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Tools available for Online German Classes

Online German Classes:

there are several tools available for Online German Classes few tools are mentioned below for your reference

  1. Live interactive classes
  2. Ebooks & Online content
  3. YouTube
  4. Mobile applications
  5. Online courses
  6. Blogs & Websites
  7. Dictionaries
  8. Social networking

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There are several tools available for learning the German language online. Which one is the best method, A research paper published by Shazi Shah Jabeen, and Ajay Jesse Thomas on “Effectiveness of Online Language Learning” concludes that language learning by instructor lead courses is far more effective than web-based applications Download the research paper for your reference Effectiveness of German Online Classes

Online German Classes review

You can find 100s of online courses just if you search “Online German classes” Review of a few courses mentioned below for your reference

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages

  1. Free trail Online German classes available
  2. Paid Interactive & Live classes
  3. Highly effective pricing EUR 2-3 per Hour. Speak to our support team for offers
  4. Study Material – Hard copies of textbooks & work Books will be given to each & every student enrolling for the Online German Course
  5. Instructor-driven live interactive sessions. Recorded versions not available
  6. Teaching methodology- Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening all the modules are covered. It’s virtual classrooms
  7. Live classroom training is available in Bangalore India.
  8. WhatsApp, Call & email support are available
  9. Offers German courses from A1- C1 level
  10. Small Batch size usually a group of 4 to 6
  11. Exams conducted at the end of the course and a Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the German Online course
  12. Flexible batch timings available for German Online Courses

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Learn German Easily

  1. Free and paid both versions of German online Courses are available
  2. Free Email German course is available
  3. Paid story lessons set available at EUR 59.95. offers will be available check out website for more details about German Online Classes
  4. Teaching methodology- Recorded interactive story lessons.
  5. Recorded or live – Recorded sessions. No live instructor leads live Online German Classes
  6. Level of German Proficiency- A1-B1(Beginners to Intermediate )
  7. No support community, Email support is available if you choose Online German classes from Learn German Easily
  8. No Mechanism to track your progress you might get distracted easily
  9. Flexibility with respect to timings you can learn German at your convenience time
  10. Easy & fun way to learn German from “Learn German Easily”.

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  1. Mobile App & Desktop Version both available
  2. It’s paid program, with very limited access for free.
  3. The paid version is available. The paid version for lifetime access costs USD. 95.76(As of March 2022). Check out the website for offers
  4. A recorded version of German Online classes
  5. OUINO programs include 1000 exercises & over 400 lessons
  6. Teaching methodology – Watch recorded videos & learn Verbs & conjugations, Vocabulary and pronunciation, and Conversations. These are called Building blocks
  7. You can start from anywhere its nonlinear program like you can start from grammar, vocabulary, conjugations, pronunciation & grammar depending upon your interest.
  8. OUINO gives great support
  9. Fee refund within 60 days (please refer to the OUINO website for further details)
  10. English Subtitles available for videos it’s of great help for beginners, who just started online German classes


  1. Through this program, you can learn from German level A1 –B2 (Beginner to Intermediate)
  2. Mode of teaching: Recorded videos and interactive exercises
  3. German online course is very easy & fun
  4. Lingoni pricing for online classes starts from EUR.49 for three months, and EUR 119 for 12 months, for a lifetime online German language course price is EUR 349. For more details about German online courses from the Lingoni app please refer to their website. Prices mentioned here for German online classes are as on March 2022
  5. There are about 700 videos, 140 Podcasts, and many more worksheets & exercises are available
  6. Pronunciation practice is available, you have to listen to the conversation & record your conversation compare it later, it’s an automated program
  7. No automatic renewal, you can choose to renew or not depending upon your interests
  8. No one to one or live classes are available with Lingoni
  9. Ligoni is a web program no mobile application is available
  10. You cannot skip lessons, you will have to follow the order


  1. Yabla is an online platform for learning the German language online & contains endless videos & interactive exercises
  2. You can signup for free email lessons
  3. 15-day free trial version is available
  4. Paid version costs for German online classes are USD 12.95 per month, USD 54.95 for six months & Annual USD 99.95. Refer website for updated pricing.
  5. Teaching methodology: recorded videos & interactive exercise
  6. Videos are created by native German trainers
  7. Phrase repeat feature is available at yabla German online classes
  8. Fill in the blanks & listening games available
  9. Limited videos available for free
  10. No interactive sessions
  11. No podcasts


  1. GermanPod101 is a web-based program for learning the German language online. These classes are available on mobile applications & even on the desktop version is available
  2. Premium version starts from USD 6.90 per month & Premium Plus starts from USD 15.78 per month. This pricing is on March 2022, If you want to know the updated pricing please refer to the GermanPod101 website
  3. Premium Plus allows one-to-one discussions with the trainer
  4. Even you get videos related to German culture also
  5. There is no forum for GermanPod 101

Looking for Online German classes? Here’s what you as a beginner should understand

Learning another language can feel pretty intimidating if you only speak one. Each language has its specific rules and patterns.

There are certain things a beginner must understand about a particular language before starting to learn it. This can really make the learning process more efficient and productive.

In this article, we will be talking about those things as it pertains to taking an online German language course. So, let’s get started.

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Learn What you Aim to Be- The German Course Online Defines Passion

The biggest factor to consider in learning a foreign language is motivation. It is the personal interest that reinforces you to reap the unique challenges and advantages of learning German.

Even if you start to browse tons of resources on the internet, language enthusiasts should make informed decisions. Depending on the learner’s specific needs, the selection of the specific method is important. As the newbies decide to opt for German courses online, they need to dive into how much language knowledge they want to take.

Those who want to polish their skills enormously and shape a bright future, no matter what aspirants have plenty of ways to learn the language. It is better not to marry professional and personal choices of a language for which learners embrace the effectiveness of learning.

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Speak German Fluently

Do you believe that while juggling with scheduled tasks, you can manage to fast-track the speaking method? Ditch the traditional method of learning and choose the method that suits you the most. By following the particular method, individuals can answer the question-’how to learn German?’

To practise audio-based learning and ease the listening lessons, the Michel Thomas method is worth following. With the advanced process of memorizing vocabulary, learners take the interest in audio-based learning. To start an introduction to the language and speaking right away, is the best way to start with.

What Really Affects How Quickly You Learn German?

There’s no accurate timeline for how long it would take for an individual to learn a language. As with other skills, the rate at which one learns German depends on multiple factors, including the following:

Germanic Languages

German and English are a part of the Germanic language family, which means they share similar characteristics. The grammar structure of English and German is the same, meaning you can translate a word and put it in the same word order without changing the sentence.

A Roman language (like French) requires English speakers to study grammar and feminine/masculine conjugation before a sentence can even start to make sense.

That is why English speakers will learn German much faster than French. In fact, on average, it takes a native English speaker about 750 hours (31 weeks) to become fluent in German.

What is the Syllabus?

 After enrolling in German learning classes, every learner enjoys knowing about the teaching content provided by mentors. To have a better understanding of the course, every aspirant is keen to have insight into the international syllabus.

Today, professionals want to attempt to comprehensive course curriculum comprising different subjects. Internet usage is speeding up the entire learning process. Hence, the online teaching method is enabling German professionals to update course modules. To keep afloat with the latest learning technique, mentors add some valuable means to the existing German language syllabus.

Method of learning

Techniques and methods used in German online classes are more beneficial to the learning process than the time one puts in.

The most effective way to improve communication skills is by speaking to a native German speaker. Online language learning classrooms where you can practice pronunciation with native speakers are quite valuable.

That doesn’t mean that watching movies, reading textbooks, or using mobile apps isn’t practical, but it won’t produce fast results. As you become more familiar with the language, you effectively hone your reading and listening skills.

Learning schedule of an online German language course

Learning a new skill requires mileage and repetition. Both require commitment and a lot of time in the long haul. How many hours your language learning course makes you dedicate to the process is crucial.

You need to make language learning a priority and consistently dedicate your time during the week to brush up on your skills, even if you are fluent. If you don’t speak it enough, you will eventually lose it.

Proficiency level

Becoming 100% proficient in any language is virtually impossible, more so in German. Germanic languages are famous for adding certain words pertaining to certain feelings. “Wanderlust,” a famous German word meaning “a strong desire to travel,” is a fine example of this phenomenon.

While looking for German online classes, one must understand the level of proficiency they are striving for. What’s the purpose here? Is it to travel? To get employment in Germany? To translate books from German to English?

While they are all great reasons to learn German, they all require a different level of fluency. As German is one of the most valuable languages, conversational German may not be your ceiling. The more German you learn, the more opportunities you will have.


It all comes down to this question, really. How serious are you about taking an online German language course? If you are not serious, pushing past the complex parts of language learning will be a tall order. As with other skills, you will lose momentum, and the number of words you learn per day will grind to a halt. How are you going to deal with it?

Moreover, your ability to learn a language can be affected by learning disabilities. For instance, Dyslexia and ADHD can cause you to take twice as long to learn German.

However, one must not get discouraged. With a little more practice than your peers, it’s still possible to teach yourself a new skill regardless of the learning obstacles.

Online German Classes

Is it possible to learn German by myself? What are some books I can use?

Absolutely. It’s not rocket science. It’s just putting new knowledge in your brain and preserving it there. The fact is, learning German isn’t as difficult as its reputation warns.

German is closely related to English. They belong to the same language family called West Germanic. The two languages share a similar alphabet, common words and sentence structures. So, if you already know English, learning German on your own won’t be hard at all.

Here are some books one can refer to for German learning:

  • Living German by Ed Swick
  • German Made Simple: Learn to Speak and Understand German Quickly and Easily by Eugene Jackson and Adolph Geiger
  • Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage (Fifth Edition) by Professor Martin Durrell
  • Learn German with Stories: Café in Berlin by André Klein

That being said, if you truly want to be fluent and efficient in German, you must take German online classes from a reputed language learning institute.

Can I learn German B1-C1 level by myself?

To answer this question, let’s understand what we are dealing with first. When you choose to learn the German language, you will find that there are different levels to it.

A1: The lowest of the 6 levels; A1 provides a basic understanding of the grammar and vocabulary.

A2: Leveling up, A2 enables learners to begin to express themselves with rather complex vocabulary and sentences.

B1: B1 includes a lot more grammar along with extended discussions (often about current events). It is generally divided into B1.1 and B1.2.

B2: B2 enables students to strengthen the fundamentals of good written and spoken German. Here, concepts pertaining to education, politics, and work are introduced. Sentence structuring becomes much more important at this level.

C1: Learners gain a deeper understanding of reading complex German sentences. Acquiring this certificate will enable the learner to read Goethe with ease.

Now, think about the basic understanding one must have to be able to dive into B1, and the level of knowledge required to reach to C1. Simply put, it may not be wise to learn German level B1-C1 all by yourself.

Take German online classes from reliable institutes if you really want to master the language.

What is the best online place to learn German?

In my opinion, the best place to take German online classes is the Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (IIFLS). Here’s why?

When it comes to learning German, learners gain hands-on experience in reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. Learners acquire the relevant skills pertaining to business communication and learn to communicate effectively.

The German course is specifically designed as per the market standards. The industry-focused curriculum here at IIFLS, provides comprehensive learning, enabling an individual to meet present as well as future demands.

For more information, visit their website.

How can I learn German online?

When you take up German online classes from trusted institutes, more often than not, they will focus on 3 things in particular.

Expanding the vocabulary: It is very important, particularly in the initial stages, for both comprehension and speaking.

Basic Grammar: And how it behaves in different linguistic contexts, cases, and conjugations.

Speaking regularly: Finding partners that will help you improve your language skills.

One can certainly learn German online effectively. Just look out for an institute that focuses on the above-mentioned aspects the most.

Online German Course at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages How it is different than other institutes?

  • Online German Course at our Institute led by certified trainers & conducted in good learning ambiance.
  • We deliver our promises like the online German Course at our institute for Level A1 is for 60 hours. We always deliver 60 hours of classes. Students can track the number of hours through our student portal & everyday student gets a notification through SMS.
  • Even though you are going through an Online German Course, you get a hard copy of the study material which is worth Rs.1000. It helps a lot for you to learn a new language through books
  • Our Online German courses are live classes

The trend in Online German classes

Since the pandemic started, the trend of Online German classes has been gaining tremendous popularity across the globe. Learning German wherever and whenever you want can make you proficient in the German language in a short amount of time.

Earlier, it was mostly the Italians, Spaniards, and Greeks forming their career in this language but now, many people worldwide are opting for online German classes so that they can get better growth opportunities and enhance their careers.

Why do people choose online German classes?

With the massive surge of prospects in the education as well as business sectors, online German classes have gained a lot of attractiveness in the last few decades.

However, it’s not just about careers; people find the language quite intriguing for other reasons as well. For instance – the unique letter, reliable rules, and 3 genders; the German language can describe things for which the other languages have no words.

It is the perfect language for professional and personal growth.

What are the advantages of studying German courses?

There are many advantages to taking online German classes. People have some misconceptions about the German language so it’s important to know how valuable it is.

  • It is easy to learn or acquire the language Many people think that learning German might be tough but that’s actually not true. German is one of the easiest languages to learn, especially for people who know how to speak English. It shares many similarities with some other languages as well. Hence, there isn’t really a new alphabet to learn in this language.
  • A common language of innovators and inventors in Germany is famously known as the Land of Poets and Thinkers. It is valuable because it is the most common language used by innovators and investors.
  • A gateway to diversity The education sector of German spoken nations is quite diverse. By taking Online German classes, more foreigners are looking to enroll in German schools now, adding to the educational and cultural diversity.
  • Learn from your place: online classes can be attended from any part of the world so need not travel to the institute for classes.
  •  Time : In cities like Bangalore, Travelling consumes a lot of time due to traffic so traveling time can be saved, If you are opting for online classes you can invest the traveling time in learning the language
  • Price: Students who are in Germany can attend classes from India it saves a lot of money
  •  The flexibility of batch timings: some online classes will be in the early morning or late evening, if you are a working professional you can choose classes that fit into your schedule.

What do I learn at each level and proficiency level that I achieve?

German Online Classes