In today’s world as everything is going at a fast pace stress and tension has become a common part of life. But it’s necessary to manage our stress and tensions continue on with life. Our expert trainers provide you with the best stress management training and how to handle work-life in a more peaceful way.

Stress management training

Stress Management mainly focus on:

  • Impact of stress at workplace and how to manage stress
  • Distress to de-stress

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Make your employees stress free and create a positive work environment

Our stress management training consists of :

Half-Day Session

  • Program Objective
  • Program Structure
    • Opening
      • Introduction and Icebreaking
      • Purpose of conducting the Stress Management Workshop
    • Main Body
      • What is stress?
      • How to identify that you are stressed?
      • Types of stress
      • Awareness of Stress and its Management
      • Activities Deep Relaxation Techniques
      • Activities Cyclic Meditation
      • Supportive Evidence
    • Benefits of the Workshop
      • Increase positive work atmosphere
      • Enhance productivity
      • Taking Responsibilities
      • Working in Teams
      • Retaining valued employees
      • Increasing Customer Satisfaction
      • Work-Life Balance
  • Closing