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German Language Learning

Did you know the German language is an extremely popular language for candidates looking to boost their careers? Especially many engineers, who want to take their career to the next level, are opting to learn the German language.

Apart from Germany, German language speakers are present in Central Europe, Southern Italy, Switzerland, and Australia. Do you belong to the technical field? Are you willing to make a shining career? Then, you should certainly consider learning the German language.

Learning and becoming fluent in the German language can help a student boost their communication skills in German-speaking countries for collaborating, creating business interests, and boosting business growth. But, first, it is essential to learn the German language with great fluency, for which you need to enroll in German classes at the Indian Institute of Foreign Languages.

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The Best German Language Learning in Chennai

Do you want to learn and get fluent in the German language? Then, it is high time to start your journey and advance your career. Rest assured- with the proper guidance of top-class German language learning classes with IIFL, you can get fluent German in a short span.

We, at IIFL, take care of each and every student through one-on-one training so that they can learn the German language with ease and correct their mistakes to advance their journey. Are you a student aiming to pursue education in Germany? Are you an employee searching for better job opportunities in Germany? We, at IIFL, are there to help you in your journey towards getting fluent in the German language.

German classes at IIFL, has a team of experienced German language trainers. Rest assured- our trainer recruitment process is very strict. Hence, all of our trainers are passionate and dedicated with great expertise and experience in German language training.

Moreover, trainers at IIFL are friendly and compassionate towards students. They have immense patience in listening to the queries of students and leave no stone unturned to address them. They strive hard to make students comprehend, read, speak, write, and learn the German language. So, when it comes to choosing the best German language learning institute in Chennai, look no further than IIFL.

German classes at IIFL, has best-in-class methods to help students in learning and getting fluent in the German language. All the trainers in IIFL are subject specialists as well as industry experts with rich experience. They try their best to help students in every difficulty they face in times of grasping the concepts of the German language. Our main goal is to help students to learn and get fluent in the German language so that they can take their career in the next level or pursue their higher studies in Germany.

German classes at IIFL provides students with comprehensive details about the ins and outs of the German language. Moreover, our classes are interactive sessions, where students learn in a friendly ambiance.

Besides, students also get familiar with the culture, literature, and various aspects of Germany along with grasping the German language. We want the best career and great success for our students by helping them in comprehending the knowledge of the German language.

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Choose IIFL for German language learning: What Do Students Learn?


At IIFL, the first aspect that we make students familiar with is grammar in the German language. All our trainers are well aware of the fact that grammar acts as the building block when it comes to learning a new language. Students in IIFL get familiar with the sentence construction methods and the differences among the methods.

Our trainers leave no stone unturned to explain each and every concept of the German language. Moreover, we encourage students to practice and revise the grammatical concepts to strengthen their grip over the basic concepts. It would streamline the journey towards the advanced topics of the German language.

German classes at IIFL, has experienced trainers who help to prepare presentations to make every concept as crystal-clear as possible. We always emphasize the grammar segment to boost the capability of students to comprehend other modules of the German language, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing.



German classes at IIFL, keep on introducing small segments of texts to students from the starting of the course to instill the reading skills into them. That is why our trainers take the help of several visual methods to strengthen the capability of students to understand the concepts of the German language. Thus, we make students prepared for reading different kinds of comprehensive texts in the German language, such as emails, short texts, advertisements, etc.


German classes at IIFL believes that writing is also an integral part when it comes to learning a new language. Therefore, we help and support students in learning how to write in the German language.

We also encourage students to fill up forms on their own after learning how to write in the German language. Thus, students can learn to write about themselves, their family, daily routine, holidays, festivals, and so on. Moreover, students also learn to write small emails on various circumstances, such as leave applications, invitations, etc (various informal and formal situations).


Whether you are willing to pursue higher studies or boost your career by seeking work opportunities in Germany, you need to learn how to speak the German language. Our trainers teach different concepts of phonetics to students. Moreover, students also learn intonation methods and pronunciation in the German language. German classes at IIFL also emphasize the formation of the German accent so that students can sound a fluent German speaker.

Our speaking techniques help students to start speaking about various aspects, such as about themselves, day-to-day chores, and so on. We also support students in learning how to structure questions in the German language or how to place requests. Our speaking module also enables students to grasp how to continue a conversation in the German language in different situations in person or via the phone.


German classes at IIFL, help students to build listening skills in the German language. Furthermore, we encourage students to record their German conversations to strengthen their listening skills.

Our trainers help students to get familiar with the German accents. That is how they come to learn to listen to basic telephonic conversations, official announcements, or day-to-day conversations. We employ an audio-video approach to improve the listening capabilities of students. We also encourage students to keep practicing learning the German language with audio files.

IIFL: Our Curriculum

German classes at IIFL tries to cover all the essential concepts, which are an integral part of the German civilization and culture. Moreover, we help and support students to get familiar with the important structures responsible for inculcating thinking abilities in the German language into them.

Our goal here is to help students in thinking and conversing in the German language about themselves, their families, day-to-day schedule, birthdays, festivals, and so on.

German classes at IIFL help students to read books in the German language and prepare them fully via mock tests. We have incorporated various learning methods in our German language curriculum, such as online resources, books, quizzes, and so on.

We want our students to develop their knowledge and skills in the German language with every passing day. Hence, our experts strive hard to enhance the vocabulary of students through interactive sessions. Students are encouraged to speak in the German language throughout the session.

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