Scholarships in Germany

Scholarships in Germany

Studying master’s programs in Europe, especially in Germany is an ideal destination for international students. There are several factors for deciding why to study in Germany offers a world-class education, part-time job opportunity, stay back option after study, and lower cost. So learn about the scholarships in Germany for foreign students.

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There are three types of educational institutions that offer higher education in Germany.

1. Universitäten (Universities):
These Universities mainly focus specifically on basic research and these institutions offer all types of academic field courses. Those who study their courses in Technical Universities can go for a doctorate course

2. Fachhochschulen (Universities of Applied Sciences):
These Fachhochschulen Institutions (Applied science universities) offers Industry oriented or job oriented courses. Those who complete their Master program in Applied Science course, cannot do a doctorate course.

3. Kunst- und Musikhochschulen (Universities of Art/Music):
Universities of Art/Music Institutions offer courses like direction, acting, scriptwriting, film, media, architecture, and a variety of design.

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International students with good academic scores will get admission in Germany without tuition fees, but they may have to pay a small amount as semester fees anyway students have to pay for their accommodation, food, and study material. There are no tuition fees only public universities.

In Germany there are two types of scholarships available:

Government-Founded Scholarships:

1. DAAD Scholarship:
DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) is the German Academic Exchange Service is a German higher education institution’s joint organization. The DAAD mainly concentrates on the exchange of students, academics, and funding to the international students in Germany.

DAAD scholarship is given to the well-qualified students who completed their Bachelor’s degree and this DAAD scholarship is available only to the students who are planning to join for full-time course study. DAAD scholarship of 850 Euros monthly as a stipend

2. Erasmus+:
The Erasmus+ is one of the largest scholarship providers for students who are planning to study in Europe. This is run by the European Council and Erasmus+ scholarship provides for living expenses.

Non-Government Scholarships:
Apart from government-funded scholarships, there are non-government scholarships also available who are planning to study in Germany.
1. Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships:
The Heinrich Böll Foundation provides around 1200 scholarships every year to aspired students who are planning to do their undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. The aspiring students should be studying in Germany and recognized by State or state-recognized universities.

2. Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship:
The Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship gives scholarships to the students who are doing their postdoctoral research at the University of Berlin, in Germany.

3. Humboldt Research Fellowships:
The Humboldt Research Fellowships scholarships to scholars and scientists to any internationals for any subjects in Germany.

4. Deutschland Stipendium:
Students who are highly talented and who enrolled in German University are eligible, this completely merit-based scholarship. Any nationality applies to get the Deutschland Stipendium scholarships. These scholarships 300 euros per month.

5. Mawista Scholarship:
This Mawista scholarship is for students who are studying in Germany and any other countries while taking care of a child.

6. Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships:
The Kurt Hansen Science scholarships to the students who study in Germany, who are planning to become science educators. This is funded by the Bayer Foundation.

University Scholarships:
Apart from government-funded and non-government scholarships, there is one more scholarship opportunity available that is University Scholarship.

1. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Doctoral Tuition Waivers:
The tuition fee is waived off to the students who are doing doctoral in English at Frankfurt School of Management and finance. This scholarship is available to the following programs Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, and Mathematics.
2. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences:
This scholarship is available to the International students who are studying at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences master’s program for all the subjects.

3. Kofi Annan MBA Scholarships:
The Kofi Annan MBA Scholarship is for developing countries students to do their full-time one-year MBA (Master of Business Administration) course at ESMT (European School of Management and Technology). This scholarship is given up to five students every year.

4. Universität Hamburg:

Hamburg University provides merit-based scholarships to all the international students who all excellent qualified. This scholarship is available for all the programs of degree level courses, and who enrolls for two-semester courses at least.

5. Ulm University Scholarships:
Ulm University provides scholarships to all the International students only for one semester and these scholarships are completely based on the student’s need and students who enroll at Ulm University to do their higher studies.

6. RWTH Aachen University:
RWTH Aachen University is providing scholarships to international and home students also. This scholarship is given to doctoral candidates and to those who are pursuing their master’s program.

7. KAAD Scholarships:
KAAD Scholarships for Developing Countries like Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Eligibility criteria are students should be from Catholic Christian groups and must be having German language skills. This scholarship is given to the students who are doing their Master’s programs and doctoral level courses.