Methods To Study Professional French For Business

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Methods To Study Professional French For Business

Do you want to soar high in your career? Is it a YES?

Then, you should consider learning at least one popular international language to strengthen your resume. You might know French is one of the most preferred languages for students. Moreover, it is also a demanded language among job seekers when it comes to standing out from the rest.

However, there is a stark difference between learning basic words in French and mastering the French language. Do you want to learn French to take your business to the next level? Would you like to interact with your French business partners and clients better to boost your confidence? Then, you have to put more time and effort to get fluent in French. As a result, you can expect to grow your French customer base as well as your network.

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In order to start your journey in Business French, you must already be familiar with basic French expressions, idioms, and colloquialisms. Moreover, stay away from French slang to get accustomed to a polished and sophisticated French accent. Otherwise, your language won’t be accepted in the business world.

Note that there is an extremely formal environment in France. That means mastering Business French can set you apart from your competitors and boost your employability. It is time to unveil some of the best strategies to help you to study professional French for Business in a short period.

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Are you a Business Professional? How to learn Business French

Set a Goal of learning Five Words per Day:

The basic step to start your Business French learning journey is to learn only five words per day. Make a notebook your companion while you are learning new words. Keep on writing them one by one with the respective meanings to get a good grasp of the words. Write each word 10 times.

You must keep on practicing new vocabulary on a day-to-day basis to save them on your memory. If you can manage to continue the process, you may end up learning at least 100 words per month.

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Go through La Tribune Online:

When it comes to learning Business French, the significance of La Tribune cannot be ignored. In short, La Tribune is a weekly financial newspaper available in the French language. Hence, it presents news on finance and economic situations, including the stock market and reports.

The best part is that all of the articles of La Tribune are available to read online. So, if you want to boost your Business French fluency, opt for at least one business article daily of La Tribune.

It would be best if you choose articles based on your preferred business niche. However, if you are not sure, choose to read any business article since the main goal here is to improve your Business French fluency.

Do not forget to note down ten unfamiliar French words every time you start reading an article. Find their meaning simultaneously with the help of a French online dictionary. Note that you should take a separate notebook to write the new words and their meanings.

Did you know manual writing helps to memorize things better? Do not forget to revise the 10 words that you have learned today. And you can proceed to another article the next day.

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Go through a Business Book in French that you have already checked out in English:

Is it not an excellent idea to read a business book in French that you have already gone through in English? First, find some of the popular business books in English based on the reviews of other readers (note that the chosen books must also be available in French). Go through each of them.

Once you have completed reading each of them, it is time to start reading their French versions. Since you are already aware of the topic of the book, it would be much easier for you to grasp it in French. Keep writing down unfamiliar words as you start reading the books in French.

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A couple of other ways to hone your Business French fluency are:

Write your resume in French.

Watch videos on real-life business conversations.

Follow French influencers and entrepreneurs on social media platforms.

Read out loud and write French as much as possible to immerse yourself in this language.

Visit and check out a business report.

Business French Courses for Professionals

Are you an entrepreneur with overseas partners? Would you like to start your career in France? Do you want to relocate to the France branch of your office? Are you an expatriate employee? Regardless of the option, you have chosen, you have to master Business French to succeed.

Once you become fluent in Business French, you can boost the level of interaction with your team and business partners. Moreover, you can secure promotion on your job or ensure your job security. It would further pave your way towards financial independence.

Therefore, it is high time to start your journey to a Business French course. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to spread your wings in your career in France. A Business French course would help you to gain interpersonal skills to enable you to converse with your colleagues, superiors, and clients better.

Furthermore, a Business French course for professionals helps students to interact with business visitors, communicate over phone calls, handle business meetings with the utmost professionalism, and so on.

A Business French course also helps students to write better in the French language. Students can expect to improve technical vocabulary linked to their field of interest. In short, a best-in-class course in this regard can boost your employability and take your career to the next level.

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Types of Exams for French Language Business Professionals

When it comes to the exams for evaluating one’s Business French skill, Certificat de français des affaires (CFA) must be mentioned.

A verified CFA certificate helps to set a candidate apart from the rest when added to the resume or job applications.

The best part of the CFA exam is the convenience of instant results, as well as the personal certificate, that candidates receive post a 45-minute test.

The CFA exam analyses a candidate’s French grammar, vocabulary, communication skills, and comprehension. Candidates receive the CFA score based on their performance in the aforementioned segments.

Wrapping Up

In short, Business French helps to accelerate the career of a student and boots the employability of a job seeker. Are you ready to soar high in your career and take your success to the next level? If yes, then it is time to start your journey in Business French for professionals.