Japanese Language Classes in JP Nagar

Japanese Language Classes in JP Nagar


Japanese Language Classes in JP Nagar

Overview of Japanese Language Classes in JP Nagar:

  • Indian Institute of Foreign Languages has been conducting Japanese classes in two different locations in Bangalore i.e., IIFLS, Banashankari &Marathahalli since the year 2013.
  • Japanese can be learnt by any student who wants to pursue his/her higher education in Japan or by any working professional for career advancement or by individuals who want to learn it for leisure or for doing freelance translation/teaching job.
  • The Japanese language classes in JP Nagar can be taken up at a leisurely pace on weekdays or as an intensive course during weekends only. The number of hours is upto 60 hours/level and the total course durationlasts for 1 – 2 months for beginner levels, however it can gradually increase for higher levels.
  • There are 3 different writing systems or scripts used in Japanese language. They are Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. These writing systems look more like brush strokes than alphabets. There are about 46 characters each in Hiragana and Katakana and more than 2,000 Kanji characters.
  • Hiragana is used to express words for which there are no Kanji equivalents in the native language and also for grammatical purposes. Katakanaon the other hand is used to represent foreign loan words used in Japanese language and finally the Kanji which is the Chinese characters. Each Kanji can represent one or more than one word.
  • We prepare our students taking Japanese language Classes in JP Nagar towards the JLPT exam (Japanese language proficiency test), which is conductedby Japan Foundation jointly with Japan Educational Exchanges & Services. In Bangalore JLPT is conducted by the “Bangalore Nihongo Kyooshikai” centre’ atleast twice a year (June and December usually).
  • Our trainers are JLPT certified and are highly experienced. They conduct classes in a professional manner and help our students to adapt to the new scripts and grammar quickly and easily.

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Call for a Japanese FREE DEMO class at 080 46805600,  +91 9066038847

Linguistic competency required at each level of JLPT:

We have briefly summarized the language capability of a student expected at each level:

Japanese or “Nihongo” has 5 levels – N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1. The “Beginner level” is N5 while N1 is the “Mastery level”.

Nihongo level 5 (N5):  Our Japanese language classes in JP Nagar receives’ maximum students at this level. In this level the 2 kanas (Hiragana & Katakana) are introduced.The student is expected to know some basic greetings, vocabulary related to food, clothing, items of everyday use and about 100 kanji characters.

Nihongo level4 (N4): At this level the student is able to listen and respond to polite questions, commands, requestsand must know nearly 300 Kanji’s.

Nihongo level 3 (N3): From this level onwards expectation from the student is higher. The student must be able to grasp the meaning of long paragraphs, newspaper articles, letters and essays. At this level nearly 700 Kanji meanings must be known to the student.

Nihongo level 2 (N2):The student must show the ability to listen and follow the essential points and ideas presented in a day to day conversation if spoken at natural speed. He/ She can comprehend Japanese in a day to day scenario and in a variety of situations.

Nihongo level 1 (N1): At the Mastery level the student is expected to be as good as any native speaker.He/ She is able to understand the structures and contents of some normal or abstract texts and can debate on a variety of complex topics from various sources like magazines, newspapers, novels, project reports etc.,.The student must be able to converse fluently without any kind of difficulty at this level.

Since the JLPT exam has only two skills against which the student is tested i.e., Reading and Writing. Our Japanese language classes in JP Nagar focus only on these two skills and help our students to master it in a very short time through standardised textbooks, audio and video materials.

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