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German online language course for free

Several reputable platforms offer free online German courses for learners of all levels. Duolingo, Babbel, and Deutsche Welle provide interactive lessons covering grammar, vocabulary, and cultural insights. Duolingo offers a gamified approach, while Babbel focuses on conversational skills. Deutsche Welle’s “Nicos Weg” is a comprehensive course with engaging video content. These resources make learning German accessible and enjoyable, providing a solid foundation for language acquisition. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, these platforms offer flexible and cost-free language learning opportunities.

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  1. Duolingo

German online language course for free: Duolingo offers free German classes through the Android or iOS app, Its easy to learn vocabulary, even if you join any paid courses also, this app is of great help for learning the German language. It’s a bit unstructured course but plenty of free content available. click here to learn more.


Its offline dictionary you can translate from English to German & German to English, it gives even sample sentences that will be useful for learning the language. It is more accurate than Google Translate.  For further details click here

  1. Deutsch Lernen

You can find offline news & radio, you can find many videos helpful for learning the German language. Click here  to learn a German language online course for free

German online courses for free

  1. Schreiben B1 zur Prüfung

This app provides German letters for each level, you will get sample letters for all the levels, you need not look into Google for letter samples, and it’s of great help for letter writing.

Schreiben B1 zur Prüfung check out google play store for this app.

  1. Learn German with Jenny

Check this YouTube channel to learn German free of cost,  Many videos are available & you can find an app named Lingoni, you can learn German through this app also. Click here to know more.

A variety of topics available to name a few

  1. Alphabets
  2. Numbers
  3. Everyday useful phrases
  4. Beginner phrases
  5. How to introduce yourself in German
  6. Grammar topics – articles, verbs, adjectives etc
  7. Listening comprehension
  8. Goethe exam preparation etc
  1. Learn German Anja

Check this YouTube channel, you can find many videos available on different topics. Videos are very interesting to learn, topics covered are useful for the day to day life. Click  the web link 

A few topics mentioned for your reference

  1. How to shop for German clothes in German
  2. Don’t say this to a gay person in Germany
  3. I introduce you to my mom
  4. How to learn German with Netflix
  5. 3 best ways to say nice to meet you in German
  6. German prepositions
  7. German Articles
  8. Vocabulary topics etc
  1. Easy German

Easy German YouTube channel gives you very good exposure to the German language If you are planning for a German online language course for free check out this channel for a series of videos. Follow this link for a German online language course for free.

Few video topics are

  1. How to order Coffee in Germany?
  2. 8 things NOT to do in Germany
  3. How to pronounce “CH” in German?
  4. What can you buy with 5€ in Germany?
  5. What’s your favorite country?
  6. How to know a word’s gender
  1. Learn German by watching the movie –“Nicos Weg”

Click to link to watch the movie on Youtube, It’s one of the best content to learn German, you should not miss out on this video series f you are looking for German online language courses for free. You can learn till B1 click the links.  link 1, link 2, link 3.

Hey guys! Do you want to learn German? Once you take up German online classes, to practice more below link will help you to improve your German.

Learning a new language will boost your brain, during the pandemic there is an option available for an individual to learn the German language online. An individual can join German online classes but to improve the language further it is suggested to do some extracurricular activities like word-building games, watching German series, movies, and so on.

This series helps you to learn German A1 level with German online classes, it starts with a simple conversation between Nico, Emma, and Lisa. Nico has come to Germany from Spain to meet his aunt, he meets Emma and Lisa in the Airport, E+

MMA compliments Nico’s bag. As they were busy in conversation Nico’s baggage will get misplaced, by mistake cab driver took Nico’s bag and kept it in a cab with other travelers’ luggage. Nico doesn’t know how to speak German language, so Emma and Lisa help him to find the baggage, during this process, Nico learns basic conversation in German language like how to introduce himself, numbers, and other basic conversation.

While traveling in a car Emma teaches Nico how to introduce herself informally. Later Lisa teaches Nico a formal way of saying one’s name. Through role-play, Lisa & Emma teaches the proper way of saying name and asking others name. They stop the car to fill the gas, Nico sees the taxi in which his bag gets lost place, but he doesn’t find his bag in the taxi. In the same fuel station, Max who is a friend of Lisa meets them. Max introduces himself in German language and asks Nico where he comes from but Nico does not understand what Max is asking, later Emma says she comes from Germany, by observing Emma, Nico tries to speak in German and tells them that he comes from Spain, Max asks him where he lives in Spain, Nico says he lives in Sevilla. Lisa explains to Max the whole scenario of how Nico lost his bag in the airport, Max asks him to call his aunt, but Nico says his phone, aunt’s address, and her telephone number everything is in the bag that he lost. Then Max suggests Lisa take the help of her father as he is a policeman.

Lisa calls her father and she tells him that Nico is in a problem as he lost his bag in the airport, and his passport is also in his bag, but he has his aunt’s photo and he says his aunt runs a bicycle shop. So Lisa’s father suggests they go down to the police station and meanwhile, they search for the address of a lady who has a bicycle shop. Lisa takes Emma to drop her off at a birthday party, on the way Emma teaches Nico numbers in German language.

Watch the complete series of Nico Weg to practice the German language. YouTube videos will only help you to practice the German language, it will not teach you the grammatical part, the only way to learn German is to take up online German classes and simultaneously practice with these videos. German online classes will help you to learn all four modules writing, listening, reading & speaking. Youtube videos will teach you how to speak and listen. Join online German classes for better learning. Happy learning!

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Learn French Online for Free

If you are interested in learning French free of cost click on the link , You can find useful links to learn French on your own.

Can I learn German free of cost?

German online language course for free: Yes, you can theoretically, but if you look at the reality you will have to spend 1000 hours of time to learn till B1 level of German just go through the breakup time required to learn each level. There are six levels in the German language A1, A2, B1, B2, C1& C2, B1 level of proficiency is a lower intermediate level of proficiency.  We have considered till B1 level to proficiency to estimate time.


Time required to learn German Course A1 (online or offline)

German language A1 course

A1 course duration 60 Hours
The time required to complete the Coursebook & worksheets 60Hours
Suggested additional Learning 50Hours
Exam Preparation 30 Hours
Total number of hours required 200 hours


The total number of hours of time required is 200 hours.

The time required to learn German Course A2 (online or offline)

German language A2course

A2 course duration 60 Hours
The time required to complete the Coursebook & worksheets 60Hours
Suggested additional Learning 50Hours
Exam Preparation 30 Hours
Total number of hours required 200 hours


The total number of hours of time required is 200 hours.

The time required to learn German Course B1 (online or offline)

German language B1 course

B1 course duration 80 Hours
The time required to complete the Coursebook & worksheets 80Hours
Suggested additional Learning 60Hours
Exam Preparation 40 Hours
Total number of hours required 260 hours


The total number of hours of time required is 260 hours.

660 hours of time required to learn till B1 to learn the German language if you learning through attending classes. It takes at least 50 % more time to learn German without a trainer so it takes 990 hours of time required to learn the German language course for free do you have 1000 hours of time?

So a total of 1000 hours of dedicated learning is required to learn German till B1 for self-learning.

If you can spend daily 2 hours for around 15 months 6 days a week you will be able to learn German till B1. It looks like a marathon yes it is, such a long journey will become monotonous by sitting alone studying.

What to expect from German online language courses free

German language online courses for free are suitable for housewives, Students & retired people. German language free courses are suitable for travelers to Germany for leisure & holiday or for business meetings.

Students planning for higher studies are recommended to learn through institutes, just for a hobby or survival you can learn something online and manage, looking for certification it will be easy through the institute or through the paid course.

Disadvantages of free German language courses

  • Learning takes a lot of time
  • The chances of learning wrong pronunciation are high
  • You can learn to speak easily if you live in a place where German is spoken, but understanding the grammar, learning to read is difficult.
  • Vocabulary will be limited
  • Understanding technical German will be difficult
  • By learning German language courses free online you cannot understand the culture
  • Learning German free of cost through books & watching videos online you will miss the classroom. It’s always fun to learn a language in the classroom

Is it beneficial to learn German online courses for free?

Yes, learning German through online courses for free can be beneficial, especially if they are well-structured and reputable. There are several advantages to learning German online courses for free:

  • Convenience: German Online courses allow you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home/office. This flexibility is particularly helpful if you have a busy schedule or cannot attend classroom training. 
  • Cost-Effective: Taking German online courses for free eliminate the financial barrier to learning a new language. Many quality resources are available without any cost, making language learning more accessible.
  • Accessibility: Online courses make it easy to access learning materials anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. The Internet is the king of valuable resources available in the fingertips. You need not go to the physical libraries and search for them anymore. 
  • Variety of Resources: Many online platforms offer a variety of resources, including videos, quizzes, interactive exercises, and more. This multimedia approach can make the learning process more engaging and effective. All these online platforms make it easier to learn German online courses for free. 
  • Self-Paced Learning: Taking German Online courses for free often allows for self-paced learning, enabling you to spend more time on challenging concepts or move quickly through material you find easier. This personalized approach can enhance your learning experience.

To learn  German lessons for free it’s important to choose reputable platforms and courses to ensure the quality of your education. Look for courses that provide structured lessons, clear explanations, and opportunities for practice and feedback.

Popular platforms offering free German courses include Duolingo, Deutsche Welle, and BBC Languages. Additionally, websites like Memrise and Open Culture also provide free language learning resources.

While German free online courses can be a great starting point, consider supplementing your learning with other resources such as language exchange programs, conversation practice, and exposure to German media to enhance your overall language skills.


What are the resources available on and off the internet to take German lessons for free?

There are numerous resources available both online and offline to take German lessons for free. Here’s a list of some popular platforms and resources:

Online Resources: Online resources have a vast reach and aid in taking a German online free course 

  • Duolingo:
    • Description: Duolingo offers a gamified language learning experience with a variety of exercises to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. this makes the learning experience for German language-free courses more fun.
  • Deutsche Welle (DW):
    • Description: DW provides a comprehensive online German course for free with video lessons, audio exercises, and interactive tasks. It covers various levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • BBC Languages – German:
    • Description: The BBC provides free German online courses with audio, video, games, and quizzes to help learners at different levels.making learning German lessons for free a bit easier. 
  • Memrise:
    • Description: Memrise uses a combination of video and audio to help you learn vocabulary and phrases in German through a variety of courses.
  • Goethe-Institut:
    • Description: The Goethe-Institut, known for promoting German language and culture, offers free online courses to learn German.
  • Busuu:
    • Description: Busuu offers a language learning platform where you can learn German through interactive lessons, vocabulary exercises, and conversations with native speakers.

Offline Resources:

  • Public Libraries:
    • Many public libraries have language learning resources, including German courses on CDs, DVDs, and textbooks.
  • Language Exchange Meetups:
    • Joining local language exchange meetups or language cafés can provide opportunities to practice German with native speakers.
  • Textbooks:
    • Consider using free textbooks available at your local library or online. Websites like Project Gutenberg may have free German language textbooks.
  • Community Colleges and Adult Education Centers:
    • Some community colleges and adult education centers offer free or low-cost language courses, including German.
  • Podcasts:
    • Listen to German language podcasts for free. Podcasts often cover various topics and can help improve your listening skills.

Remember that combining various resources, both online and offline, can enhance your learning experience. Additionally, practicing with native speakers and immersing yourself in German media, such as movies, music, and news, can further improve your language skills.

Questions on the German online free course

1 What are some of the best resources online to learn German?

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages, Duolingo, memrise, Babbel, FluentU, Youtube.

2 How can I learn  German courses for free online? 

Listen to German radio and podcasts, Watch German TV shows, refer to free German apps, refer to YouTube lessons, self-study with books, and practice daily.

3 Can I learn German online quickly?

Yes with a proper study plan and course materials, consistency, and determination, you can learn the interesting German language quickly. There are 6 levels in German, it takes approximately 2 months to master each level/

4 Is the German language easy to learn online?

Yes, it is relatively easy to learn for English speakers.

5 Can I learn German for free in Germany?

No, it’s not free to learn German methodologically. But it is easier to learn faster by practicing with native speakers. 

6 What free apps can you use to learn German?

Anki, Memrise, wordPic, Babbel, DeutschAkademie, MindSnack’s Learn German, Duolingo.

German online language course for free: Many people visit Germany as a tourist, for business meetings, seminars, etc people who visit Germany for a short-term stay need not be fluent with the language, you will be still curious to know a few phrases & and basic vocabulary to make stay more comfortable. If you are in that category you will not have enough time to study the German language by joining an academy or institute. It may not be required to learn a language for a short-term visit. There are a few ways we are sharing to learn German online language course for free, The Indian institute of Foreign Languages also provides a few courses free of cost, like essential German, Essential French, and communicative English, check out our website homepage section for free German online language courses. Kindly go through a few other free courses which are mentioned below.