Japanese Language Classes in Jayanagar

Japanese Language Classes in Jayanagar

 Japanese Language Classes in Jayanagar

Basic Facts about Japanese Language:

  • Japanese is the mother tongue of more than 1 million people in Japan and that of the people living as immigrants in major cities of North America, Europe and South America.
  • It is one of the most difficult languages to learn mainly because a student learning Japanese language has to master 3 different scripts (character based writing) to even read or write the language. However don’t stress, Indian Institute of Foreign languages is here to offer you excellent Japanese languages classes at Jayanagar, where we train our students to master these scripts in a short time.
  • Japanese is the only Asian language along with Chinese (Mandarin) which has good demand in terms of job opportunities in India. They are the major leaders in the field Automobile, heavy machinery, consumer electrical and electronic good. So if you are working in Japanese-based Indian company or have an opportunity to travel to Japan for business, then learning Japanese can be very beneficial on a personal and professional front.
  • If you are a person who loves animation or loves reading comics for young adults like Manga, Naruto, Gaasaku etc., and if you have a desire to start a career in the animation industry as a cartoonist, graphic designer or illustrator. As a student learning Japanese language classes in Jayanagar you can soon live your dream of being a part of Japanese animation or video game developing company.
  • Lastly Japanese does not have verb conjugation; proficient article usage, no gender or number usage for nouns and the pronounciation of words are same as their spellings as compared to other European foreign languages like Spanish, French or German. Click here to learn more about Japanese Classes

Japanese classes in Rajaji Nagar, click here to learn more

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