing based on the company.

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What’s more?

Apart from the aforementioned career opportunities, you can also set your career in the hospitality industry as a tour guide. Proficiency in Japanese can lead you to become a service agent or sales executive in import-export.

Wrapping Up

I hope you are now convinced enough to embark on a journey of learning the Japanese language. There are a number of foreign language institutes offering Japanese language courses online, you just have to find your niche and work on it. Not only would you get excellent career opportunities but also know deeply about the Japanese culture and traditions. Hence, what are you waiting for?