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Are you looking for online French classes? But confused about which institute to choose? We are Indian Institute of Foreign Languages in to French language training for past 8 years. We are members of the European Language Council, and we train students as per CEFR (Common European Framework of References) standards, and we also prepare them for international exams.

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Online French Classes
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Online French Classes: Unlocking the Language Barrier

In a world increasingly connected by the internet, the demand for online education has surged. Among the myriad of subjects available, online French classes have gained significant popularity. The flexibility, accessibility, and interactive nature of these classes make them an enticing option for language enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the world of online French classes and explore how they are revolutionizing language education. Learn French online to meet your French learning demands. 

 Brief overview of the increasing demand for online French classes

Online French classes have witnessed an unprecedented rise, with learners seeking convenient and effective ways to acquire new skills. Language learning, in particular, has found a robust platform in the virtual realm.

The popularity of Online French classes

French, known for its cultural richness and global significance, has grown to be a language that online learners desire. The ease of accessing Online  French classes from the comfort of one’s home has contributed to this surge in popularity.

Benefits of Online French Classes

Adaptability in terms of scheduling online French classes.

One of the primary advantages of online French classes is the flexibility they offer in terms of scheduling. Learners can choose the time that best suits their daily routine, eliminating the constraints of traditional classroom schedules.

Learn French online to get access to experienced native-speaking instructors

Online platforms often collaborate with native-speaking instructors, providing learners with an authentic language experience. Learning from a native speaker enhances pronunciation and cultural understanding.

Online French classes have diverse learning resources

Learn French online to acquire a diverse range of learning resources, including video lessons, interactive exercises, and multimedia content. This variety caters to different learning styles, making the process engaging and effective.

Learn French online to get into interactive learning platforms

The interactive nature of online platforms fosters a dynamic learning environment. Virtual classrooms, live sessions, and discussion forums create opportunities for real-time interaction and collaboration. Online French classes are highly beneficial in this aspect.

Levels in the French Language:

According to CEFR(Common European Framework of References), French has
got 6 levels from Beginner A1 Level to C2 which is the expert level.

Overview of Levels

French Language Levels

French A1 Level:

  1. Self-Introduction
  2. Alphabets – Numbers
  3. Framing of common sentences
  4. Basic Grammar with vocabulary for day-to-day usage
  5. Get to learn to speak in the present tense
  6. The approximate duration of the course – 60 hours.

How much is the Cost of French A1 Level?

French language A1 Course (French Offline Classes and Online Classes)

Particular Details
Level A1
Language French
Course Duration 60 Hours
Course Fee Rs.13,800
Study Material Included fee
Text Book
Work Book
Audio CD
Basic French Book
Modules Reading
GST Included in Fee
Exam Preparation You will be prepared for French language A1 Level international certification Exam
Study Material for Exam Preparation Included, Photo copy of model test papers of International certification exams.
Certificate Course completion Certificate will be issued after successful completion of Course
Examination Internal Examination conducted at the end of the course
Mode of classes French online classes & French classroom training both are available

French Classes Online: French A1 Syllabus structure

SL.N Units Topics Covered
0 Mes cinq sens en action (My five senses in action)
  • Talking about currency and nationality
  • Introducing yourself
  • Learning verbs to call, to spell, to buy etc.
  • Yes or no question and answer
  • Basic communication in the class room
  • Learning alphabets
  • Learning helping verbs to be, to called, to have
  • Understanding definite article
  • Learning my name is…, I am…, I have, her name is…., his name is…., She is…, He is…., etc.
  • Learning numbers 0-9
  • Learning French Greetings
  • French wishes
  • Learning You and your (Pronoun and Possessive article)
1 S’ouvrir aux autres (Open up to others)
  • Talking about first name, last name, nationalities, age, profession
  • How to talk politely to others
  • Learning numbers
  • Learning prepositions
  • Learning verbs
  • Understanding negative article and definite article
  • WH Questions and Pronouns
2 Partager son lieu de vie (Share your place of life)
  • Talking about hobbies
  • Learning something new from neighbours
  • Understanding advertisement
  • Looking accommodation and conversations
  • Learning types gender
  • Learning type and number of adjectives
  • Understanding possessive adjectives
  • Location of prepositions in, on, under etc.
  • Learning phonetics
3 Vivre au quotidian (Living everyday)
  • Express their tastes
  • Talking about to by day routine task
  • Talking about hobbies
  • Talking about daily activities
  • Learning articles contracted
  • Learning verbs like want, might etc.
  • Learning adjective with “what”
  • Learning pronominal verbs
4 S’ouvrir à la culture (Open up to culture)
  • Talking about family and family related words
  • Talking about movies, films, drama etc.
  • Suggest to someone about things
  • Learning demonstrative adjectives
  • Learning verb “finish and go out” and sentence creation
  • Learning adverb frequency
  • Learning past tense
5 Goûter à la campagne (Taste the countryside)
  • Accept and decline an invitation
  • Give instructions to others
  • Ask the price in the shop, supermarket
  • Go shopping and discuss
  • Negative form no…more, no…never
  • Learning verbs buy, eat, pay etc.
  • Sentence creation with “necessary”
  • Pronoun with quantity
  • Articles with parities and quantities
  • the imperfect affirmative sentences
6 Voyager dans sa ville (Traveling in his city)
  • Describing about the city
  • Talking about transportation
  • The adjective place in the sentences
  • Learn the Verb “take” and create sentences
  • Learning pronouns
  • Learn pronoun besides and in front of
  • Learn comparison like less than and more than
7 Faire du neuf avec du vieux (Make something new with old)
  • Talking about relatives like grandfather, father etc.
  • Describing objects
  • Talking about past tense
  • Describing objects on the website
  • The understanding verb “make”
  • Learning past tense and sentence examples
  • Imperative sentences
  • How to use relative pronouns
8 Changer d’air (change of scenery)
  • Expressing and talking about a goal
  • Describing “how we are feeling” in our life
  • Expressing your opinions
  • Talking about weather and vocabulary
  • Respond to a project by email
  • Understanding recent past tense
  • Learning the verbs “believe and see”
  • Learn the goal with for / in order to
  • Understanding the future tense
  • COD Pronouns with “le, la, les”
9 Devenir éco-citoyen (Become an eco-citizen)
  • Expressing your interest in life
  • Expressing your wish to others
  • describe the kernel and the flora
  • Expressing his dissatisfaction
  • Learning “Since and during” pronouns
  • Learning COI pronouns with “him and their”
  • Learning conditional present tense
  • Learning verb “know”
  • Learning imperfect and past tenses

French A2 Level:

  1. A little advanced level
  2. Express your feelings (hunger, thirst )
  3. Will be able to express your habits, likes etc.
  4. Will be able to understand Newspaper ads.
  5. Get to learn to speak in all tenses
  6. You can explain your profile
  7. App. Duration of the course – 60 Hrs.

How much is the cost of the French A2 level? 

French language A2 Course (French Offline Classes and Online Classes)

Particular Details
Level A2
Language French
Course Duration 60 Hours
Course Fee Rs.13,800 (Feb 2020)
Study Material Included in the fee
Text Book
Work Book
Audio CD
Modules Reading
GST Included in Fee
Exam Preparation  You will be prepared for French A2 Level international certification Exam
Study Material for Exam Preparation Included, Photo copy of model test papers of International certification exams.
Certificate Course completion Certificate will be issued after successful completion of Course
Examination Internal Examination conducted at the end of the course
Mode of classes French online classes & French classroom training both are available

Online French Courses: French A2 Syllabus structure

SL.N Units Topics Covered
0 La Langue française en action (The French language in action)
  • Discussing about other people
  • talking about their relationship in the French language
  • understanding French word game
  • French figures around the world
  • The present tense (Reminder)
  • Imperative sentences(Reminder)
  • Possessive determinants (Reminder)
1 Aller à la rencontre des autres (Go to meet others)
  • Learning the past tense and past participle
  • Learning the relative pronouns “who and what”
  • Learning “What is what” and discuss
  • Feminine and plural adjectives and sentence creation
  • The verb “drink” and sentence creation
  • Talk about your interest
  • Describing someone interest, their life etc.
  • Writing a poem
  • Asking questions to someone
2 Enrichir son reseau (Enrich your network)
  • Talk about “present his studies”
  • Talking about “Exchange on a course”
  • Give advice to people
  • To ask for advice
  • Write a cover letter
  • Learning direct pronouns
  • Understanding the imperative with direct pronouns
  • Learning the past composes and the imperfect
  • Learning Time indicators
  • Understanding the verb to put and its compounds
3 Vivre I’information (Living the information)
  • Writing tweets to someone
  • Bring back lyrics
  • Learning expressing your voice
  • Ask someone for advice
  • Expressing the surprise
  • Talking about rumour about
  • Learning the inverted question
  • Normalization of the verb
  • Learning Indirect pronouns
  • Understanding direct and indirect speech
  • Learning verb “follow”
4 Interroger le passé (Questioning the past)
  • Talking about his origins and discussing
  • How to Inquiry by telephone
  • Write a childhood memory
  • Learning the comparative and the superlative degree
  • Learning the more-than-perfect and the times of the past
  • Learning the past participle chord 2
  • Learning the demonstrative pronouns
  • Learning the verbs “to live and to be worth”
  • Describing the object
5 Explorer L’inconnu (Explore the unknown)
  • Talking about clichés
  • Expressing a social norm
  • Expressing internet  how it is.
  • Expressing indifference
  • write a questionnaire
  • Learning the gerund and sentences
  • Learning Relative pronouns and whose
  • Learning pronouns “en et y”
  • Learning the subjunctive
  • Learning obligation
  • Understanding the verb to welcome
6 Goûter L’insolite (Taste the unusual)
  • Talking about an exhibition
  • Describing a trend
  • talking about an outing
  • Suggest something to someone
  • Express one’s feelings
  • Learning the place of adjectives
  • Learning the restriction
  • The subjunctive and the expressing the feelings
  • Learning Simple future tense and sentence ‘Examples
  • Learning verb “to fear”
7 Consommer autrement (Consume differently)
  • Explaining about a choice
  • Express your anger, happy etc
  • Express your intention
  • Talking about “set out principles”
  • Learning the “cause” and how to use it.
  • Learning and how to use the consequence
  • Understanding indefinite determinants
  • The present hypothesis
  • Learning adverbs in –ment
  • Learning the verb “to produce”
8 S’engager pour une cause (Commit to a cause)
  • Describing the goal
  • Express a commitment
  • Write an official letter
  • Express degrees of certainty
  • Learning the passive voice sentences
  • Learning The imperfect hypothesis
  • Learning the double pronouns
  • Learning the verb “to conquer”
9 Repenser le quotidian (Rethinking the everyday)
  • Telling and explaining about an artistic experience
  • Describe about changes in your life or world
  • Express disagreement
  • Write a text to present an opinion
  • Understanding Opposition and concession
  • Learning how to use “Before and after”
  • Learning the subjunctive and the infinitive
  • Understanding allocation with affixing
  • Learning the verbs “conclude and resolve”

French B1 Level:

  1. Will be able to speak with peers and friends
  2. Narrate any incidences like a sport event or a movie
  3. Can speak and write in proper vocabulary
  4. Can create your E – mails
  5. Can participate in GD’s
  6. Write opinion about various matters
  7. App. Duration of the course is 70 Hrs.

What is the cost to study Online French Classes B1 Level? 

French language B1 Course (Online French Classes and Offline Courses)

Particular Details
Level B1
Language French
Course Duration 70 Hours
Course Fee Rs.18,800
Modules Reading
Study Material Included in the fee
Text Book
Work Book
Audio CD
Basic Grammar Book
GST Included in Fee
Exam Preparation  You will be prepared for French B1 Level international certification Exam
Study Material for Exam Preparation Included, Photo copy of model test papers of International certification exams.
Examination Internal Examination conducted at the end of the course
Certificate Course completion Certificate will be issued after successful completion of Course
Mode of classes French online classes & French classroom training both are available

Online French Courses: French B1 Syllabus structure

SL.N Units Topics Covered
1 Prendre le temps (Take time)
  • Talking about gloom
  • Write a promotional article
  • Evoke his relationship to time
  • Learning and expressing the goal with using
  •     for fear of / that, for fear
  •     Of / that, with a view to..
  • Learning expression of wish
  • The possessive pronouns with “mine / yours”
  • relative pronouns with “including noun / verb / adjective complement”
2 Apprendre autrement (Learn Differently)
  • Learning The negotiation
  • Talk about their relationship
  • Talking about tell his/her story
  • Write a C.V
  • Expressing agreement and disagreement
  • Learning the past participle with
  •     The differentiation in the choice between having and being
  • Learning times of the past with
  •     imperfect, more-than-perfect past tense
  • learning the gerund with “Clause and condition”
3 Développer son esprit critique (Develop your critical mind)
  • Learning the expression of certainty and doubt
  • Introduce a fact or an example
  • Discuss and talk about contemporary art
  • Write a short article
  • Checking the information
  • Describe an inspiration
  • Expressing degrees of certainty
  • Learning passive form
  •     to let oneself, to make oneself
  • Learning punctuation marks with
  •    meaning indicators in a sentence
  • Learning The uncertain event and the past conditional
  •    verbal forms like
  •    it seems like
  •    it would appear that
4 Décrypter ses identités (Decipher their identities)
  • Talk about identity of people
  • Talking about evoke its origins
  • Expressing about express your dismay
  • Speaking about a life change
  • Write a movie synopsis
  • Learning time indicators like
  •     since, there is, in, for, in, during, in
  • Learning the comparison (like)
  •     Conjunction, adjective
  •     same similar, different ..
  •     Verb expression
  • Understanding the hypothesis
  •     with, without, in case of, in case
  • Learning the relative pronouns composed to which
5 Vivre une révolution (Live a revolution)
  • Dreaming about something and explaining
  • Talking about the use and function of an object
  • The future Envision
  • Write the presentation text of an association
  • Learning The future and the simple future
  • Learning Future Perfect tense sentences
  • Learning opposition and concession, Priority, simultaneity and posteriority “When, while, until, after”
6 S’engager avec passion (Engage with passion)
  • Evoking a performance
  • Describe and talking about a tradition
  • Talking about oneself
  • Describe a personal development
  • Learning highlighting things
  • the impersonal turns like
  •     it seems that, it is enough that
  • Learning the “cause and the consequence”
  • Learning the prepositional group like
  •     construction with other groups infinitive, adverbial  expansions
7 Se plonger dans l’histoire (Immerse yourself in history)
  • Talking about works and day by day discussion
  • React to a lie
  • Describing the emotions like happy, fear, cry etc.
  • Describe and talk about the success
  • Explaining the mail
  • Learning The speech related to the present tense
  • The speech reported in the past tense
  • The simple past tense and sentences
  • Learning Personal, demonstrative and neutral pronouns like in, y, the
8 Protéger le patrimoine (Protect heritage)
  • Express a sense of belonging
  • Talking and explaining about make a value of judgment
  • Discussion and talk about on “Hesitate”
  • Describe the deterioration
  • Learning the adverbial group has value of opinion
  • Learning nominal recovery
  • Learning double pronouns
  • reflexive verbs
  •     thoughtful and reciprocal
  •     agreement of the past participle
9 Nourrir son quotidian (Feed your daily life)
  • Talking about defend an idea
  • describe a style of your life
  • describe a mania
  • express a benefit
  • Learning logical articulators
  •     to begin, to conclude, to specify, to enumerate
  • Learning expression of regret and reproach
  • Learning the undefined
  •     adjectives and pronouns
  • Learning the infinitive
  •     his different jobs

French B2 Level:

  1. You can speak fluently
  2. React to ideas related to Science, Technology etc.
  3. Can discuss ideas, Opinion, Benefits and advantages.
  4. Can write grammatically on various topics.
  5. App. Duration of the course – 100 Hrs.

French C1 and C2 Levels:

  1. In these very advanced levels, you can read, write and understand a wide range of complex and lengthy text
  2. You can communicate in the language efficiently for Social, Academic and Professional purposes
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Why to Learn French?

French is the Official language of more than 40 countries across the globe

  1. Over 200 million people speak French around the world
  2. France is one of the top study abroad destination for Indian students, if you are one among, then you have to learn French
  3. French would ease your daily life while you are studying in France
  4. France is home for world’s best Universities and Business Schools, learn French and maximize your admission prospects
  5. There are around 50 French companies in Bangalore and more than 600 all over India
  6. So there are huge opportunities for Local French speakers in these companies
  7. French language always add more weightage to your Resume and CV

Choosing the Right Online French Class

Learn French online through reputable language-learning platforms

Selecting the right online learning platform is crucial for a fruitful language-learning journey. Thorough research into the reputation, curriculum, and user reviews of different platforms is essential to join online French classes.

Join an online French class, considering individual learning preferences

Each learner is unique, with different preferences and learning styles. Learn French online with platforms that align with individual preferences, whether through visual, auditory, or interactive methods, contributing to a more effective learning experience.

Join an online French class by reading user reviews and testimonials

User reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of online French classes. Real experiences from other learners can guide prospective students in making informed decisions.

Structured Curriculum and French Online Lesson Plans

The importance of a well-organized curriculum in French online classes

A well-structured curriculum forms the backbone of effective language learning. Online French classes that offer a comprehensive curriculum ensure that learners progress systematically.

The role of French online lesson plans in effective learning

Detailed French online lesson plans guide learners through each session, providing a roadmap to learn French online.. Clear objectives and organized lesson structures contribute to a more efficient learning process.

Interactive Learning Tools in French online classes

Virtual classrooms and live sessions to learn French online.

Virtual classrooms bring learners together in a digital space, simulating a traditional classroom experience. Live sessions with instructors allow for real-time interaction, fostering a sense of community among learners learning French online classes.

 Gamification for engaging French online lessons

Gamification brings learning a language an element of enjoyment. Online learning environments frequently feature gamified components, like challenges and quizzes, which add fun and motivation to the learning process. This makes French online lessons interesting.

 Language exchange opportunities make French online classes more engaging.

Some online platforms facilitate language exchange programs, connecting learners with native speakers for language practice. This immersive experience enhances conversational skills and cultural understanding.

Monitoring Development and Evaluations to get hold of French online classes.

 Regular assessments and feedback 

Online French classes typically include regular assessments to gauge progress. Constructive feedback from instructors guides learners in areas that require improvement, ensuring a personalized learning experience.

 Monitoring language proficiency development

Tracking language proficiency development is crucial for setting realistic goals. Online platforms often provide tools and metrics to monitor progress, empowering learners to see tangible results over time.


What is the Fee structure for French online group classes?

We have a different Fee structure and duration for each levels of French, depending on the syllabus structure and complexity level. But Indian Institute of Foreign Languages offer Online French classes at best and reasonable prices. Here is our fee structure for French Online courses.

French Levels Course Fee (Inclusive of Taxes) Duration Study Materials Modules Covered
French A1 Level INR.13800/- 60 Hours Course Book, Work Book, Dictionary, Basic grammar book, Audio CD’s(Included in the fee) Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
French A2 Level INR.13800/- 60 Hours
French B1 Level INR.18800/- 70 Hours
French B2 Level INR.28800/- 100 Hours
Certification: A course Completion certificate will be issued from our institute.
International Exam preparation: We do prepare you for International certification exams.
Internal Exams: One mock test will be conducted at the end of the course.

Online French classes

Courses we offer:

We offer

  1. Online French classes for A1 Level
  2. Online French classes for A2 Level
  3. Online French classes for B1 Level
  4. Online French classes for B2 Level
  5. Online French classes for C1 Level
  6. Online French classes for C2 Level

A1 & A2 are beginner levels, B1 is lower intermediate level, B2 is upper intermediate level, C1 & C2 are advanced levels

What can you expect after completing Online French classes for A1 Level


(Outcome of online French classes for level A1)

You will be able speak about routine daily activities, Introduce yourself, Speak about your hobbies & profession, Speak about your family & friends. You will be able to use sentences only in a present tense & you will be able to speak in simple sentence structure.

You will be able to speak to a native French-speaking person only if native French speaker speaks with very low speed and encourage you to speak. Otherwise you will not be able to speak to a native French speaking person. This is the outcome of Online French classes for level A1


(Outcome of online French classes for level A1)

You will be familiar with vocabulary related to day to day activities like food, hobbies, professions, household items, you be able to read numbers, email address. You will have elementary level vocabulary, You will be able to read the text includes this kind of vocabulary, You will be able to read menu in restaurants, and you will be able to read sign boards & direction boards. This is the outcome of online French classes for level A1

(Outcome of online French classes for level A1)

You will be able to fill application forms, book online tickets, movie tickets and fill out your names and personal details, You will be able to write very simple invitation, You will be able to write emails with simple text.

(Outcome of online French classes for level A1)

Able to understand audio announcements in railway stations, announcements in airports, numbers, dates, currencies spoken clearly with Neutral French accent in very low speed.

What can you expect after completing Online French classes for level A2?


(Outcome of online French classes for level A2)

You will be able to Speak about yourself, You will be able to describe yourself, your hobbies, Work, your family & friends, You will be able to speak about your past, In Online French classes for level A2 you will learn to speak about your past, In A1 level you will learn only about the present tense, in A2 level you will learn about past. This level should be manageable to maintain friendly relations with French-speaking people.

(Outcome of online French classes for level A2)

By completing online French classes for level A2 you will be able to read Elementary level  magazine & story books, able to understand emails written in business environment but not able to comprehend properly, Able to read simple text but may not be accurate in understanding the context in which the text is written.

(Outcome of online French classes for level A2)

You will be able to write simple emails, able to describe yourself, your hobbies, your family in simple written text format. Able to respond an email written about informal topics, you will not be able to write formal and professional letters. Able to write an email to invite friends for vacation, movie etc.

(Outcome of online French classes for level A2)

Able to understand monolog speeches about routine activities & day today life. Able to understand French documentaries targeted for children, Able to understand stories of primary school children, Able to understand instructions of doctors and respond with simple sentence structure

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What can you expect after completing Online French classes for level B1?


(Outcome of online French classes for level B1)

Able to understand conversations in the business environment, able to watch movies with subtitles. Able to respond to queries & questions in French language but the spontaneity of response will not be there, vocabulary is very limited, able to understand documentaries, able to watch & understand Youtube videos, able to understand radio conversations

(Outcome of online French classes for level B1)

Able to write essays, simple reports & respond to business correspondence, With this level of writing you will not be able to write letters or content to influence people, may not be able to describe your emotions & feelings. Abel to write an email to summarise meetings. This level of French should be enough to start working in French companies

(Outcome of online French classes for level B1)

Able to read emails written in a professional environment, able to read newspapers & magazine in French, you will be able to read headlines & content may not be able to understand editorial articles written for French people, you will be able to understand the text in books & magazine, Getting the actual context may not be possible. With this level of French, you will not be able to understand scientific & technological content.

(Outcome of online French classes for level B1)

With this level of French, you will be able to make friends with French-speaking people, You will be able to speak in a professional environment, able to make sentences in present tenses, past tenses, future tenses so you will be able to speak about your current situation, past, and future, with this level you may not be able to give presentations in French, you will not be able to give speeches in French, This is the first level wherein you start conversations with French-speaking people

Overcoming Challenges in French Online Classes

Strategies for maintaining motivation to learn French online 

It can be difficult to stay motivated to learn French online. Motivational slumps can be avoided by putting strategies into practice like making short-term goals, marking accomplishments, and maintaining relationships with other students.

Dealing with technical issues

Online learning will inevitably involve technical difficulties. Technical difficulties can be lessened by keeping up with software requirements, having a backup plan, and asking for help as soon as possible to have uninterrupted French lessons online.

Establishing a consistent study routine 

Consistency is key to language proficiency. Establishing a dedicated study routine, setting aside specific times for learning, and creating a conducive learning environment contribute to effective French online classes.

Cost-Effective Learning

Comparing costs of traditional classes vs. online French classes

Online French classes often prove more cost-effective than traditional classroom learning. Considering factors such as travel expenses and material costs, online French classes emerge as a budget-friendly alternative.

Exploring free resources and trial classes to Learn French online 

Many online platforms offer free resources and trial classes, allowing learners to assess the platform’s suitability before making a financial commitment. Exploring these options enhances the decision-making process.

Cultural Immersion Opportunities to learn French lessons online effectively

Virtual trips and cultural experiences

Online French classes extend beyond language instruction, offering virtual trips and cultural experiences. This immersive approach allows learners to explore the richness of French culture from anywhere in the world.

Connecting with French-speaking communities online

The digital landscape enables learners to connect with French-speaking communities globally. Engaging in online forums, language exchange groups, and cultural events enhances cultural understanding and language practice.Hench its beneficial to learn French online.

Real-Life Application of French Skills 

Practical use of language skills in everyday scenarios

Online French classes emphasize practical language skills applicable in real-life scenarios. From ordering at a French cafe to navigating travel situations, learners gain confidence in using the language authentically.

Business and travel advantages of learning French

Proficiency in French opens doors to business opportunities and enriches travel experiences. Whether for professional growth or personal exploration, learning French online extends beyond the virtual classroom.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Showcasing real experiences of online French learners

Highlighting the success stories of individuals who have excelled in online French classes adds a human touch to the narrative. Personal anecdotes inspire and motivate prospective learners.

Highlighting the impact of language skills on personal and professional growth

Illustrating the tangible benefits of acquiring French language skills, both personally and professionally, reinforces the value of online language education.

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How Online French Classes Help to Find Internships

Number of internships

  1. one year courses: one internship of four to six months
  2. two years of courses: two internships
    1. First-year internship of two to three months
    2. Second internship of four to six months
  3. Three or more years of courses: usually more than two internships

Internships are mandatory in French universities, if you are planning to study in France your course will contain a compulsory internship, Online French classes certainly help you to find internships. Learning French will be always handy in finding these internships

Know more about How to learn the French language 

Searching for an internship

  1. Many universities will have a good network with business organizations for internships, your first help comes from the university you are studying, Universities may not provide internships to all, but they will prepare you to find internships on your own, and share a few contacts and references, Speaking in French universities is always advantageous to get your first sort of help
  2. Friends & classmates: French universities will have international students & local students from France, many international students come from French-speaking countries, with English you will be able to speak to all students but to build rapport French is helpful. Speaking in French helps to build friendships and local French speakers will have more contacts, those contacts are more helpful in finding your internships
  3. Hunting internships on your own: University & classmates give the first source of internships. But you will have many other internship opportunities available across France, you can contact many companies by writing an email, by calling them, or by visiting the office directly, So internships are of great help to speak to French speakers. Many French speakers may not be familiar with English, If you are speaking to people working in restaurants, agriculture shops, hotels, and many other places speaking in French is one of the criteria to get internships. If you can write an email in French, If you speak in French, If you are able to read requirements sections in newspapers & magazines you can apply to as many as possible internships

Paid and free internships

Many French companies offer paid internships, if you can speak French you will be able to get paid internships if you are not able to speak French, you may end up with unpaid internships. Investing time and money is of great help to find internships that give you money.

Internships – You will be able to find your internships easily, Most of the French universities will have two internships if the course is of two years. And one-year of courses will have one internship, these internships are mandatory, and you have to complete these internships to complete the course. So if you are planning to study in France you will have to find internships to complete the course successfully.

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Getting employment through an internship

Finding your full-time job is possible through internships, many students who really perform well during their internships will end up getting a job, it involves many factors like skill sets, able to handle role & communication. If you are able to communicate well you will be able to break the barriers in the work environment & able to perform well during your internships. So to convert your internship to a job is an easy task if you learn French.

How online French classes help students who are already studying in France

  1. French classes in France may be expensive: French classes in France are expensive compared to the price we offer, we offer 60 hour course at Rs.12800 INR, Which is around 140 euros, but in France, you will not be able to find a course not less than 300 Euros, if you are a student every penny counts, you can opt to learn from Indian Institute of Foreign languages and save a lot of money.
  2. Learning from tutors of your native country: If you choose online French classes from the Indian Institute of Foreign Languages you will be getting tutors who can speak English, which may be of great help for you at the beginning level.
  3. Time: Online classes are available at flexible timings from our institute if you are a student you can plan your classes according to your timings, and you will have flexibility in choosing the timing. For example, you can choose weekend batches, weekday batches, or customized batches for your requirement
  4. One-on-one classes: We offer one-to-one classes at very affordable prices compared to tutors in France, If you are a student studying in France and looking for one-to-one classes we offer classes at very low prices at your convenience timing. Don’t you think its a benefit of Online French classes?
  5. Teaching methodology: If you are Indian & learning French from an Indian tutor it may be of great help because we know the learning pattern of Indian students to learn the basic level. It’s good to learn higher level from French-speaking tutors because you will be able to get the proper accent and able to understand culture easily. One disadvantage of learning from our institute is that you may not get to know current affairs, and social & economic topics, French-speaking tutor always can give a clear understanding of political matters, social matters & cultural matters.
  6. Online French classes help a student who is studying in France because you can find classes at your place, at your time, at affordable prices. You need no to travel to the institute, need not pay high prices, need not disturb your schedule so online French classes are of great help for students studying in France.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common concerns about online French classes

Q: Are online French classes as effective as traditional classroom learning?

  • A: Online French classes can be equally effective, offering flexibility and personalized learning experiences.

Q: How can I ensure the quality of education through French online classes?

  • A: Researching user reviews, platform reputation, and curriculum details can help in selecting a high-quality French online class.

Clarifying doubts related to proficiency levels

Q: How long does it take to become fluent in the language through French online classes?

  • A: The time required varies, but consistent practice and dedication significantly impact the speed of language learning.

Q: Are there age restrictions for joining online French classes?

  • A: Most online platforms cater to learners of all ages, making language education accessible to a diverse audience.

C. Technical requirements for online learning platforms

Q: What technical requirements do I need for online French classes?

  • A: Basic requirements include a reliable internet connection, a computer or device, and software compatibility as specified by the platform.

 Q How can I access online French classes and start my learning journey?

  • You can begin your French online lessons by joining our French online classe. Call us to book a demo – 080 46805600 +91 9066038847

Q: Can I switch between different proficiency levels in online French classes?

  • A: Many platforms offer flexibility, allowing learners to progress through different proficiency levels based on their individual pace and understanding.

Q: Are online French classes suitable for beginners with no prior language learning experience?

  • A:Of course! Online French classes often allow students to offer basic instruction and guidance to enable them to advance to a proficient level.

Q: What support is available for learners facing challenges in online French classes?

  • A: To help students overcome difficulties and get the most out of their learning experience, the majority of platforms provide forums, customer support, and extra resources. We provide student portal ticket facilities to raise your concerns. 

Q: How can online French classes contribute to personal and professional growth in the long term?

  • A: Learning French online can lead to new professional prospects, improve cross-cultural understanding, and promote personal development over time.



Summarizing the advantages of online French classes

Online French classes offer a dynamic and effective way to learn the language, providing learners with flexibility, diverse resources, and real-life applications.

Encouraging readers to embark on their language-learning journey

Speaking and understanding a second language opens doors to new experiences and opportunities as the world grows more connected. Starting an online French language learning journey could be the key to gaining access to a wealth of linguistic and cultural diversity.

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