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German Classes in Banashankari Bangalore: We offer German online classes & German offline Online classes. The German language is a booming course as of now because many German universities offer quality higher education free of cost and a lot of job opportunities in Germany.  If your dream is to study in Germany or to find a job in Germany it’s mandatory to learn the German language.  If you are interested to learn the German Language in Bangalore & If you are looking for the best German Language coaching institute, the Indian Institute of foreign languages offers training in the German Language.

Online German classes: Students are opting for online German classes since COVID-19, once the pandemic comes to a standstill offline classes will commence. We are offering online German classes, Its good news for the student’s community because students who are looking for German classes online can join our institute. It is good news because students from different cities within India like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhopal, Patna and Hyderabad can join our institute. Our institute offers the best tutors for online classes, Fee for online classes is also affordable, If you are looking for the best institute for German online classes or offline classes you arrived at the right place. Please login to our portal to check offers, watch demo classes, and join free webinars.

Online German Classes



Learning German in Bangalore Vs Learning German in Germany

Learning German in Bangalore Learning German in Germany
University Admission Improves your success rate Chances of losing admission
Time Your Study Time in Germany is saved You will have to Manage studies, Part-time Job, Internship and Learn the German language
Visa Your Visa Success rate will improve You may get a visa without German language, it would be positive if you study the German language in Bangalore
Part-time Jobs As soon as you reach Germany you can start finding part-time jobs if you have the German language You will have difficulty in Getting Finding Part-time Job
Internship Companies in Germany Prefers Students who Speak the German Language You may Miss out few internships
Cost You will save at least half of the money compared to studying the German Language in Germany You will pay more cost
Travel & Leisure You can socialize easily, Travelling would be a fun You will have to be with Indian students only
Ease of Learning Learning the First two Levels of the German language in Bangalore would be easy with Indian trainers It will be a very good experience to learn in Germany, but learning the first two levels will be difficult
Exposure Learning German in Bangalore will have limited exposure Learning the German language in Germany gives very good exposure
Culture & History You will not know much about German Culture and History You will have a very good Idea about German History and culture
German Accent You may not get German Accent Easily You may Pick up a good German accent
Speaking Ability Speaking in German may be difficult Because nobody speaks German here You may pick up good speaking abilities, by Learning the German language in Germany

Why to choose us for German online language courses

German online Language course is now available at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages 

German language course Bangalore is an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to learn the German language in a dynamic and engaging environment. The course offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to cater to different levels of proficiency, from beginner to advanced learners. With experienced instructors who are native speakers of the German language, students can expect quality instruction that emphasizes practical usage and real-world applications. Moreover, the program includes interactive sessions that encourage active participation and foster cultural exchange between participants. Through this immersive experience, students not only gain fluency in German but also develop a deeper appreciation for its rich history and culture. In addition, the institute provides flexible timings and online classes that enable working professionals to pursue their language learning goals without disrupting their schedules. Overall, enrolling in a German language course Bangalore can be an enriching experience with long-term benefits for personal growth and professional development alike.

Get trained by experienced trainers More than 10,000 students successfully completed training form our institute
Our corporate clients
We have Professional experience of training employees of
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Tata Hitachi Tata Hitachi construction machinery Pvt Ltd
Small Batch Size Get personalized training, most of our batches will have 4 to 5 students, So each and every student will get chance to speak, Each student will be attended by the trainer
Books Course fee includes study material, If its online classes or Classroom training students will books, For online students books, will be sent to your location by courier (without any additional charges) languages learning with books is easy when it’s compared to using a soft copy of the book.

Note: Students from Bangalore can collect books from our office.

We deliver what we promise Our student portal gives you a clear idea about the number of hours classes completed, topics covered on a daily basis & students can give feedback about classes after every class.
Demo classes & Webinars We give free demo classes, We have uploaded a few demo classes on our portal, contact us for live demo classes.

Be in touch with the language by attending free live webinars regularly login to our student portal to attend demo classes.


Learn German in Bangalore now

If you are looking to expand your horizons and learn a new language, why not consider learning German in Bangalore? As the capital of Karnataka state, Bangalore boasts a thriving cultural scene that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism. With several reputable language schools offering structured courses tailored to different levels of proficiency, you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. From beginner’s classes covering basic grammar and vocabulary to advanced sessions focusing on fluency and communication skills, these programs offer a comprehensive approach to mastering German. Additionally, many institutions provide immersive experiences through practice sessions with native speakers or study abroad opportunities in Germany itself. Not only will learning German enable you to communicate with millions of people worldwide who speak the language but also open up new career possibilities in fields such as engineering, science or business where German is widely used. So why not take advantage of this opportunity today and enroll yourself in one of the many excellent “Learn German in Bangalore” programs available now!

German Classes in Bangalore Vs German Classes in Germany

German online classes & German classes in Bangalore Banashankari
German online classes & German classes in Bangalore Banashankari
  1. Time: Studying German Language in Bangalore may save your lot of time in Germany, as learning German language is mandatory for Job, Internships. It may save your time.
  2. University Admission: Germany is one the most popular study destination for Indian students, Thousands of students apply for German Universities, if you know German Language you will have edge over other students. We have noticed that, students with 75 to 80% score also gets rejections from Universities. Learning German till B1 will improve your chances of getting admission in Germany.
  3. Part Time jobs: We have noticed that students who know German language can start part time jobs as soon as they reach and settle down in Germany. Student who don’t know German language will not be given preference for part time jobs where customer interactions will be more, You will end up in finding backend work kind of part time job
  4. Visa: Even though we have noticed that many students who got visa without knowing German Language. In some cases students with low academic background or with few years of gap after education can also increase their visa success rate if they know German language.
  5. Cost: Trust us you save lot money if you learn German language in Bangalore
  6. Travel & Leisure: Imagine if you know German Language to Speak you will have real fun in traveling in Germany. Speaking in German Language during shopping will help you a lot, Finding address, Understanding sign boards, Understanding railway announcements everything becomes easy and you will have lot of fun. Not knowing German Language put you into a situation wherein you have to depend on some body or you will have to hang out with Indian friends.
  7. Ease of Learning: Learning German Language in Germany may be difficult because many German institutes don’t use English language to start with, Initial days of German Language classes may become very difficult. IF you study German language from Indian Trainers you will have easiness of speaking to them in your mother tongue, Indian Trainers definitely know to teach our Indian Students. However advanced country may be ,Indians always have that Easy connection with Indian Teachers
  8. Exposure: Definitely Studying in Germany Gives you Very good exposure compared to studying in India.
  9. Culture and History: If you learn from German native teacher you get clear understanding about German Culture and History. Indian Teachers will not have first-hand Experience of German Culture.
  10. German Accent: When you learn from Native German trainer you can pick up accent easily, if you learn from Indian Trainers you will have problems with your pronunciation.
  11. Speaking Ability: If you Learn German Language in Germany, You will have many people around you to speak German language, it may be easy for you to pick up Speaking Skill.

German language Offers:

Offer Descriptions Actual Price INR Discount Price INR
Early Bird Offer German A1 Weekend Batch
Note: This discount available only for a specific batch
13,800 12,800
Early Bird Offer German A1 Weekdays Batch
Note: This discount available only for a specific batch
13,800 12,800
Combo Offer German A1 & A2 Level
27,600 25,000
Silver Package German A1 & Germany Admission Services, 6 Applications
34,800 28,599
Gold Package German A1 & Germany Admission Services, Upto 12 Applications
40,800 34,600
Diamond Package German A1 & Germany Admission Services, Unlimited Applications
57,800 49,599

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Our Services includes 
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* Assistance to preparation of Statement of purpose, Letter of recommendation.
* University application process

* Visa application process
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Most of the Students always have confusion with regard to which is the best institute for the German language course in Bangalore?

If you are choosing the best Institute for the German Language in Bangalore you can click here to  go through the factors to choose the best institute for the German Language in Bangalore

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top institute for german language in bangalore


German language courses

German language courses are classified into 6 different levels according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). These levels are mentioned below

German language course level A1 Starter Basic Level
German language course level A2 Elementary
German Language course level B1 Intermediate Intermediate level
German language course level B2 Upper-intermediate
German language course level C1 Expert Advanced level
German language course Level C2 Mastery


German language course Level A1

German language course level A1: This is the basic level of the German language, Your German language journey begins here. You will remember here your childhood memories, you start learning alphabets, numbers, colors, greetings, introducing oneself to others & many more topics.

What to expect after completion level A1 of the German language course

Reading You will be able to read the text which includes vocabulary related to day-to-day routine activities, simple elementary school level text you will be able to read, able to read children storybooks.
Writing You will be able to fill application forms or able to fill in your personal details. You will be able to write an email inviting to a birthday party, able to write easy related to day-to-day activities with simple sentence structure and grammar.
Listening You will be able to understand if a native speaker speaks in a very low phase, you will be able to understand simple Monolog conversations like announcements in a railway station or airport (only simple sentences)
Speaking You will be able to introduce yourself, You will able to speak about hobbies & professions, You will be able to talk about routine day to day activities


Recommended books for level A1 of the German language

Netzwerk A1 German language course Level A1
Arena A1 German language online classes level A1
Daf Im Unternehmen A1 Kurs – Und Ubungsbuch German language course Level A1
Daf Leicht A1.1 Kurs Und Ubungsbuch German courses A1
Daf Leicht A2.1 Kurs Und Ubungsbuch German course A1.2
Klasse! A1.1: Deutsch Für Jugendliche. Kursbuch Mit Audios Und Videos (Klasse! / Deutsch Für Jugendliche) German classes
Klasse! A1.1: Deutsch Für Jugendliche. Übungsbuch Mit Audios (Klasse! / Deutsch Für Jugendliche) German Classes A2


What is the cost of the German language A1 Level in Bangalore?

How much does it cost to study German Language A1 Level?

The course fee for German Language A1 at Indian Institute of Foreign languages is Rs.12,800 (As of Feb 2020 )

German A1 Course

Particular Details
Level A1
Language German
Course Duration 60Hours
Course Fee Rs.13,800
Study Material Included in the fee
Text Book
Work Book
Audio CD
Basic Grammar Book
Modules Reading
GST Included in Fee
Exam Preparation  You will be prepared for the German A1 Level international certification Exam
Study Material for Exam Preparation Included, Photo copy of model test papers of International certification exams.
Certificate Course completion Certificate will be issued after successful completion of Course
Examination Internal Examination conducted at the end of the course
Mode of classes German online classes & German classroom training both are available

German Language online courses: German A1 Syllabus

SL No. Chapter Name Topic Covered
1 Guten Tag!  (Good Day, Good Afternoon)
  • Greeting formal & Informal
  • Numbers
  • W- questions
  • Email address & telephone number
  • Vocabulary Related to food, Health & Sign boards
  • How other languages called in German
  • Grammar –Personal pronouns
2 Freunde, Kollegen und ich (Friends, Colleagues and Me)
  • Learn to talk about hobbies
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Cooking
  • Travel
  • Singing
  • Watching movie
  • Learn to talk about weekdays & Weekends
  • Work
3 In der Städt (In the City)
  • Talking about Places, buildings, stations, events etc..
  • Asking simple question and answering like What is this, what is that, This is a Church, That is Railway station etc…
  • Describing the way while you traveling
  • Learning Articles:
    Nominative article: Definite article, Indefinite article and Negation articles
  • Creating Imperative sentences
  • Understanding Irregular verbs in German like: give, learn, speak, and drive. etc
4 Guten Appetit! (Enjoy the Meal)
  • Talking about food, vegetable, fruits etc..
  • Talking about breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Purchasing things in Supermarket
  • Sending invitation of party to your friend through SMS
  • Brief telephonic conversation purchasing things for preparing food
  • Learn food related Professions and places
  • Learning Articles:
    Accusative Article: Definite, Indefinite and Negation articles.
  • Learn more irregular verbs and Modal verbs.
  • Modal Verbs like :Like and would like
  • Learn Accusative Verbs Like: Make, Cook, Eat, take etc.
5 Tag für tag (Day for day)
  • Understanding time and time related words
  • Writing E-mail using Modal verbs
  • Appointment with Doctor: conversation between Doctor and caller
  • Time Preposition
  • Possessive article: My, Your, His Etc.
  • Modal Verbs: Must, Can, Should
  • Modal Verbs Position
6 Zeit mit Freunden (Time with Friends)
  • Talking about Birthday
  • Writing an E-Mail to your Friend
  • Conversation in the Restaurant
  • Discussing Free time Program in Germany
  • Ordinal Number
  • Separable Verbs in German like: Einladen, abholen etc..
  • Past tense using helping verbs(Have and be verbs)
  • Personal Pronouns in Accusative like: Mich, Dich, Ihn etc..
  • Preposition for Accusative
7 Kontakte (Contact)
  • Conversation in the office
  • Letter format and writing a letter on place
  • Talking about Social Networks in Germany
  • Brief conversation on first day in the office
  • Dative Preposition
  • Accusative Possessive Article
8 Meine Wohnung (My Apartment)
  • Talking about apartment and names of Household Goods
  • Searching apartment through media(conversation between two people)
  • Talking about different kind of building in Germany
  • Talking about different kind of building names in Germany
  • Learning colours
  • Learning Adjectives
  • Learning Wechselprepositions( Changing Prepositions
  • Short form of article
9 Alles Arbeit? (All is Work?)
  • Talking about work
  • Discussion in class room and café
  • Job searching and finding through social media and discussion
  • Discussion in telephone
  • Jobs around the year in Germany
  • Learning perfect tense
  • Past tense with regular verbs and irregular verbs
  • Connecting words( conjunction)
10 Kleidung und Mode (Cloths and Fashion)
  • Talking about cloth and fashion
  • Conversation in cloth center
  • “I Need new Jacket” listening conversation in various market
  • Conversation in Exchange the cloth
  • Conversation between Customer and salesman “Listening the audio”
  • Talking about shopping complex
  • Talking about various shopping center in Berlin
  • Interrogative article
  • Demonstrative article
  • Verbs with Dative
  • Personal Pronoun in Dative
  • Learning Past partizip in separable and non-separable verbs
11 Gesund und munter (Healthy and Cheerful)
  • Talking about Health and Healthy food
  • Listening fitness audio and vocabulary of body parts
  • Listening sport exercise audio and discussing sport
  • Describing bicycle accident, how and where happened
  • After the accident conversation with doctor
  • Discussion about Home Remedies
  • Talking about Health and health professions
  • Learning Model verbs
  • Imperative sentences
  • General requesting sentences
12 Ab in den Urlaub! (In the Vacation)
  • Describing about vacation and vacation related vocabularies
  • Audio of City trip and discussing popular tourism places
  • Writing a post card
  • Reporting travel
  • Argument in the Hotel room
  • Learning Pronoun “One”
  • Learning Time Adverb
  • Learning question word like: what, why etc..

What is the cost of German Language A2 level in Bangalore? or What is the course fee for German Language A2 Level ?

Course fee for German Language A2 at Indian Institute of Foreign languages is Rs.12,800 (As on Feb 2020 )

German A2 Course

Particular Details
Level A2
Language German
Course Duration 60Hours
Course Fee Rs.13,800
Study Material Included in the fee
Text Book
Work Book
Audio CD
Basic Grammar Book
Modules Reading
GST Included in Fee
Exam Preparation  You will be prepared for German A2 Level international certification Exam
Study Material for Exam Preparation Included, Photo copy of model test papers of International certification exams.
Certificate Course completion Certificate will be issued after successful completion of Course
Examination Internal Examination conducted at the end of the course
Mode of classes German online classes & German classroom training both are available

German Language online courses: German A2 Syllabus

SL No. Chapter Name Topic Covered
1 Rund ums Essen (Around us Eating)
  • Discussion in the Kitchen
  • Talking about food
  • Learning conversations in Cooking Class
  • Talking and discussing at Dark Restaurant in Germany
  • Discussing about senses
  • Possessive articles in Dative case
  • Learning reflexive verbs
  • Learning “because” using Main sentences and Sub sentences
  • Learning “off course” with “yes” or “no” questions
2 Nach der Schulzeit (After the School time)
  • Speaking about School time and after the education completion
  • Writing the comments and report, describing about the school time
  • Speaking about habit
  • Discussing in “Where is my things”
  • Type of School in Germany
  • Past tense of Modal Verbs
  • Changing Prepositions in Accusative and Dative case
  • Verb Position in Changing Preposition
3 Medien im Alltag (Media in all the day)
  • Talking about media in our daily life, Talking about media in our daily life and media related words
  • Talking about “my opinion”
  • Speaking about film
  • Adjective : Comparative and Superlative degree
  • Using “that” with Main sentence and Sub sentence
4 Große und Kleine Gefühle (Big and Small feelings in our life)
  • Discussing feeling, Emotion, impression
  • Giving thanks and Congratulate to others
  • Talking about North Germany festival
  • Discussing “experience in Foreign Countries”
  • Using “When” with Main Sentence and Sub Sentences
  • Adjective with bestimmt (certain) Article
5 Was machen Sie beruflich? (What are you by profession?)
  • Talking about Profession
  • Discussing about Business and hearing business related conversation
  • Evening Program in Germany, audio hearing
  • Write information “dream Job”
  • Telephonic conversation at the working place
  • Learning tips “How our tomorrow’s working world”
  • Learning Unbestimmt (Uncertain) articles
  • Preposition “without” and “with” Accusative and Dative cases
  • The Verb “become” Creating sentences in Present and fast tense
6 Ganz schön mobil (Pretty Mobile)
  • Listening audio of Mobile
  • Talking in station
  • Conversation of Finding the destination
  • Conversation of Way of work in Germany
  • Describing with bicycle travel
  • Indirect questions with Why and When
  • Indirect questions with Yes / or with Of course
  • Learning Local preposition with Dative and Accusative case
7 Gelernt ist gelernt! (Learning is Learning)
  • Listening Audio with various activities like Music, Gardening etc and discussion
  • What is the problem “Discussion of Problem”
  • Talking about Generational Project
  • Learning Connecting word: Then and Because
  • Konjugative II (Should)
  • Genetive Article
  • Temporal Prepositions
8 Sportlich, sportlich! (Sporty, Sporty!)
  • Talking about sport and sport related words
  • Conversation in the Sport field
  • Talking and discussing of Geocache
  • Connecting words: That is why
  • Verbs with Dative and Accusative
9 Zusammen leben (Living together)
  • Discussion in “Living Together”
  • Listen the audio and Talking about Neighbours, their happiness, problem etc.
  • You are out of the city (Your first week and your are writing a letter and receiving letter)
  • Talking about German’s and their pets
  • Discussion about taking care of animals and Birds
  • Learning Konjuctive of “can”
  • Learning “as” and “when”
10 Gute Unterhaltung! (Good Entertainment)
  • Discussing about German film, Concert, Drama, Historical Places, Music and listening the audio related to this
  • Listening audio of songs and discussing about concert
  • Talking about Radio show, Watching TV and asking question related to that
  • Talking about Painting and listening audio related painting
  • Learning “for what” and “which”
  • Learning Pronoun of One, Everyone, Noone, all, nothing etc.
  • Learning Relative sentence in Nominative
  • Learning relative Pronouns in Nominative
11 Wie die Zeit vergeht! (How the Time flies)
  • Discussing “How time flies” in our life
  • Talking about Giving Advice
  • Speaking about wishes and expression
  • Talking about imaginary situation
  • Discussion on “Stress”
  • Speaking about “Proverb”
  • Going excursion and discussion
  • Structure of Conjunktiv II form
  • Verbs with preposition
  • W-question wiht preposition
12 Typisch, oder? (Typical, Or?)
  • Understanding other country culture
  • Talking about behaviour
  • Understanding “cliches”
  • Relative sentences with Relative Pronoun in Nominative and Accusative
  • Learning “so that”
  • Learning “um….zu in German

How much it does it cost to study German language B1 Level? What is the course Fee for German Language B1 level ?

Course fee for German Language B1 at Indian Institute of Foreign languages is Rs.15,800 (As on Feb 2020 )

German B1 Course

Particular Details
Level B1
Language German
Course Duration 70Hours
Course Fee Rs.18,800
Study Material Included in the fee
Text Book
Work Book
Audio CD
Basic Grammar Book
Modules Reading
GST Included in Fee
Exam Preparation  You will be prepared for German B1 Level international certification Exam
Study Material for Exam Preparation Included, Photo copy of model test papers of International certification exams.
Certificate Course completion Certificate will be issued after successful completion of Course
Examination Internal Examination conducted at the end of the course
Mode of classes German online classes & German classroom training both are available

German Language online courses: German B1 Syllabus

SL. No Chapter Name Topics Covered
1 Gute Reise! (Good Trip!)
  • Talking about travel and discussing on various places in Germany
  • Read the passage and discuss on “Vacation Plan”
  • Listening audio and Discuss in Travel Agency office
  • Read the blog of Hotel and discuss on Service in the Hotel
  • Talking about opinion “on the way” and listening the audio
  • Discussion on “Vacation or Work?”
  • Learning Infinitive with “to”
  • Learning “Let” rules and creating sentences
2 Alles neu! (All is new!)
  • Talking about purchasing
  • Listening audio and Discussion on “Purchasing Mobil Phone”
  • Talking about “living Smart”
  • Discussion on “preparing a beautiful advertisement”
  • Learning “Although” and “because”
  • Learning Genitive article
  • Learning Preposition “Because of” and “despite” with Genitive Article
3 Wendepunkte (Turning Point)
  • Talking about Jobs and Turning point in your life
  • Discussion on “Things that makes happy in life”
  • Studying images and what is changes or turning in those images
  • Learning Past tense with regular and Irregular verbs
  • Learning temporal Prepositions like before, after and while
  • Learning “that’s why, therefore, because of”
  • Learning So…that sentence creation
4 Arbeitswelt (Working World)
  • Listening audio and talking about “working world”
  • Discussion on “while you working in office”
  • Talking about “When something goes wrong”
  • Discussion on “Applying through online”
  • Listening audio and discussion on “Job search”
  • Discussion in the “Interview”
  • Learning Model verbs fast tense with Conjunction II
  • Learning Pronouns with Preposition and Pronominal Adverbs
  • Learning Verbs with Preposition
5 Umweltfreundlich! (Friendly Environment)
  • Listening audio about “environmental Friendly” and discussion
  • Talking about usage of “Paper”
  • Discussion the weather in Germany and listening audio
  • Learning commitment for the nature
  • Learning “there” how to use in sentences
  • Learning Comparative and Superlative with sub sentences
  • Learning “of” Material
  • Learning n-declination
6 Blick nach vorn (Looking Forward)
  • Talking about Plan and Intention
  • Discussion in the Company “you are new in the company”
  • Listening audio and discussion on “Hamburg in 2030”
  • Talking about “live in Dream”
  • Learning Future tense
  • Relative sentences with relative pronouns in Dative
  • Learning Relative sentences with relative pronounce with Prepositions
7 Beziehungskisten (Relationship Boxes)
  • Describing cartoon images
  • Discussing a blog of Family
  • Talking about argument
  • Talking about “We are strong together”
  • Discussing a story and name it” Moral of the story”
  • Learning Past perfect tense
  • Learning Temporal sub sentence with prepositions like since, after that etc.
8 Von Kopf bis fuß ( From top to bottom)
  • Talking about offer and accept and reject
  • Listening audio of Hospital and discussion between patient and doctor
  • Discussing Music
  • Discussing “memory skill”
  • Learning not, no, only and need to
  • Learning reflexive pronouns in Accusative and Dative case
  • Learning Two part connectors
9 kunststücke (Art, culture or feats)
  • Learning art and discussion
  • Talking about Theatre
  • Conversation with Film Director
  • Discussion on “ Sound of Motherland”
  • Learning Adjective declination with “without” article
  • Learning “Where to use “Nicht” word in sentences
10 Miteinander (Together)
  • Discussing “doing together”
  • Discussion on “Do something voluntarily”
  • Discussing on “Mini-Munchen”
  • Talking about Europe
  • Learning Passive voice
  • Learning Passive voice with Modal verbs
  • Learning Prepositions with Genitive article
11 Vom Leben in Städten (Life in Cities)
  • Discussing a “City life”
  • Describing are you living in City?
  • Discussing on “When the City awakens”
  • Talking about “liveable in various cities”
  • Talking about “My first day in Koln city”
  • Discussion on “My city”
  • Learning articles words as Pronouns
  • Learning articles as Pronouns
  • Learning adjective as sub sentences
  • Learning Relative Pronouns with “what” and “Where”
12 Geld regiert die Welt (Money Makes the World)
  • Talking about “Money governs the world”
  • Discussion in the Bank and listening the audio
  • Listening audio and describing about “Total Global”
  • Talking about “With good Conscience”
  • Discussion on “Do with good thing with the money”
  • Learning Partizip with Adjective
  • Learn sentences with “Je…..desto”

German online language course for free

If you are looking for references to learn German on your own & free resources to learn German on your own please click the link 

How many Levels should I study?

There are Six Levels in German Language A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2

You can choose the number of levels to be studied depending upon the below-mentioned scenarios

  1. If you planning to do Masters – English Taught Program & University is not asking for a German Language Certificate
    1. In this case, you can Learn till B1 level even though University is not asking you for a German Language certificate and learning Language helps you to find part-time and full-time Job
  2. If you planning to do Masters – English Taught Program & Few Electives are in German Language
    1. In this case we recommend you to Learn till B2 Level
    2. These kind of courses will usually will have admission requirement to produce at least German B1 level
    3. In case if you have got the conditional offer just few months before the university starts. you can inform university that you will join the university from next intake
  3. Job seeker Visa
    1. If you applying for Job seeker visa you have to complete till B2 level
  4. Dependent or Spouse visa
    1. A1 & A2 are the recommended
  5. Learning as hobby
    1. You decide how many Levels you want to study

If there are any doubts regarding how many levels to be studied please contact our institute


German Classes in Bangalore how much does it cost to study german language


How much will I be spending to Study German Language in Bangalore if I am planning to study till B1 level

(As on Feb 2020)

Level Fee Study Material
A1 12,800 Inclusive
A2 12,800 Inclusive
B1 15,800 Inclusive
Total 41,400

How much will I be spending in India before Getting into Germany (As on Feb 2020)

Expenses Amount in Rs Remark
IELTS exam Fee 13,250
IELTS coaching 6800 Fee at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages
Uniassit charges*1 16,000
Courier charges*2 5500
Notary & Attestation 1000
Visa Application Fee 6000 (Approx) For adults , Minor its Rs. 3000
Travel Insurance *3 3000
Total 51,550

*Note1- Assumed that you are applying 5 Universities through Uniassit

*Note2-Assumed that you are sending 5 Application Via Courier

*Note 3-Travel insurance amount vary from Rs.3000 to 6000 Depending upon the package you choose (Currently there an offer from Coracle, you will get travel Insurance at free of cost)

Total Expenses to study in Germany

German Language Classes and German admission Expenses

German Language Fee till B1 41,400
Admission & Visa Expenses 51,500
Total 92,900

You will be spending Rs,41,400 ( Data as on Feb20, 2020 ) to study till B1 level in Bangalore choose right institute which provides good education.

How to choose best institute for German classes in Bangalore?

I am planning for master degree in 2021 September in Germany & many institutes are not offering German offline classes so can I go for German Online classes?

If you are planning study master degree from German University in 2021 September, We would recommend you to take German online classes because Learning German helps you find part time Jobs in Germany, it helps you to find internships and even it helps you to find your full time job. Instead of waiting for offline classes to begin better to start with German online classes

Advantages of Learning German online classes keeping September 2021 intake in mind.

  1. Getting Admission from German Universities: Most Universities in Germany did not stop working due to COVID-19. Most of the universities shifted from offline classes to online classes. So it is clear that universities will continue with their regular schedule for the intake 2021 September. So if just keep on waiting for German online classes to begin you may miss out many admission in many universities because many German universities has admission requirement of German A1 to till German B1. If you don’t want to miss out admission of your favourite university please join for German online classes and start your journey towards September 2021 intake.
  2. Part-time Jobs – In case if you get admit for September 2021 intake. Assume you are landing in Germany in October 2021 and you are planning to cover up some of the cost by working part-time along with your studies and you did not join for online German classes waiting for German offline classes to being. You will be in Germany in September 2021 without learning German language. Learning German online or offline does not matter learning German language matters because knowing German language matters a lot for getting part-time Job in Germany. So if you are planning for finding part-time job in Germany. I would highly recommend you to join for German online classes.
  3. Internships – Assume that university you applied In Germany has no German language requirement. And you got admit you will be the happiest person. But your journey will not stop there.  It’s just a beginning, many universities have internship opportunities as course module (sometimes it may be optional) in that scenario if you know German language that becomes an edge over others to get internships. Now you can think about it how important to learn German language.
  4. Finding Job – You might be aware of it that know German language is always advantage to find job in Germany. In a worst Scenario if you are through with your admission in German universities without Learning German language and you complete your degree. Once you start searching for job it becomes mandatory to know German for many jobs which involves customer interactions. If you are not learning German language now through Online German course one day you are bound to learn it. Sol better opt for German online classes.
  5. Visa– German Language Certificate is an additional document that increases the visa success rate. If you want to make your profile stronger to visa. We would advise you not to wait for German offline classes Join German online classes and produce your German language Certificate during visa filing.
  6. Cost– Cost of not learning German language is higher than what you think. The opportunities you are going to miss are huge. Missing a admission from your dream university, Missing part time job opportunity, Missing an internship opportunity, becoming less competitive during job interview all these costs are higher than the cost of learning German through online. We highly recommend you to learn German through online classes or offline classes.  Not learning German Language may be badly affect you.


Summary of comparison German online classes’ vs German offline classes Vs not the German language

  German Offline classes German online classes Not Learning the German Language
University admission Having a German language certificate is always advantageous. Online classes or offline classes do not matter, Having a Certificate helps. You may not be eligible to apply to many universities.
Part time Jobs German language till B1 is helpful. Knowing Language matters, mode of learning is irrelevant. You may lose opportunities where German language is mandatory for part-time  jobs
Visa Makes your profile stronger German Online course certificates equally good for Visa purpose. Visa success rate may come down. If your profile is weaker, the chances of getting a visa may become difficult. The German Language is not mandatory for Visa
Internship You will be eligible to apply for many internships The German language learned though online holds equally good for an internship You may lose internship opportunities
Jobs Helps to find a suitable job for you in Germany Your language proficiency matters. It does not matter you learned the German language online or You Learnt the German language in classroom training You will miss out on many jobs where customer interactions involve.
Cost Slightly higher compared to German Online classes German online course fee is slightly lesser or remains the same compared to online classes No cost involved
Effectiveness German classroom training more effective German online classes are also effective. No applicable
Traveling Involves traveling German online classes do not involve traveling Not applicable
Requirements No need for additional accessories for German classroom training German online classes require Laptop / Desktop / Mobile phone, Internet, in addition, to note book and pen Not applicable
Study Material We provide Text book, Work book, Glossary book, Audio CD, and Basic German book as study material for German classroom training The same study material of German classroom training will be sent to your location. Not applicable
Attendance management You use our student portal to monitor your attendance The student portal is used to maintained German classes attendance Not applicable

Advantages of German Online classes

  1. You can save a lot of time in traveling if you opt for German online classes. You know if you are living in metropolitan cities in India. Commuting takes a minimum of half an hour to one hour from your place to institute. If you join for German online classes you may save that traveling time and you can use the same for practicing the German language. Don’t you think online German classes gives you extra hours to your day?
  2. Convert your unproductive time to productive, you can opt for German online classes during your travelling time from office to home, home to office, if you plan properly you can utilize you’re travelling time to learn German language. Don’t you think online German classes converts your unproductive time to productive?  Though it has some issues related to internet network, Privacy during travelling. If you have privacy and good internet speed. German online classes will be handier to you.
  3. Cost & comfort, German online classes cost a little lesser compared to German offline classes. But it saves your other costs like the cost of commuting, Parking, etc. it’s always comfortable to learn anything from your living space.
  4. Students can learn German classes from the city they live, Students need not travel to metro cities to learn the German language. This is easy option for students who live in non-metro cities. One of the biggest advantages of German online classes. Students from the remote village can also learn the German language through online German classes.

Disadvantages of German Online classes

  1. There are mixed opinion for German online classes, many of our trainers are feeling online classes are more effective, few of our trainers finding it difficult. Even many students are finding online classes are effective. Few of our students are waiting for offline classes to begin. Offline classes brings some liveliness in the classroom. Online classes some time tiresome watching computer screen for longer time.
  2. There are many classroom activities which can be conducted in offline needs to be modified and adopted for online German classes.

It’s always good feeling sitting in classroom with fellow classmates and learn German language. By reading & Writing, Listening & Speaking.

How to choose best institute for German classes in Bangalore ?

There are many institutes offers foreign language training, most of them are available through online. Choosing best institute offers foreign language is a difficult task.  Tips for choosing German classes in Bangalore

        1. Choose specialised institute
          1. Many computer training institutes offers foreign languages , they will be neither good in Computer classes nor in foreign languages.
          2. Many individual trainers offer classes at home , usually these kind of tutors will not have specific course content and syllabus, they do not maintain attendance, at the end you will have to learn whatever trainer gives.
        2. Choose institute which is old
          1. Due to increase in demand for foreign languages many institutes have come up choose institute which is offering classes from at least 5 years
        3. Cost
          1. Just Rs.12, 800 for German Level A1 . as of (Feb ,2020 )
        1. Study material
          1. Even though Technology is growing YouTube and many mobile applications are available, to learn foreign languages using books is the best way, Because no technology can replace books, You will have different feeling when you write in books.
            1. In many institute you have to buy study material that’s extra cost for you
            2. Most of them will give you photocopy – Its worst decision to use photocopy because there will be topics related to food, colours, cloths , famous places, in black & white you cannot make out anything.
        • Study material which is relevant today – As the cost of foreign language books are very high most of them gives irrelevant material.


      1. Online vs off-line
        1. Online classes are may be suitable for technology related course, but Online classes for foreign languages also famous and even it is effective to learn a language online. Online German classes are effective due to advancement of technology and telecommunication revolution in India. Students in remote part the country also learn German language.
          Requirements for online German online classes
          1. Android mobile phone/Computer/laptop/Tablet
          2. Good internet connection
          3. Head phone with mic Online classes advantages
          1. Learn from your place :online classes can be attended from any part of world so need not to travel to institute for classes
          2. Time : In cities like Bangalore, Travelling consumes lot time due to traffic so travelling time can be saved , If you are opting for online classes you can invest the travelling time in learning language
          3. Price :Students who in Germany can attend classes from India it saves lot money
          4. Flexibility of batch timings: some online classes will be in early morning or late evening, if you are working professional you can choose classes fits into your schedule.

You would like to learn German, but not able to visit nearby institutes and take classroom training? You are frequently travelling on your projects or work, you are completely packed with your schedules, you cannot fix yourself to any time and place to learn Online German Classes? If so, we have come up with very good alternative option for you! Indian Institute of Foreign Languages offer “Online German group classes” that allows you to take classes at your convenient timings and from where ever you are. You don’t need to be at any particular place and visit our institute for classes. You would have a same classroom experience with fellow students between 3 to 10 numbers and our trainers make you feel your online learning is benefiting as good as classroom training. Rather learning on your own you can join our online group classes which makes you more confident in speaking through regular conversation practice with fellow students and regular interaction with the trainers.

What do I benefit from Online German group classes?

Our Online German group classes are offered at 6 levels A1, A2, B1, B2, according to CEFR standards. In each level you will be trained for all 4 skills Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking with standard syllabus and training methodology. Our online classes are designed in such way that you achieve language fluency in a shortest possible time through:

Quick trainers support throughout the class period Answering queries, clarification of doubts
Individual attention to make sure Uniform learning progress Case by case learning tips and techniques Regular assignments and evaluation and feedback Extra study materials and guides for easy understanding of Grammar and Vocabularies Regular assessment tests to monitor outcome of the training Change your class timing in mutual understanding with fellow students and trainer is possible At the end of the course, we do conduct one mock test similar to Certification exams

Do I have to full fill any criteria to Learn German language?

No previous knowledge of German required those who start with A1. If you want to continue with further levels, knowledge of previous basics would be required English knowledge is essential as classroom language is English.
how to choose best institute for german language in bangalore

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages certificate is valid in Germany

Yes it is valid in most of the scenarios like:

a. if you want to prove your proficiency in the language during your job interview.

b. applying for different universities in Germany for higher studies(Except a few universities which have mentioned specific certification)

Is it necessary to get certified for every individual level

No, it is not necessary to get certified for every individual level. But you should get trained from the basics that are from the A1 level so that you can take up the exam for higher levels.

For German National Visa (Student Visa or Long Term Visa ) is it required to learn the German language

Sometimes during the visa interview, the Germany Embassy asks for German language certification as most of the people speak German in Germany, and even sign boards are in Germany. So it is good to learn German before you fly to Germany. Knowing the German language improves your visa success rate.

Germany job seeker visa till what level German language to be learned?

Of course, it’s more or less mandatory to know German when you plan for Job seekers Visa, in Germany and German speaking Countries. However B2 Level is recommended to successfully get a job in Germany.

Whose teaching is more effective? Indian trainers or native speakers

Both, Indian and native speakers’ training is effective. It is good to start with Indian trainers as they can help you to make understand a few words in their local language. Later from B1 level onward switch to the native speaker so that you can learn the German accent and have better fluency.

What is the procedure to enroll for German online classes?

Contact our institute find a suitable batch for you, Pay the fee online, Student portal credentials will be shared to you, log in to our portal, and click on join classes to join online classes.

Will I get study material for German online classes?

Yes, we will send study material through courier to your place if you are opting for German online classes. The study material used for online German classes and offline classes is the same.

Are there any extra charges for online German classes?

We do not charge anything extra apart from the fee quoted at the time of admission. There are no hidden charges for German online classes.

Do I need to visit the institute to enroll for online classes?

It’s not mandatory to visit our institute to enroll for online German classes.

How to raise complaints if I choose German online classes?

If you choose German online classes, You will get credentials to login our portal, in the portal on the right-hand menu you can see the help desk icon click the icon and raise if there is any issue, our program coordinator will contact you soon.

Will I be able to track the number of hours of classes conducted in online classes?

Yes, you will be able to track the number of hours of classes conducted and topics covered in the student portal, it makes it easy for the students to track the progress of the German online classes. Even though its online classes we will be tracking the quality of training, after every class students can give feedback about online classes. And the effectiveness of German online classes will be monitored by our team.

Does your online German course meet University admission requirements?

Yes, Offline German classes or German online classes make no difference for University admissions but producing the required certificate matters. Usually German till B1 required for university admissions.

Does Online German classes certificate help for visa interview?

According to the German embassy website, a German language certificate is not a mandatory certificate but knowing the German language improves your visa success rate. It is one of the common questions in the Germany visa interview. Knowing Language shows that you are keen to study in Germany, So studying German online or Studying German offline makes no difference but knowing language matters.

German Classes in Bangalore

At the Indian Institute of Foreign Languages, we offer

  1. Weekdays German Classes
  2. Weekend German Classes
  3. Fast track or super-intensive German classes (Depending upon trainer availability)
  4. Customized German classes (Depending upon trainer availability )
  5. German classes for corporate

Weekdays & Weekend batches are available in our institute on regular basis you can call us on 09066038847 or email us for further details

Note: Fast track classes or super-intensive, Customized  German classes have different fee structure than our regular fee for the German Language.  Please call us or visit our institute for further details

If corporates are interested in German classes, we will send our trainer to your premises for training, we have a different fee structure for that. Contact us for a quotation and session plan.

We have four branches in Bangalore

  1. Banashankari
  2. Kadubesenahalli (Near Marathahalli)
  3. Jayanagar
  4. Rajajinagar

Banashankari Branch: Which is opposite to BDA Complex and very near to Uttarahalli main road, Padmanabhanagar, Srinagar, Girinagar, Gandhi Bazaar, Chamrajpet

Marathahalli or Kadubeesanahalli: Which is very near to Marathalli Bridge, Kartik Nagar, Ashwath Narar, Kundanahalli, Bellandur, ITPL, Whitefield road, Brookfield, AECS Layout, Dodda Nakkundi, ISRO Layout, KR Puram, HAL old Airport Road, Yamlur, Agara, HSR Layout, Panathur Road, Varthur, Sarjapur road, Gunjur Palya, Carmelaram.

Jayanagar: Which is very near to BTM, Arrekere, Bannerghatta Road, Electronic city, Koramangala, Madiwala.

Rajajinagar: Malleshwaram, Basaweshwaranagar, Housing board colony, Yeshwanthpura, Mahalakshmi Layout, Shankar Matta, Vijayanagar, Magadi Road, West of Chord Road, Kamakshipalya, Majestic, Mathikere.

Why Learn the German Language? What are the Advantages of Learning the German Language?

German Classes in Banashankari Bangalore: Why learn German? What are the advantages of learning German? What are the benefits of learning German? Well! Here are a few reasons you should learn German:

      • It’s one of the ten languages widely spoken in the world and also one of the largest spoken languages in the European Union (18% of the entire population).
      • Germany is considered as the second-largest exporter in the world. It economically ranks first place in Europe and fourth in the world. A wide number of international corporations are inherited in Germany.
      • Germans are regarded as the toppers in engineering.
      • Since German is used as the second majority scientific language, it has become the third biggest provider to scientific research and development.
      • A recent survey illustrates that a majority of non-European migrants have very few troubles finding jobs in Germany
      • Hundreds of great job opportunities for foreign professionals at Germany’s top employers – in cooperation with Monster, Experteer, Stepstone, and CareerBuilder.

Therefore German is also one of the chief employers in the world. Good, you decided to learn German!

Hi All, We are glad to inform you that we have started German classes in Marathahalli, Bangalore as well. Please visit our website of Marathalli Branch for more details.

german classes in banashankari

How easy is Learning German?

In view of fact that English and German are equally Germanic languages one might find a lot of Greek and Latin words in it. A person who knows English might not find learning German very difficult as it sounds a bit like English. Learning a new language requires a lot of practice and patience and German is no exception. Anyways…Start off…Learn German.

German Classes in Banashankari 2nd Stage Bangalore at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages

We are one of the emerging institutes that offer German Classes in Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore. We have expert trainers with us who are dedicated and have years of teaching experience. We provide the best course materials designed by experts’ suggestions. Our Training comprises of:

      • Introduction to the Structure of the Language in contrast to English.
      • Training on German Vocabulary and Pronunciation.
      • Construction of sentence.
      • Progressive teaching of phrases.
      • German Grammar.
      • German Accent.
      • Developing listening and speaking skills in German.
      • Conversation lessons and group interaction in German.
      • Reading and writing German.
      • Neutralizing language interference.
      • German Translation.
      • International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)


Call us on 906 603 8847 for German Classes in Bangalore

Hurry up!!! New batches for German language classes commencing soon, Come and register now!!!

Visit our Banashankari Branch for course inquiry. Our Banashankari branch is close to Padmanabhanagar, Uttarahalli, Yelachenahalli, Kanakapura Road, Girinagar, Srinagar, Chamrajpet & Gandhi Bazaar. Our Institute is also very near to BNMIT, PESIT, and BMS colleges.

Distance between Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (Banashankari) and other prime locations are as below:

    • If you are looking for German classes in Padmanabhanagar: Our institute is just 1Km away.
    • If you are looking for German classes in Uttarahalli: Our institute is just 3Km away.
    • If you are looking for German classes in Yelachenahalli: Our institute is just 4Km away.
    • If you are looking for German classes in Kanakapura Road: Our institute is just 4Km away.
    • If you are looking for German classes in Girinagar: Our institute is just 3.5Km away.
    • If you are looking for German classes in Srinagar: Our institute is just 3.5Km away.
    • If you are looking for German classes in Chamrajpet: Our institute is just 4Km away.
    • If you are looking for German classes in Gandhi Bazaar: Our institute is just 3Km away.

German Classes near Me

Every student in Bangalore would search institute near me, Distance is being a first preference to every student because in Bangalore many construction works are going simultaneously like metro & Flyovers in outer ring road everyone would prefer classes near me or near his place keeping in mind we have four branches in Bangalore, Any student who searches German Language classes in Bangalore or near me would find our institute close to his locality.

German language classes in Bangalore at a very affordable price in Bangalore at the Indian Institute of Foreign Languages.

If you are looking for German language jobs in Bangalore, there are many jobs available click here to read more about job opportunities if you know the German Language.

German language classes in Malleshwaram  Bangalore

Malleshwaram is very old residential area in Bangalore Malleshwaram has around 300 years of history. If you are you are looking for German Language classes in Malleshwaram  our Rajajininagr branch would be very close to you, from malleshwarm to Rajajinagar branch would be less than 2 KM