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Learn Spanish prepositions

Spanish for beginners:- Topics included

Prepositions and how to differentiate the use of similar ones.

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Learn Spanish prepositions

Prepositions are essential in any language as they help establish relationships between different elements in a sentence. In Spanish, prepositions are no different. Here are some common Spanish prepositions and their meanings:

Learn Spanish prepositions

  1. A – To, at, for
    • Voy a la tienda (I’m going to the store).
    • Estudiamos a las 3 (We study at 3 o’clock).
  2. En – In, on, at
    • Vivo en Madrid (I live in Madrid).
    • El libro está en la mesa (The book is on the table).
  3. Con – With
    • Salgo con mis amigos (I go out with my friends).
    • Ella come con su familia (She eats with her family).
  4. De – Of, from
    • El libro de Juan (Juan’s book).
    • Soy de México (I’m from Mexico).
  5. Para – For, to
    • Esto es para ti (This is for you).
    • Estudiamos para aprender (We study to learn).
  6. Por – For, by, through
    • Lo hice por ti (I did it for you).
    • Viajamos por Europa (We travel through Europe).
  7. Sobre – On, about
    • El libro está sobre la mesa (The book is on the table).
    • Hablamos sobre el proyecto (We talk about the project).
  8. Tras – After, behind
    • Corrió tras el autobús (He ran after the bus).
    • Está tras la puerta (It’s behind the door).
  9. Bajo – Under, beneath
    • El gato está bajo la cama (The cat is under the bed).
    • Pasamos bajo el puente (We pass beneath the bridge).
  10. Sin – Without
    • Prefiero café sin azúcar (I prefer coffee without sugar).
    • No puedo vivir sin ti (I can’t live without you).
  11. Entre – Between, among
    • El libro está entre los otros libros (The book is among the other books).
    • Había una amistad entre ellos (There was a friendship between them).
  12. Hacia – Toward, to
    • Caminamos hacia el parque (We walk toward the park).
    • Viajamos hacia el sur (We travel to the south).
  13. A través de – Through
    • Cruzamos el río a través de un puente (We crossed the river through a bridge).
    • La información se difunde a través de Internet (Information spreads through the internet).

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These are just a few common Spanish prepositions, but there are many more in the language. Learning and mastering the use of prepositions is essential for forming grammatically correct and coherent sentences in Spanish. Practice and exposure to the language will help you become more comfortable with their usage.

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