Benefits Of Watching Anime When Learning Japanese

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Benefits Of Watching Anime When Learning Japanese

Anime is a worldwide sensation today. It is an awesome source to learn about Japanese culture and language. In most cases, the anime creators try to show their foreign audiences the beauty of Japanese cities. And it is true in most cases especially when it comes to the delicious food, scenery, clean neighborhoods, and wonderful people. Here we discuss some of the benefits of watching anime when learning Japanese.

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For someone looking to take up a Japanese course, watching anime can help speed up the process in a lot of ways. Let’s take a look.

Benefits of watching anime are:

Enrich your vocabulary

Japanese is a difficult language to learn, particularly if the learner is trying to memorize the words. There are many Japanese dictionaries out there that contain almost every word, however, it would take an incredible amount of time and effort to memorize them. Moreover, it’s highly likely that many words will never be used because they are outdated.

Anime makes it easier to memorize words by reading subtitles. With this approach, learners ensure that these words are relevant right now to the people of Japan.

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The Human Brain Picks It Up Faster

Remember back in the day when someone wanted to learn another language, they would turn ON the TV or radio to listen to people talk and try to understand the vocabulary. Back then, not every show was translated, and it was quite difficult to understand the words. In order to memorize as many words as possible, people needed a big dictionary.

Today, viewers easily learn Japanese words as the human brain is accustomed to automatically absorbing these words, and this certainly comes in handy when you take up online Japanese classes and is the main benefits of watching anime.

Quick Comprehension Of Words

Think about this, the more you watch anime, the more extensive your database will be. When you listen to conversations of anime characters, you tend to associate the words in subtitles with their expressions. It’s a beautiful way to understand the essence of sentences and specific phrases.

This method further strengthens word memorization and allows the viewers to use them in the future. Also, when you watch more, you are bound to come across repeated words, which again has an excellent effect on comprehension and memorization. Learn Japanese for free

Recognition through sound

One of the main benefits of watching anime is that viewers can differentiate Japanese words and learn their meaning via sound. Anime characters usually tend to be dramatic so as to pique viewers’ interest. Some words are spoken with intonation, making them easy to remember.

Learning while having fun

Anime has interesting characters and plots that fascinate audiences. Viewers can automatically replenish their Japanese vocabulary by watching anime every day without putting in much effort. Anime creators know they have a wider audience to cater to (a big chunk being foreigners), so they make dubbing as understandable as possible.

Many studios never cease to amaze their fans with great content, which helps viewers learn new words in a fun and engaging way.


Grab a comprehensive course and watch anime in your free time if you want to learn Japanese efficiently.