Top Ten Benefits of French Language

Top Ten Benefits of French Language

French is one of the most popular and beneficial International languages. If you are a good speaker of French language so you can get the ability to build your prospective future. And also you are able to benefit from increased communication skills, cultural and economic changes.

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1.       An International Language:

From a survey, we have known that more than 200 million people speak this famous French language on the five continents. This is the second most widely learned International language after English and the ninth most widely spoken language worldwide. It is also the only language, equal with English, which is used in every country in the world. France manipulates the biggest international network of cultural organizations, which runs French-language courses for more than 750,000 mentees.


2.       A Language For a Present-Day Job market:

If you have good fluency in French and English so it is a big advantage in the International job market. Comprehension of French opens so many doors for French companies in France and other French-speaking parts of the world such as Belgium, Canada, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, and Switzerland. France is a key of pecuniary partner because it is the world’s fifth-biggest monetary and number-three destination for abroad investment.

3.       The Language of Enlightenment:

This language uses various sectors in the world based on architecture, cooking, dance, fashion, theater and the visual arts. Expert of French language offers a lot of sizeable works of films, as well as literature, songs etc.

4.       A Language for Worldwide Travel:

France is an International tourist destination country and there are more than 70 million visitors visiting a year. A little French formulates it a lot enjoyable to visit Paris and all the provinces of France and proffers insights into French mentality, culture and way of lifestyle. French also comes in handy when you are traveling to Africa, Canada, Seychelles, Monaco, Switzerland and other places.


5.       A Language for Your Higher Education:

Good speaking French opens up your study chances at renowned French schools, universities, and top rank among higher education institutions in Europe Continent and the World. Pupils with the best levels of French are fit for French government scholarship to enroll in Higher education like post-graduate course in France in any stream and qualify for internationally recognized French certificates.

6.       The Other Language of Abroad Relations:

It is both useful for working and official language of the United Nations, NATO, the European Union, Olympic Committee, UNESCO, International Courts and Red Cross. This language belongs to three cities where the EU organizations are headquartered; these are Luxembourg, Brussels  and Strasbourg.


7.       A Language that Opens up the Abroad:

After Spanish, English, is the most used language on the Internet. A capability to understand it gives a different view of the world through communication with French users from all the continents and news from the leading French-language worldwide media such as France 24, TV5, Radio France International.

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8.       A Language That is Whoopee to Learn:

It is an easy language to learn. There are several procedures on the market that make studying French enjoyable for children and adults. It does not take a long time to achieve a higher level where you can speak French.

9.       A Language for Studying Other Languages:

It is a good base for studying other languages such as English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish and Portuguese. Since 50% of English vocabulary is obtained from French.

10.   The Language of Love and Purpose:

Firstly learning French is the delight of studying an affluent, beautiful, melodious language, often this is called the language of love. It is a valuable skill for communication, conversation, and mediation.

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