What is the benefit of learning Spanish

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Spanish Language

 About Spanish language:

  • Spanish language is a part of the Indo – European romance languages. Today around 483 million native speakers are there mainly in Spain and South America. Learning Spanish is quite popular.
  • Spanish is widely spoken language in the world after English, French, Mandarin language. learning Spanish  is now essential to open the gate of wider opportunities.
  • It is widely spoken in Spain, UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Gibraltar and other countries.
  • Spain is located Southwestern Europe, North Atlantic Ocean, South west France, Madrid is the Capital of Spain.
  • Spanish is very easy language to learn and pronounce words and many words and expression in common in other language and it is derived from Latin language.

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What is the benefit of learning Spanish

What is the benefit of learning Spanish?

If you know the Spanish language it makes you employable. Spanish is also one of the best languages in United Nation. Economically developed country and Spain is the 14th highest for GDP in the world.

Spanish is widely spoken language around 483 million native speaker all over the world. It is also the official language in 21 countries.

If you want travel Spain, Switzerland, UK and some south American countries like Argentina, Mexico etc, learning Spanish language is help you more.

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Learn Spanish in Banashankari

Comparing to the other European languages such as German, French and Portuguese, Spanish is the easiest, curious and an interesting language. If you know Spanish language fluently, can get good job in this competitive world. Once you have learned Spanish language, it realize you how helpful in business, job whether it is in European countries, India, South America or some other countries.

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D.E.L.E this official exam granted by Spanish’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. As per CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) there are 6 standard levels in Spanish language. For testing purpose Spanish language commonly registered in E.L.E, L.E, S.I.E.L.E exams.

  •  E.L.E – Diplomas de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera (Issued by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of Spanish Ministry of Education and Science)
  • I.E – Diploma Internacional de Espanol (Issued by Instituto Hispania
  • SIELE(Launching in 2016)– Servicio Internacional de Evaluacion de la Lengua Espanola – (Issued by Instituto Cervantes in liaison with Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México)

What you will learn Spanish in which level?

Learning Spanish at A1 Level

In the very basic level A1, you will be taught about the very basic  Alphabets, Numbers, Colours, Shapes, Vegetables and Directions..

You can be able to speak in simple sentences like “who are you”, “why did you Come here”, etc.

You can introduce yourself to others and ask about them like “where does he / she lives”  “people he/she knows” etc.

You can respond to expressions of Greetings and Farewell.

You can interact with shopkeepers and vendors.

You can acquire basic knowledge about vocabulary related to family and household etc.

You can identify the name of countries, places in Spanish.

You can write postcards, letters, E-mails explaining your experience during your holidays.

The approximate duration of this level is 60 hours.

Learning Spanish at Level A2

It’s a little advanced level compared to A1, wherein you will be able to express your like Likes and Dislikes, hobbies, education, childhood memories etc. in a grammatical manner.

You can express your feelings of hunger, thirst, hot and cold.

You can react to feelings of sadness, happiness, fear etc.

You can ask or give directions to any place.

You can follow signboards and understand the Newspaper ads, instruction manual etc.

The approximate duration of this level would be 60 hours.

Learning Spanish at Level B1

In this level, you can listen and discuss any known topic with peers, classmates and friends when spoken at a normal speed.

Can take part in Group Discussions with native speakers at a normal conversation.

You can narrate small stories and recollect any daily incidences like a sports event or a movie recently watched.

You can understand text of varying length with or without the assistance of a Dictionary.

You can talk and write opinion about  matters related to pollution, people, culture, education, unemployment, Government, politics etc.,

This will take approximately 70 hours.

Learning Spanish at Level B2

The 100 hour B2 level will make you  understand  ideas related to complex text on specialized topics related to Technology, Science, Education etc.,

You can express and Interact spontaneously with native speakers without any strain.

You can create grammatically clear text on a wide range of topics.

Learning Spanish at Level C1 & C2

In this very advanced C1 & C2 levels, you can read, write and understand a wide range of complex and lengthy text.

You can communicate in the language efficiently for Social, Academic and Professional purposes.


learning Spanish is interesting at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages Bangalore