Everything you need to know about learning French Courses Online

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Everything you need to know about learning French Courses Online

Are you interested in learning French but don’t know where to start? It’s pretty daunting to think of learning a new language from the comforts of your home. It’s best to take French courses online and learn about the basics. The online courses provide a real-time indulgence of how the learning will take place. There are various verified websites from where you can learn French. You will find verified teachers waiting to teach French to their students. You can also get the best learning experience without leaving your home.

The Internet has made it possible for a myriad of people to get opportunities to learn new languages. Many new learning techniques have emerged in the 21st century. Further, the world is becoming highly competitive presently. People are interested in learning something new. Learning a new language opens up various opportunities to make lucrative careers.

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What is French Pronunciation?

One of the important things to master is French pronunciation. Unless you speak correctly, people will not have an idea of what you are trying to tell. The French language has some sounds that English-speaking people are not used to. The standards of pronunciation don’t apply to the French Language. The French learning students can be divided into three main categories, primary, intermediary and advanced students.

Tips for the beginners learning French Language

Since this is the first time you are starting to learn French, you will be confused. The Language is entirely different from English. Take small steps and give yourself the time to emerge fluently in speaking French.

  1. Make a curriculum for the basics.

When starting with a new language, it’s essential to have a structure that you will like. It will help in making notes and organizing the documents. You have to start with the vocabulary, and getting a textbook works in this case.

  1. Trying flashcards for vocabulary.

One of the effective ways of learning vocabulary is by using flashcards. Besides, you can write the difficult words down and take quizzes on yourself. It is an excellent method of study if you are serious about reading a new language.

  1. Learning the basics of French pronunciation while trying online games

You will take time to get used to the letters and texts in French. Focus on learning the sounds first, and then you can go ahead. Also, don’t be afraid of speaking French whenever you get the chance. Nowadays, students learn through online games, with the Internet giving them vast possibilities. Check out all the cool games to test your knowledge well.

Tips of French learning for the intermediate students

  1. Be an online tutor

After getting the basics, the best way to learn French is to teach the Language yourself. Take classes, and they will make you speak correctly. Online tutors are so much appreciated nowadays. French online courses are in demand.

  1. Start watching French films and content.

This doesn’t mean that you will need audio-only speaking in French. Try watching a French movie with English subtitles. It will be getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. You can gather in French places if your city has it.

  1. Meeting other French students.

First-timers, even struggle to learn French. It’s best to mix up with students on the same path and learn from their experiences. You might be struggling with a single topic that the others can help with. This will make learning so much less stressful and unforgettable.

Tips for advanced French Learners

  1. Take a French level test.

Whether you plan on taking a diploma or not, you can always take a French test. The test will make you confident about the Language. Speak with a French native tutor. The pronunciation might be a little different, but you will learn it that way.

  1. Watch and read French films and books, TV shows.

After learning the basics and intermediaries, it’s time to commit yourself to the French Language. Likewise, if you want to learn the language, you have to learn their art forms. Check out what you are interested in and what the culture has to offer to you. French cinema is the starting point if you don’t know where to start from.

Benefits of getting French Online Courses

  1. Various teachers and courses

No matter what foreign language you want to learn, you will always find it online. You don’t have to move anywhere, and you get all books online. The teachers use various videos for teaching students. They will have language learning tools as well to fit with the learning style. The teachers help the students to personalize their learning programs. This way you will learn French much faster.

  1. Getting more time for practice

When you are learning French traditionally, you are learning with a lot of other students. This doesn’t give you much time to practice the Language. When you take online classes, you are the only student in the class. You can practice the same sets over and over again.

  1. Working at your own pace

It’s great to have a schedule while studying, but you can learn only when the teachers are ready with the on-campus classes. With French online classes, you can take them anytime you want. There is no fixed schedule, and you work however you like. You can design a classroom-like schedule for yourself with other responsibilities included in it too.

  1. Getting the chance to repeat French materials

Repetition helps to revise the notes and Language appropriately. When a person is in a group class, they have limited time. They have to revise everything within that time only. With the online classes, the lectures are recorded, and you can view them anytime you want. Also, you can pause the classes and start it from where you left before.

  1. Having better student interactions

In online classes, you are encouraged to talk to your fellow team members. This way, there is interaction with your classmates regularly. Moreover, online learning helps if you are an introverted person. The online classes will naturally encourage you to engage with other students in the class.

How long does it take to learn the French Language?

The learning time depends on the students, their time invested, attitude, and motivation level. If you are passionate about learning the language, you can learn it within a couple of years. Have the right set of schedules and take on the basics within months. It all depends on the goals you are trying to achieve. The best way is to take an online French tutor to help you with the syllabus. They can guide you through and provide all the essential elements of learning French.

Benefits of learning French and how it helps?

Are you wondering why you should take up the French learning course? Well, the benefits are many.

  1. Help in traveling experiences

Even when you know to speak basic French, it is easier to visit France and its neighboring countries. Further, people at the hotels and restaurants always try to communicate in French. When you know it, you can speak it without any hesitation. The Language also makes it comfortable to talk to people from Canada, Monaco, and other African nations.

  1. Opening the gateway to culture

When you learn a new language, you learn about their culture and diversity too. France is famous for its theatre, visual arts, and architecture. You will be able to read the classics of authors like Victor Hugo, Albert Camus, etc. About 4% of the content on the Internet is French, with about 58 million users. The French Language is so popularly used and so, learning the Language keeps you ahead of the others.

  1. Increasing education possibilities

If you know high-level French, you can enroll in any top French university. It helps you to gain the experience you need. Learning the Language opens up career opportunities for you. While studying abroad shows you a different way of life. Also, it helps in improving the knowledge of the French Language.

  1. Use French as starting point to learn other languages

If you want to learn other languages too, French is the correct Language to start. French is relatively easy for English-speaking people to adopt. Secondly, you can reach the conversational basics quite soon. French is also very similar to Roman languages like Spanish, Portuguese, etc. It will be easier to learn all these languages as well.

What equipment do you need for your French online classes?

Students need a laptop or computer and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can use the Internet via optical fiber, which is considered to be the best. This way, you will have a smooth conversation with your French teachers. A webcam is also crucial to put real human connections in the classes.


Choose online courses from IIFL, we offer various French courses at affordable prices. There is massive flexibility between teachers and students. With online classes getting popular, more students are participating in learning new languages. The virtual classes offer the best environment for learning the French Language. Have the courage and learn a new language!