How to find the ideal online German language course?

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How to find the ideal online German language course?

Online learning is the way to go in today’s world. Not only is it more economical and efficient for the learner, but it also allows for a much better learning experience. The problem, however, with taking an online German online language course isn’t that there aren’t enough resources, but actually the opposite: there are too many of them.

And so one must determine which would actually be best for their needs. So, how can one tell if an online course is any good?

Here are the important criteria one should look for in any course that they would consider worth their money and – even more importantly – their time.

  1. A clear German language course structure and usability is the key

The ideal online German language course provides the learner with a crystal clear structure that allows them to focus on learning German instead of having to organize their resources or keep track of what they have already worked on and what comes next.

A smooth workflow that takes the learner back into the learning mode after an interruption is what’s needed. It also means that the course materials are readily available and usable on a mobile device.

This is beneficial for both the beginners as well as the intermediate & advanced students, as there are bound to be gaps in one’s knowledge.

In terms of organizing their language learning, students (beginners in particular) are simply not able to make wise choices. To be able to separate the wheat from the chaff requires hundreds of hours of experience.

A complete German language course will take that burden of choices off the learner’s shoulders so that they can simply enjoy the ride.

  1. Understand in order to learn

If the online course teaches you, German, using only German, leave the course. Thousands of learners struggle with learning German due to a monolingual approach.

You might have heard that German language learning is difficult. That’s simply not true. It’s only difficult when someone uses an approach that hasn’t been properly thought through.

It’s no walk in the park; let’s get that out of the way. But, with the right approach, one can even become a master of quantum physics. One doesn’t need to be a gifted language learner in order to become fluent in German.

A significant part of every highly effective and efficient approach to language learning is being taught in the learner’s native language.

  1. Proper feedback and communication

Proper feedback and communication are very important. If no one ever mirrors back to you your mistakes, you won’t learn quickly. You won’t be able to speak the level of German that will allow you to express the real you.

You wouldn’t believe how often German learners get corrected by native speakers in a way that makes them feel like throwing in the towel.

Apart from the main course, German language classes should offer get-togethers or meet-ups in which teachers and learners can connect and discuss questions and problems outside of lesson time.

  1. An online German language course that lets you define pressure

Some learners like to be put under pressure, and some don’t. The ideal course would allow the learner to define the amount of pressure they would like to put on themselves while keeping an eye on how they are actually doing.

Moreover, the German online language course must keep the students’ expectations in check in order for them to truly enjoy their lessons. The class must understand the psychology behind language teaching and learning.

Learning a language is a precious as well as a vulnerable experience, and the online class must find that right balance.

Final thoughts

Finding that “perfect course” is almost impossible. But if you can get an online German language course that covers the points above, you are good to go.