German beginner level

German beginner level

German beginner level:- Topics included

  • Self-introduction
  • Learn to talk about personal information

Basic self-introduction in German:

English: Hello! My name is [Your Name]. I am [Your Age] years old. I am from [Your Hometown]. I speak [Languages You Speak]. I enjoy [Your Hobbies/Interests].

German: Hallo! Mein Name ist [Dein Name]. Ich bin [Dein Alter] Jahre alt. Ich komme aus [Deinem Heimatort]. Ich spreche [Die Sprachen, die du sprichst]. Ich habe gerne [Deine Hobbys/Interessen].

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Here’s a breakdown of the German phrases:

  • “Hallo!” – Hello!
  • “Mein Name ist [Dein Name].” – My name is [Your Name].
  • “Ich bin [Dein Alter] Jahre alt.” – I am [Your Age] years old.
  • “Ich komme aus [Deinem Heimatort].” – I am from [Your Hometown].
  • “Ich spreche [Die Sprachen, die du sprichst].” – I speak [Languages You Speak].
  • “Ich habe gerne [Deine Hobbys/Interessen].” – I enjoy [Your Hobbies/Interests].

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Feel free to replace the placeholders with your own information to create a personalized self-introduction in German. Viel Glück! (Good luck!)

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