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Learn French online: Either you will be looking to learn French free or French paid courses, we will guide you in this article for both of your choices. At Indian institute of Foreign languages, we have plenty of options for you to learn either for free or paid. If you are looking to learn French online, we have shared few possible websites, video links, free courses, paid courses details. Hope it will be useful for you to learn French online.

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How many Levels do I need to learn? 

Students The recommended level of French learning for students is B1. But B2 would be really useful.  If you are planning to study in French-speaking country Learning French becomes very much useful in finding internships & jobs. Many French universities offer very good courses in the domain of management, hospitality & travel, Aerospace, technology related courses. Learning French useful to find your Internship, Full time job
Tourists If you know English you can manage to travel in France. If you want to understand French culture & life style it’s recommended to learn at least A2 level. So that you can build rapport with French speaking people & connect to them. Your stay would be comfortable.
Business Purpose Learning business etiquette is very important if you are dealing with French speaking people, You may get more sales by speaking French language because you will be able to understand people deeply and prepare your solution for customers so that French speaking people may buy products & services. Its recommend to learn till B1. Speaking good French always advantageous to get more business

Learn French Online

Benefits of learning French

  1. French spoken across five continents, More than 300 million people speak French across the world.
  2. Tourist destination: France attracts more than 87 million people every year. It is the most visited place by tourists in the world
  3. France offers many good courses at the master’s degree level even at Bachelor’s level.
  4. Culture: France has its unique culture learning French would make it easy to understand French culture
  5. French is called as language of love, it has melodious sounds
  6. In international relations, French is the official language of the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, Red Cross, international courts, International Olympic Committee. Don’t you think learning French online is useful French online classes

How to learn French online for free?

If you are looking for French online classes for free, we have a few offers for you

  1. French online courses for free at the Indian Institute Foreign Languages portal
  2. Free Webinars

French online courses for free

We are offering free French online courses, to access to these courses you will have to log in to our student portal if you are new student signup if you are an existing student login to the portal, and access our course. This course will be available for users from January 30 2021. We will be updating every 3 months a new course you can come back to our portal and learn French for free. These course are recorded classes with examinations at the end of each chapter and at the end of the course. The first we are uploading is Essential French. It will be live from the 31st of January.

Essential French: Will be coming shortly

Free Webinars
We have conducted a series of webinars, these webinars are live classes covered by our trainers recorded webinars are shared below, and you can register for all upcoming webinars for free. To register for upcoming webinars please log in to our portal and register.

  1. Learn to talk about food in French
  2. Learn to talk about hobbies in French

Learn French Online for Free –Websites, YouTube links, Mobile apps

YouTube channels to Learn French online for free

If you are planning to learn French online you can not miss out on YouTube. YouTube gives you lot of video content to learn French online. We have shared a few channels for your reference, you can explore plenty of channels available you can choose videos of your choice to learn French online.

  1. You Learn French

Topics covered in this YouTube channel are very useful to learn French online. Topics are as mentioned below

  1. French vocabulary and Expressions at schools
  2. Order at restaurant
  3. Vocabulary & Expressions at hospital
  4. Greetings in French

2. Learn French with FrenchPod101.com

 In this channel, you can find many topics for beginner-level French. Videos in this channel are as  mentioned below

  1. Survival French

There are many videos related to how to say thank you in French, how to say welcome in French, how to say please

  1. French Vocabulary

In this playlist you can find videos about French vocabulary, these videos are very useful to understand basic French. This video vocabulary is useful for learning French online

  1. French Learning Strategies & tips

Every language is unique, and every language learning needs different strategies here you can find many strategies to learn French & you can find few motivational topics to motivate yourself to learn French.

  1. How to introduce yourself
  2. Talking about occupations
  3. Grammar topics
  4. French culture
  5. French pronunciation

3. Learn French With Alexa

One of the good YouTube channels for learning French online

Video topics available

  1. Practice French alphabets
  2. Numbers in French
  3. Greetings in French
  4. How to talk about yourself
  5. How to describe your best friend
  6. Vocabulary
  7. Describe your house
  8. Days in French
  9. The French months of week

4. Learn French With Vincent

The list of videos available on this channel is as mentioned below

  1. 3000 French Phrases
  2. Learn French phrases while you sleep
  3. Learning French made it easy
  4. Beginner Exercises
  5. Numbers
  6. Professions

5. Easy Languages

click here to know more

6. Apprendre le français avec HelloFrench

Mobile apps to Learn French online free

There are plenty of mobile applications available, these apps are of great help for practicing. These apps are of great help to learn French online. Download these apps and start your journey of learning, Few apps are free & few apps have both free and paid subscriptions, choose a suitable app for French learning online.

  1. Duolingo
  2. 500 French Conversations
  3. Mango Languages French
  4. Rosetta Stone
  5. Pro Language’s French English Translator
  6. Busuu
  7. MindSnacks
  8. Memrise

Websites to Learn French online free

You can browse these websites to Learn French online for free

  1. https://www.lawlessfrench.com/
  2. https://www.bonjourdefrance.co.uk/
  3. http://ww12.learnfrenchlab.com/
  4. https://www.canalplus.com/divertissement/
  5. http://secouchermoinsbete.fr/

Frequently asked questions: Learn French online 

What is the best way to learn French online?

Best way to learn any language is

  1. Having a purpose for learning – What is your purpose of learning decides your learning effectiveness
    1. If you have a stronger purpose and necessity you learn it quickly
    2. If your purpose is backed by career, Business, or relationship requirements you will learn quickly- If your spouse is a French-speaking person, chances are high you will learn French faster, If you are a student studying in France you are looking for an internship or job you will be highly motivated, if there is a requirement to learn a language you will have a deadline and strong purpose will help you learn faster.
    3. Best way to learn French online is to have clear purpose, having clarity on why you are learning
  2. Researches shows that learning any language happens through reading, Writing, speaking & listening
    1. Language acquisition by listening 45 %
    2. Language acquisition by Speaking is 30%
    3. Language acquisition by reading 15 %
    4. Language acquisition by writing is 10%

We can clearly understand that 75 % of language acquisition is through listening and speaking. Now you know what to do, Focus on watching movies, and Web series, Beginner can start with watching some documentaries, Listening to News channels, and listening to the radio, many youtube channels provide a lot of video content so you can focus on listening to French as much as possible, Whatever the new words sentences, phrases you learn while watching movie or while listening to radio. Try to use those words in your day to day life this will be of great help. Speaking you can start easily, learn a few phrases and start repeating them, you will need a person to speak to you, find friends who know French and start conversing with them in French. If you are in a French-speaking country start speaking to shopkeepers in French. You can find hundreds of ways to listen to French and use it in day to day life. Reading and writing cannot happen without the help of a tutor. So if you want to learn reading & writing please join the academy and start learning the language.

What are the best resources for learning French, such as videos, audio, podcasts, and grammar resources?

In this article we have recommended many free & paid resources to learn French online, we have mentioned YouTube links, websites, mobile applications etc. Hope these resources may help you to learn French.

How can I learn French in 3 months?

Learning French in 3 months is completely not possible, you can choose the amount of time and money you can spend in these three months. If you are willing to spend you can choose paid courses and learn quickly or if you have plenty of time to spend you can choose to learn by yourself, learning by yourself you can learn very basics to progress further you might need a trainer’s help.

If you have three months’ time you can learn up to two levels max. Level A1 takes around 2 months, A2 takes around two months.  In three months you can learn A1 complete and A2.1. Half of the A2 level you can learn.

What are some basic tips to learn French quickly?

  • Study motivated
  • Be a child – Speak as much as possible don’t worry about your mistakes
  • Be curious
  • Hard Work
  • Dedication
  • Being in French-speaking country or environment

What is the best online free French language learning resource?

In this article we have mentioned a few online resources to learn French online, there are plenty of websites provides materials for learning French online

What are some basic tips to learn French quickly?

Tips for learning French online

  1. Stay motivated
  2. Choose the right institute or tutor who can teach you French quickly
  3. Make use of materials available online
  4. Make a note of every word you hear in French and use it in your day to day life
  5. Watch French web series
  6. Have friends who speak French
  7. Watch French movies on Netflix
  8. Set a target to learn – for example set a target to clear A1 level certification exam after two months, you will defiantly start working towards to it and if you have to clear exam you must dedicate time, setting a target will give you the motivation to learn

What is the best website that teaches you French for free?

We have mentioned few websites for learning French online, you can have a look at them.

French Course levels

French classes be classified into 6 different levels, you need not to learn all the levels, depending upon your objective, depending upon the time available for your learning you can choose how many levels you can learn. These levels are as mentioned below

A1 Starter Basic Level
 A2 Elementary
 B1 Intermediate Intermediate Level
B2 Upper-Intermediate
C1 Expert Advanced Level
 C2 Mastery

Learn French online Level A1

We have mentioned few resources to learn French at free of cost, if you are looking for paid courses we have mentioned details below

Level A1


Course duration 60 Hours
Course fee Rs.13800 (as on December 2020)

Call us for updated fee

Study Material Included  in the fee

Learning outcome of French online course Level A1


(Outcome of French online course)

You will be able to read simple text and phrases written in simple language, You will be able to read elementary school books, and you will be able to read and understand vocabulary related to day to day activities. You will be able to read the sign board and understand direction signs.

(Outcome of French online course)

You will be able to fill out application forms in French language, You will be able to write an email to a friend to invite a birthday party. You will be able to write a leave application. You will be able to use simple sentence & very limited vocabulary

(Outcome of French online course)

You will be able to introduce yourself and speak about your hobbies profession, Speak about your family and friends, food habits and any other topics related to day-to-day life. By completing the French online course Level A1 you will be able to ask directions give directions to a French native speaker if a native French person speaks slowly.

(Outcome of French online course)  

You will be able to understand announcements in railway station, and airports, able to understand documentary movies in French with subtitles in English.

Learn French online Level A2

French online course Level A2 details are as mentioned below.

Level A2


Course duration 60 Hours
Course fee Rs.13800 (as on December 2020)

Call us for an updated fee

Study Material Included  in the fee

Learning outcome of French online course Level A2


(Outcome of French online course)

Able to read magazines & news headlines but will not able to understand the news on complex topics, able to understand simple text on TV, Newspaper, or any other media

(Outcome of French online course)

Able to communicate in work environment about day to day activities, able describe about people and about past. You can reply to mails with simple text & sentences. In A1 level you will be able to use sentences only related to present tense but in A2 you can write about past also

(Outcome of French online course)

Able to introduce yourself in an work environment, you can socialize with French speaking people even though its sufficient to speak fluently & build rapport, you will be able to communicate about work, holiday, hobbies, family, about speak about past . Your fluency of speaking will not be there, expected to make grammatical mistakes often.

(Outcome of French online course)  

You will be able to understand conversations about work, family, current affairs, food , hobby but the accuracy of understanding will not be there, you will not be get the feeling and emotions or context in which the words are spoken. Able to understand News, movies with subtitles, Web Series with subtitles

Learn French online Level B1

French online course Level B1 details are as mentioned below.

Level B1
Course duration 80 Hours
Course fee Rs.18800 (as on December 2020)

Call us for updated fee

Study Material Included  in the fee

Learning outcome of French online course Level B1


(Outcome of French online course)

Able to read text in any form and able to understand the meaning of it.   B1 level is not sufficient to understand the text related to scientific, Poetry or in depth literature, But you will be able to read text related to day to day life, Work, family, simple political, cultural , economic related text.

(Outcome of French online course)

Able to reply to emails in work related environment, Able to write complaints, able to draft letters. Limitation of this level is that you will not be able to able write reports, your writing might have grammatical errors and will not able to be write text to influence and motivate

(Outcome of French online course)

You will be able to speak and socialize with French speaking people, able to speak about work, routine activities, about simple topics about politics, socio economic related topics, fluency & vocabulary will be limited.

(Outcome of French online course)  

You will be able understand conversations in work environment like attending meetings, Web conference able to understand speech in French language but conversations in Neutral accent can be understood. Conversations with local accents will be difficult to understand in this level. Depth of understand and accuracy of understand is better compared to basic levels but may not be sufficient.

Advantages of Learning French online

  1. Travel time: If you choose to learn French online you will save lot of time in travelling, in turn you can utilize that time for learning French. Usually commuting time will be half n hour to one hour, sometimes just going and coming to institute or academy would take up to 2 hours.
  2. Money: If you choose to learn French online you might save some money because you can choose an institute anywhere in the world and you might get better courses at best price. If you are looking for classroom training you will have pay the fee the institute which is near to you offers.
  3. Best tutors: If you decided to Learn French online you will have option to choose best tutors, like you can choose tutor from any part of the country and world. You might find best tutor and good teaching methodology.
  4. Online resources: Lot of study material available online, many free courses are also available you can explore good study material. Even if you join classroom training you will have access to these resources.
  5. Networking : With online courses, your classmates can be different part of the world so you will get a chance to learn in an international students, that gives a great exposure to different culture and life style.

Disadvantages of Learning French online

  1. Fatigue & stress : Online classes might increase stress levels because now days people are using electronic gadgets a lot , and online classes would increase your screen time
  2. You need additional electronic devices & good internet connection
  3. When you choose to Learn from an institute or academy whenever you are in the institute you will be away from your family and work so that you can learn peacefully, at home or at office you may not get the privacy for learning
  4. Learning French in classroom can be a fun & easy
  5. All the not comfortable with technology, If you are one among them you will have to choose for classroom training
  6. Online classes are new and still long way to go to make it perfect or better there is lot scope for online courses to improve upon