French Language Classes in Chennai

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French Language Classes in Chennai

French classes at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages offers best learning programs that are customized for each aspirant. Our training program helps candidate learn basics such as alphabets, vocabulary, everyday phrases to complex topics like grammar tenses and structures.

Best French Training Classes in Chennai

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages is one of the best language training institute that offers finest French classes in Chennai. Here, we practice global teaching approach with expert trainers. Tutors are very friendly, they help and train students to communicate fluently in French with utmost confidence. We provide an excellent platform for students and help them explore the subject from industry standards. IIFL provides flexible timings for students and provides online classes as well. We aim at providing qualitative and joyful learning experience to the students and the professionals.

Why learn French?

French is one of the most prominent language of Indo-European family that descended from Latin language. French is officially spoken in more than 41 countries. French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, ninth most widely spoken language in the world.

In the era of globalization, learning a new language has significant value. It adds great value to your resume, help you find a new job and grow in your career. French companies are key economic partners, command over French language increases job opportunities and salary potential. Also, demand for French acquainted people has augmented at BPOs and KPOs for hospitality, tourism and many other fields. Learning French can help you in business, work, living abroad, travelling, brain training, and learning different culture. Many people also learn French to become a tutor. In many educational institutes there is an inclusion of French language as the secondary language. Knowing French can also help you fetch a job in sectors like Foreign Embassies, Language Interpreter, Corporate Trainer etc.

Why choose French Classes at IIFL in Chennai?

  • Our training program has complete and comprehensive French course modules that are in line with CEFR (Common European Framework of References of Languages) requirements.
  • Our highly skilled training staff has over 10+ years of experience. Their expertise help to train students to learn French seamlessly. Our tutors create a friendly ambience and encourage every candidate so that they get the best of learning.
  • French Language classes in Chennai at IIFL offer interactive trainer led programs which help the student grasp the subject well and get all the queries clarified effortlessly. Also, regular brushing up of concepts covered in the previous session is practiced regularly here that help the students to enhance their learnings.
  • French Language classes in Chennai at IIFL provide various levels of trainings starting from beginners to advanced levels. All certification programs are facilitated with hands on practices. Upon completion of these levels, you can easily interconnect with people and lead your day to day life hassle free.
  • French Language classes in Chennai at IIFL have faculty with both Indian and native Indian trainers. Aspirants have an opportunity to get further guidance from native teachers which gives more confidence to the learners.
  • French Language classes in Chennai at IIFL supports the students to speak, listen, read and write fluently with the help of highly dedicated training team. We give individual attention and encourage each student to speak and enhance their poise. We also conduct group discussions, interactive sessions, and debate among the students to further increase their French language speaking and listening skills.
  • We provide convenient French class batches to accommodate all kind of aspirants- students and professionals. French Language classes in Chennai at IIFL has many batch timings like weekday classes, weekend classes, FastTrack, and online classes. Be available at the institute, or connect from home, get the best services from IIFL.
  • We provide top quality learning experience at the most affordable prices. We assure you that you are satisfied with your money and time invested with us.

French Language Certifications at IIFL in Chennai

  • Beginner’s level [A1 Certification] – This is the basic stage of French language where the student learns to use basic, everyday words and sentences that are required for day to day conversation. After completing the course, the student can build basic dialogues.
  • Intermediate level [A2 Certification] – After completion of this level, candidate will be able to understand sentences attached to themes like family information, personal experiences or immediate surroundings. The student can build sentences and converse with another French speaker related to simple day to day situations.
  • Advance Level [B1 Certification] – After completing this level, the student will be able to read small texts or books on simple themes and concerns. Also, the candidate will be able to put forward their opinion on many debatable topics.
  • Advance Level [B2 Certification – This is one of the major level in French language. After completing this level, the student will be able to understand thematic issues of simple and complex texts. After completing this level, he/she will be able to converse fluently with native French speakers.
  • Proficiency Level [C1 Certification] – In this level, the student can easily read and speak longer and challenging texts. Students can get familiar with scientific books along with other literary books. The student also acquire effectiveness and flexibility to converse and write in the field of his specialization.
  • Master Level [C2 Certification] – This is the highest level of certification that basically focus on brushing up the skills of the students. At this level, the trainer acts as a moderator. The arbitrator help the student to acquire that level where the student can effortlessly understand everything he/she reads or hears.

French Classes in Chennai at IIFL Academy provides you a holistic training of the French language and its structure under the training of specialized tutors. By the end of this French Language Classes in Chennai at IIFL institute, you will be capable of clearing the global certification exam successfully.

IIFL is thrilled by excellence, proficiency and professionalism. We are committed in our work and take real pride in what we do. IIFL in Chennai has successfully trained over thousands of professionals and students. Our way of training has always encouraged students to enjoy the courses and gain the expertise!