Study in France: Everything You Should Know

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Study in France: Everything You Should Know

About Studying in France

Do you want to study in a France? Then,  France as an ideal destination for building your academic career. In short, when it comes to visiting a country in Europe for educational purposes, many students prefer France.The key reason for this is France being a student-friendly country. The state-of-the-art academic infrastructure and rich French lifestyle have made France one of the prominent educational hubs in the world.If you opt for studying in one of the French universities or Grandes Écoles, then you can expect loads of opportunities in terms of high-quality education and professional career.

Note that France has collaborations with various industries and so the number of recruitments of candidates in multiple job roles is also high.

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Why should you opt for France for Pursuing Your Higher Studies?

France is a culturally rich country with many academic opportunities for students. Moreover, the quality of education has brought an outstanding reputation to France in the world. So, when it comes to choosing a foreign country with an excellent academic system and career opportunities, France deserves to be ranked on the list.

Not only in educational infrastructure but France is also popular in providing quality provisions to international students in terms of accommodation and healthcare. Moreover, students can also expect to receive discounts on travel, accommodation, or healthcare facilities in France.

What is your plan after completing your higher education? If you choose to study in France, then you would get many career-related opportunities. It is because France houses a lot of world-class organizations that offer excellent career opportunities to competent candidates.

France is home to many world-class institutions, where 250,000+ international students pursue their dreams. Did you know international students make up approx 10% of strength in French universities? Many students are also pursuing Master and Ph.D. degrees in these universities.

Quality education seems not possible without an ideal academic environment. France has evolved as a country with a top-notch educational infrastructure and an academic environment with best-in-class student facilities, eminent faculties, excellent research opportunities, and high-quality lectures.

Benefits of Studying in France

What should be the key considerations for choosing a place for pursuing higher studies? The answer is academic facilities, international reputation, student facilities, career opportunities, etc.

France has fulfilled all the aforementioned criteria, so there is no reason not to prefer France as one of the best educational hubs in the world.

France is home to among the most accessible higher education systems. Moreover, tuition fees of higher education are also low, which has made France an economical educational center for foreign students.

French universities achieve top positions in the global ranking. That means you can easily compete with students of other countries with your acquired knowledge in a renowned French institution.

Do you want to pursue your higher education in business-oriented subjects? Then, France makes a perfect academic destination for you. The country is home to the global business and management study, so you can expect to get wonderful career opportunities by pursuing studies in one of the French business schools.

Study in France: About the Academic Structure

Seventy-one public universities are there in France. All these institutions offer world-class education facilities to all students at budget-friendly fees.

Hence, whether you are a domestic or foreign student, the high-quality French education system would lift your career to a new height. Other than public universities, France also houses a number of renowned private universities or grandes écoles.

The starting and ending months of the academic year in France are September or October and May or June respectively.

However, the academic calendar depends on the respective institution and curriculum. Students have to appear for two semesters segmented by a break in their academic careers in France.

When it comes to opting for the desired course, you would find two major types of courses in French universities. These two courses are sections & labs courses and large lecture courses.

Sections & labs courses are meant for smaller batches of students. These courses are comprehensive by nature, as the curriculum is taught through lectures in great detail. Attendance in labs and sections comes mandatory in these courses. On the other hand, large lecture courses are about taking notes when the professor teaches in the classroom.

Are you going to opt for career-oriented programs in France? Note that some of such programs call for internships and classroom training.

The academic format in French universities is Licence or undergraduate education, Master, and Doctorate. The undergraduate programs come with a duration of six semesters or three years.

On the other hand, Master’s studies cover further four semesters or two years. If you want to pursue Ph.D. in France, you would have to study for additional six semesters or three years.

Every university in France comes with an internship referral system. Moreover, an office dedicated to career services is there in every French university. As a result, students can remain updated about the latest news of internship scopes and job opportunities.

Note that the undergraduate studies come with 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) and the Master’s studies come with 300 ECTS. ECTS enhances the transparency of academic courses. Thus, students can relocate to different countries by having their higher education recognized on a global level.

Study in France as an International Student

Are you not a French citizen? Don’t worry! You would still get loads of outstanding opportunities in terms of education as an international student in France. The French academic infrastructure is among the most flexible and best-in-class ones in the world.

Moreover, international students can also avail scholarships to streamline their academic careers. However, the scholarship eligibility depends on the academic record and the personal interview’s performance during admissions. As a foreign student, you are also allowed to opt for part-time work for a maximum of 964 hours every year.

Some other perks of studying in France for foreign students include discounted accommodation, post-education work visa, excellent visa success rates, and subsidized transportation.

Ideal Candidates to Study in France

Do you want to make your career in one of the fields like business, luxury & brand management, fashion & cookery, or hospitality? Then, you can think about pursuing your higher education in France. French institutions offer a large number of technical, professional, and academic degree programs at cost-effective fees. Hence study in France is economical too.

Moreover, the flexibility of completing Bachelor’s degrees within three years and Master’s degrees within one year has made France one of the most preferred educational hubs in the world.

Besides, as an international student, you may also enroll in a French university without IELTS. There are also great internship opportunities in France in large organizations. You can also pay a visit to the Schengen countries with your French student visa.

Study in France: Build a Bright Future for You

Ambitious students should leave no stone unturned to make their academic careers as great as possible. However, it seems impossible without high-quality academic facilities.

France offers outstanding opportunities to students in terms of education, accommodation, travel, and so on. The country is home to some of the largest enterprises in the world. That means you can expect to have excellent opportunities to accelerate your career growth.

Moreover, France is also an ideal spot for science graduates to furthering their academic careers in advanced research and development. France is a home for cultural heritage and technological marvels! Study in France is more exciting than ever!

Top Universities or Institutions in France

Some of the popular French universities or institutions are:

SKEMA Business School

Rennes School of Business

NEOMA Business School

Institut supérieur d`électronique de Paris

Top Academic Courses in France

Some popular academic courses in France are:

International Business

Fashion Management

International Luxury and Brand Management

Culinary Arts

Some institutions or courses in France need IELTS- or GMAT-qualified students. So, once you shortlist your preferred French institution, check out the eligibility criteria in terms of the qualifying exam.

Fee Structure of Academic Career in France

Opting for studying in France needs you to have a sufficient budget to support your education. French institutions or universities come with a fee structure of 5,000 Euros to 20,000 Euros per year.

The cost of accommodation and day-to-day expenses in France depends on the location. In short, the cost of living in France ranges from approx 600 Euros to 800 Euros every month.

Wrapping Up

Now, you are familiar with the exciting perks and facilities of pursuing higher education in France. The great combination of world-class academic infrastructure and job opportunities would accelerate your career and take your confidence to a new level. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages conducts French classes both online and offline.