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Japanese Online Classes

These Japanese online classes will teach you about the complete fundamental aspects of the Japanese language. All levels will be conducted online as well as offline classes. For all these levels which are Japanese N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1 we are using standard study material like Minna no Nihongo which gives you knowledge about Japanese language, you can understand the grammar, and Japanese script (Hiragana, Katagana and Kanji), how to interact with people with a basic conversation to complex sentence creation, you will also know about Japanese culture, food, living style of Japanese people etc. Online Japanese Classes or offline classes will be taken our expert trainers. Classes will be taken groups or individually for online classes we use Zoom animated video software to develop your learning skills. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages is a certified training institute with four branches in Bangalore those are Banashankari, Jayanagara, Marathahalli and Rajajinagar.

Japanese online classes

Japanese language is spoken by more than 120 million people across the world, but it is not only in Japan but also a large number of migrant communities in Brazil, the USA, and Asian countries. If you want to go to Japan for higher studies, employment in Japan or in any other country, want to travel to Japan, interact with Japanese people, or run a business with Japan or Japanese people these Japanese Online classes will help you.

Learn Japanese language in detail.

Why do you take Japanese online classes or offline classes?

Learning the Japanese language is more useful than just opening up the option to travel purposes. Learning more than one language could help improve the effects of mental aging. On the business side, Japan is a leader in the technical industry. Whether it’s physical benefits or your career purpose, learning the Japanese language is worth it. The writing system is difficult and Japanese grammar can be unusual for English speakers but the payoff is extraordinary in expanding your language skills. Tokyo is very popular in industry, education, and food. If you take the time to learn a new communication skill, it opens up travel or business relationships. Learning the written language could be extremely beneficial for those of you in international business or research. Japanese has several systems of writing, including Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji. It’s been influenced by Chinese characters, but it has a different language family. It shows some similarities with Altaic Languages but belongs officially to the Austronesian language family. Japanese speakers have influenced world culture for generations, and the language has also had effects on certain parts of the United States. Now it is a great time to begin online Japanese classes.

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Japanese Lessons, Courses, and Certifications

If you want to learn the Japanese language for a career or some other reason Indian Institute of Foreign Languages can help you to achieve language proficiency. You’ll learn Japanese language sentence structure, phrases, and verbs in addition to critical aspects of culture. Once you learn at least the intermediate level you are able to pronounce the way the native speakers speaks. Soon you will sound like a native Japanese speaker at an intermediate level. If you want to go beyond language uses, you can learn about modern Japanese culture, the Japanese writing system, and how Japan has influenced and been influenced by other cultures. Culture can be an essential part of learning these major languages so you can increase the chances you remember what you’ve learned.

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Japanese Online Classes

Make Japanese Part of Your Life

Building skills with Japanese language courses helps you with your career and it could improve your life goal. Maybe you’re looking for help with understanding, translating Japanese language to the English language, the English language to the Japanese language, or some other reason in your life. Regardless, Japanese can be a great asset for you. The origins of the Japanese language are ancient, but it has modern influence in many fields. Don’t let the word order intimidate you. Japanese is a wonderful and beautiful language to learn for work, fun or some other purpose. Anyone can learn a language with the right resources in our institute.

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Japanese Classes Bangalore: Japan is an island located in East Asia, which is surrounded by the Sea of Japan, North Pacific Ocean, Philippine Sea & East China Sea. The total land area of Japan is 145,946 sq mi. It is 9 times smaller than India. Japan is the third largest developed economy in the world. It is called as “Land of the Raising Sun”. Its population is about 126.5 million. The capital of Japan is Tokyo. The official currency of Japan is Yen and it is the third most traded currency in the world after US dollars and euros.

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Japanese online classses

Since World War II Japan is consider as most powerful country when it comes to industrialization and developed economy in the world. People in Japan have strong work ethics and there is a high level of cooperation between the people of Japan and the government. Japan stands 3rd in the ranking of GDP (Nominal 2019). The GDP of Japan is $ 40,847 (2019).

Around 128 million people speak the Japanese language all over the world. It is the national language of Japan. A large portion of vocabulary is borrowed from Chinese characters or kanji. Japanese language not only makes you proficient in the language but also gives you an insight into Japan culture.

Japan is famous for Comic books, Anime, Calligraphy, Origami, Tea Ceremony, Sushi, Sumo Wrestling Ninjas, Kimona and many more. If an individual is interested in gaming, Japan is the right place to study Game development courses as most of the latest games are created and designed in Japan. Japan has many top universities with top global rankings such as Osaka University, the University of Tokyo, and Kyoto University.

Japanese Language started in the 8th century, the initial context was written in the classic Chinese language. Kanji was borrowed from China during ancient times. Some kanji had meaning and few just for the sake of reading, that’s when the two phonetic syllables came to existence that is Hiragana and Katakana. The writing system Romaji are the Roman letters used to translate the Japanese language, it is to make it easier for foreigners to learn Japanese easily.

Japanese online classes

Levels of Training in Japanese Language:

Japanese is known as “Nihongo” in Japanese script. There are three different kinds of scripts in Japanese language that is Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Japanese language is divided into 5 levels like N5, N4, N3, N2 & N1. N5 is a basic level, N4 is an elementary level, N3 is an intermediate level, N2 is Pre-Advanced level and N1 is an Advanced Level.

Japanese language is written in two directions, horizontal writing and traditional writing. Horizontal writing is written like as in western style, traditional writing is written from the write to left bottom. 

About N5 Level:

N5 level is a beginner level. Initially 110 kanjis which consist of 800 vocabularies, Hiragana and Katakana characters are taught in N5 level. In this level simple sentence formation and basic phrases will also be taught. At the end of N5 level an individual will be able to greet and simple sentence formation can be done.

Particulars Details
Language Japanese
Level N5
Course Fees for Japanese N5 Level Rs. 15,800/-
Course Duration 60 Hours
Modules covered in Japanese Language Listening, Reading



Study Material Provided at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages Study material cost is included in the fees. It includes:


Translation and Grammatical Notes in English

Hiragana Worksheets

Katakana Worksheets

Kanji Book

Examination Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) conducted Japan Foundation
Frequency of Examination JLPT conducts examination yearly twice in the month of July and December
Exam Preparation Students will be prepared for JLPT examination by conducting test after completion of course. Model test papers will be solved at the end of the session.
Study Material for Japanese N5 Level Examination Study material for Japanese N5 level is inclusive of course fee. Previous model question papers will be solved at the end of the session.
Certification Indian Institute of Foreign Languages will provide course completion certificate at the end of course completion. And even it is suggested to take examination from Japanese Language Proficiency Test from Japan Foundation.

Japanese online classes

Japanese Coaching for N4 Level:

Japanese N4 level is an elementary level, wherein 310 Kanjis are practiced. At the end of N4 level an individual will be able to read and comprehend the passages on familiar topics and if its written in basic vocabulary and Kanjis.

Particulars Details
Language Japanese
Level N4
Course Fees for Japanese N4 Level Rs. 20,800/-
Course Duration 80 Hours
Modules covered in Japanese Language N4 Level ListeningReading



Study Material Provided at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages N4 level study material cost is included in the fees. It includes:


Translation and Grammatical Notes in English

Kanji Book

Examination for N4 Level Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) conducted Japan Foundation
Frequency of Examination JLPT conducts examination yearly twice in the month of July and December
Exam Preparation Model test papers will be solved at the end of the session. Students will be prepared for JLPT examination by conducting test after completion of course.
Study Material for Japanese N4 Level Examination Study material for Japanese N4 level is inclusive of course fee. Previous model question papers will be solved at the end of the session.
Certification Indian Institute of Foreign Languages will provide course completion certificate at the end of course completion. And even it is suggested to take examination from Japanese Language Proficiency Test from Japan Foundation.

Japanese online course

Job Opportunities in Japan

Japanese Classes Bangalore: Japan is a hub for those who have skills and willing to work; from a student to an old person has an opportunity to work in Japan. If you know the basics of Japanese language then it is an added advantage to work in Japan.

The job opportunities in Japan for foreigners are:

  1. Business Analyst
  2. IT Professional
  3. Sales Manager
  4. Engineer
  5. Actor / Model
  6. Accountant
  7. DJ
  8. Banker
  9. Freight Forwarder
  10. English Teacher
  11. Service Staff
  12. Translator / Interpreter


Japanese classes Bangalore

Why is Learning Japanese Important? What is the Importance of the Japanese Language?

Well! Japanese is one another peculiar language that has also International significance. A few benefits of learning Japanese are listed below:

  • Despite the vast destruction of World War II Japan has accomplished the third position in the World’s economy, and is still one of the superpower countries of the world.
  • Japanese constitute as the 3rd largest Internet population in the world which means that you might be linked up with them by knowing the language.
  • Like Germans Japanese are Inventors as well. It’s not inappropriate to state that they are toppers in technology. Japan files nearly four hundred thousand patent applications every year in fields such as optical media, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial robotics, and fermentation processes.
  • Japan’s industrial potential of exporting automobiles and other manufacturing goods is on the increase and therefore offers access to the doorway of numerous careers and professions.

Learning Japanese strengthens your profession and livelihood with the Toppers of Technology. Good, you decided to learn Japanese!

Hi All, We are glad to inform that we have started Japanese classes in Marathahalli, Bangalore as well. Please visit our website of Marathalli Branch for more details.

Japanese online course

How hard is Learning Japanese?

Japanese can be deemed as one of the easiest languages from a linguistic point of view. It has a simple pronunciation system with some exclusion with simple grammatical rules. However reading and writing is the toughest phase ever and perhaps very difficult without a master.

Japanese Classes in Banashankari 2nd Stage at IIFL

We are one of the emerging institutes that offer Japanese Classes in Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore. We have expert trainers with us who are dedicated and have years of teaching experience. We provide the best course materials designed by experts’ suggestions. Our Training comprises of:

  • Workouts for a better understanding of the basics.
  • Exercising the various sounds of Japanese characters.
  • Excellent instructions for cultivating Japanese pronunciation skills.
  • Comprehensive training in Japanese grammar skills.
  • Japanese language conversation in groups.
  • Guidelines and Best practices on utilizing the Japanese media.
  • Japanese reading and writing systems.

Why Choose Our Japanese Online Class?

  • Flexible Learning Schedule: Our Japanese online classes are designed to fit into your busy life. Whether you’re a student, working professional, or stay-at-home parent, our flexible class schedules ensure that you can learn Japanese at your own pace.
  • Expert Instructors: Our experienced, native Japanese instructors are passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping you succeed. They bring a wealth of knowledge, cultural insights, and language expertise to each lesson making your Japanese online classes more easier.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum for Japanese online class: It covers all aspects of the Japanese language, from mastering the basics of hiragana and katakana to advanced grammar and conversation. We also offer specialized courses in business Japanese, JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) preparation, and more.
  • Interactive Learning: Though you are taking Japanese online classes instead of opting offline/ classroom training, our trainers engage you in interactive lessons that incorporate speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises. Our Japanese online classes are designed to ensure you gain practical language skills you can use in real-life situations.
  • Cultural Immersion: Learning Japanese is not just about the language; it’s also about understanding the culture. Our Japanese online classes include cultural insights, etiquette, and traditions to enrich your overall experience.

Course Offerings for Japanese online class:

  • Beginner Japanese: Start your journey with the basics of hiragana, katakana, and essential vocabulary.
  • Intermediate Japanese: Build on your foundation with more complex grammar and conversational skills.
  • Advanced Japanese: Dive deeper into the language, mastering advanced grammar and idiomatic expressions.
  • Business Japanese: Develop the language skills necessary for success in a professional Japanese-speaking environment.
  • JLPT Preparation: Get ready to ace the Japanese Language Proficiency Test with specialized courses tailored to each level.

How Our Japanese Online Classes Work:

  • Sign up for a class that suits your level and schedule from our portal..
  • Join live virtual classes from the comfort of your home.
  • Interact with your instructor and fellow students.
  • Access course materials, assignments, and practice resources.
  • Track your progress and receive feedback to help you improve.

Why Learn Japanese? Learning Japanese opens doors to a world of opportunities. Whether you’re interested in traveling to Japan, connecting with Japanese-speaking friends, or pursuing a career in a Japanese company, proficiency in the language can be a valuable asset.

Join Our Japanese Online Class Today! Embark on your Japanese language journey with us and discover the richness of Japanese culture along the way. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experienced instructors, interact with fellow language enthusiasts, and gain fluency in one of the world’s most captivating languages.

Sign up for our Japanese online class today and take the first step towards mastering the art of Japanese language and culture. Say “こんにちは” (konnichiwa) to a brighter future with our comprehensive Japanese online classes!

Are you ready to embark on a fascinating journey into the world of Japanese language and culture? Whether you’re a beginner looking to start from scratch or an intermediate learner seeking to refine your skills, our Japanese online course is tailored to meet your needs.

Why to take up a Japanese online course?

Japanese is not just a language; it’s a key that unlocks the rich and vibrant culture of Japan. From the graceful art of tea ceremonies to the intricate strokes of calligraphy, Japan’s cultural tapestry is woven into its language. Learning Japanese can open doors to: Taking a Japanese online course will be best opportunity in point of flexibility, and time management.

Key benefits of Japanese online course, 

  • Travel Opportunities: Exploring Japan becomes infinitely more rewarding when you can communicate with locals in their native tongue.
  • Career Advancement: Many multinational companies value employees who can speak Japanese, especially in fields like technology, finance, and manufacturing.
  • Learning the language can be a rewarding experience in the wake of new opportunities. 
  • Cultural Enrichment: Dive into Japanese literature, cinema, anime, and more, with a deeper understanding of the nuances that can be lost in translation.
  • Personal Growth: Learning new language challenges your brain, boosts cognitive abilities and opens your mind to new perspectives.

Japanese online course options

We offer a range of courses to suit your level and objectives:

  • Beginner’s Course: Perfect for those starting from scratch. Learn the fundamentals of Japanese pronunciation, vocabulary, and basic grammar from our Japanese online course.
  • Intermediate Course: Our Japanese online course helps to build on your foundational knowledge and enhance your conversational skills. Dive deeper into grammar and expand your vocabulary. 
  • Advanced Course: Our Japanese online course provides the best curriculum for refining your Japanese proficiency with advanced grammar, reading comprehension, and cultural studies. Be prepared for more complex conversations and texts.
  • Business Japanese: Tailored for professionals, this course focuses on language skills needed in a corporate setting, including business etiquette.
  • Customized Lessons: Have specific goals or needs? Our personalized lessons can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Get Started Today

Learning a Japanese online course is a rewarding experience that will enrich your life personally and professionally. Join our Japanese online course today and embark on a journey that will connect you with one of the world’s most captivating cultures.

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