French Classes in Rajajinagar: Why should one learn the language?  French-La France en Nouvelle

French Classes in Rajajinagar: There are many advantages of learning the language

  1. Global language
  2. Highly opportunistic
  3. A language of rich culture and heritage
  4. A romantic language
  5. International relationships
  6. A language for higher education
  7. Language for international job market
  8. Easy and a language of fun
  9. French as a basis of other languages
  10. Rich in vocabulary
  11. Grammar and pronunciation

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french classes in rajajinagar

Global language

French is the most widely spoken and accepted languages as it is spoken by more than 200 million people across five continents. Many countries follow French as the official lang uage. It is popular and spoken as an official language in countries such as Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Central Republic of Africa, Monaco to name a few. Many Francophone countries like Algeria, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Tunisia use French as their second language. The biggest International network  of language and cultural for institutes which offers French-Language courses  is operated by France.

Highly Opportunistic

French Language is the most sought after language especially in the job markets. Speaking French becomes an advantage as communicating in  foreign languages other than English is preferable.  France is a country which has ventured its business in many francophone countries and also many   European countries  at the borders of France, North and Central Africa due to which French language has created careers such as interpreters, translators in the field of Hospitality, Tourism, and Hotel management. Generated demands for trainers to teach French, and also careers like editing, proofreading  of French language, Ambassadors of French for the International Organisations namely UN, NATO and UNESCO have emerged. France stands number-three destination partner for foreign investments and is the world’s fifth biggest key partner in the world’s economy.

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France is popular for its rich culture and heritage. Artists, painters, and photographers admire France for its variety and have considered it to be a source of inspiration.

The countryside, the historic towns and picturesque villages are some of the world’s rich heritage sites.  One of the greatest opportunities to visit France is ‘The European Heritage Days’, a special season in the month of September each year. There is no doubt that it is a pleasure to visit France and explore the gems of French Culture. The UNESCO includes 43 world Heritage sites of France.

What’s more? There are around 6,000 libraries, more than 35,000 monuments and sites which are well maintained and protected.

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As France is a nation which encourages diverse art forms, there are around 8,000 museums, 5,000 film theatres, and about 500 theatre, music and dance festivals are hosted.

It is a well known fact that France has an extra-ordinary culture which is a source of enjoyment through out the country all round the year.

France is a shelter Archaeological, cultural and historic treasures which is an excellent reason to justify that the culture is worthwhile and valuable for travellers.

A language of Romance, Love and reason

French is  considered as a raomantic language as the language is rich, sweet, and melodious and is used to translate romantic expressions and is also known as languae of love.French develops analytical thinking and hence it is called Language of reason. As it is a language of great scholars aand philosophers (Descartes, Sartre, and derrida  and so on) and also language for great scientists (Pierre, Marico,  Curie, Pastuer, Georges Cherpak etc.,), there is no wonder to be considered as the language of science too. A good language for discussions and debates.


French is an official language of the United nations, the European union, UNESCO, NATO, International Red cross and International courts. It is the main language of three cities such as Strasbourg, Brussels, and luxumbourg which acts as the headquarters for the EU institutions

A languge for higher education

France is well known for its renowned schools , universities and Business schools and colleges and ranks among the prestigious top advanced education institutions in the world. An inclination to understudies is offered to students who can communicate easily in French by these education foundations These understudies are qualified to have government grants. the biggest benefit here is that it can crack at postgraduated studies and other French degrees in France.

French as a language for International job markets

france is one of the world’s largest economies which eventually has become a leading destination for the foreign investments. As France is the key partner in the companies  global business, communicating in French opens the doors of many French companies and other French-speaking countries of the world. That is why the knowledge of French is an advantage in the  a

Easy and a language of fun

The vocabularu of French has much in common with that of the vocabulary of English. Though learning French takes a bit of time and effort, it is relatively easy as it is closely related to English. French is a language for everyone right from youngsters to adults as it is a pleasant language. there are various methods which makes learning French enjoyable.

French as a basis of other languages

Half of the Modern day  English vocabulary is is similar to French as it is derived from French. French languages acts as a good base to learn languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Learning these languages becomes easy and effective keeping French as a base language.

Rich in vocabulary:

French language is rich in its vocabulary: the list is huge. Here are some of the beautiful words used in the Frenc language.

A la carte – on the menu

A ll ee – alley

Aperitif – cocktail, drinks

Atout – asset

Argent – silver

Bisous – kisses

Bondon –  candy

Deja vu- already seen

Repose – to rest

Rendez-vouz – meeting

Grammar and pronunciation:

In English grammar, we can see the influence of French language, especially in the word order related to certain expressions. An interesting fact is, most of the adjectives are placed after the noun when it comes to French language.

This rule is applied in English language grammar as well rather than the usual rule (Adjective + Noun) order. For example, Secretary general and surgeon general instead of general secretary and General Surgeon.

The origin of diphthongs such as (oy) as in boy and coy, which are used in English language are all derived

From French language.

About French Classes at Indian institute of Foreign Languages in Rajajinagar.

Indian Institute of foreign languages offers training courses for students,  working professionals, corporate companies and educational institutes.  Students who stay in and around Rajajinagar can avail this training to learn French.

Since ‘Namma Metro’ is easily accessible, commuting is not at all a problem.


Indian Institute of Foreign languages follows a perfect syllabus for DELF/DALF Exams which enables the students to prepare for the DELF/DALF exams for French language. There are around 6 levels and each level has four parts of exam; the student is tested in these four areas of Listening, Reading, writing and Speaking.

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As there is no fixed syllabus for these exams, we follow a fixed syllabus to avoid confusion and irritation for the students. Also, as the usage of grammar, vocabulary and expressions are different in different books, we follow the guidelines prescribed   by CEFR to attain language proficiency.


There are six levels of training course: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

The  objectives achieved at each level of learning French Language are given below.


  • Ability to uundestand and respond basic expressions such

as greetings, farewell etc., and can be communicated.

  • will be able to give his or her introduction clearly and also to introduce others.
  • Ability to interact with people in their day to day life. Easy communication is possible while communicating with shopkeepers, vendors etc.,
  • Attain basic knowledge of vocabulary; the words related to family, relationships, household items are well recognized and communicated.
  • Identification and naming of countries, places, nationalities in French.
  • Ability to read simple sentences and form simple sentence structures.
  • To write post cards, letters, emails, expressing personal experience, about vacationand holidays or inviting others using basic sentence structures.
  • To talk about shapes, sizes, colours, vegetables and fruiots.
  • will have basic knowledge about French grammar( nouns, pronouns, numbers, adjctives, articles, prepositions and verbs)
  • will have the basic knowledge of simple present tense, past tense, and futuretense.


students at A2 Level are able to

  • express his/her feelingsof hunger, thirst, hot and cold.
  • give directions about a place and ask for the same.
  • participate in the discussions related to day to day events.
  • express feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, and surprise.
  • follow and understand set of simple instructions on sign boards, brochures etc.,
  • read simple sentences in the magazines, newspapers, manuals etc.,
  • read kitchen recipes with the help of a dictionary.
  • speak and write about likes and dislikes, hobbies, leisure activities, work, education and many more topics with grammar accuracy.


At this level, a student is able to

  • understand discussion of a topic and is able to discuss with his or her peers, friends at a normal pace.
  • participate in group discussions with native speakers, and to understand explanations given by the teacher.
  • narrate small stories, recall incidences and repeat it. For example, breaking news on TV, a sports event, a movie watched etc.,
  • Read and understand the text without dictionary.
  • speak and write his/her opinions, thoughts, suggestions related to personal likes and dislikesak about topicslike pollution, culture, people, education unemployment, politics etc.,
  • explain reasons, causes and consequences related to personal matters.
  • write a description and speak about it on topics such as places, objects in a sequence using appropriate linking words and phrases.
  • write and speak about personal experiences in life, future dreams, aspirations, goals etc.,
  • speak about topics like pollution, culture, people, education, unemployment and politics.


Students after completion of B2 level will be able to

understand the ideas and respond to it. They are able to understand complex text, topics related to technology, science and education at both concrete and abstract levels.

express and interact fluently with native speakers without strain . create texts with wide range of sentence structures with grammar accuracy and able to explain complex view points without any difficulty.


After completion of C1 and C2 levels students are able to

achieve fluency to produce effective communication both while speaking and writing and also comprehend reading texts very well. They clearly understand the conversations and discussions as their listening skills are deceloped. The student also attains sound knowledge about French language. the student can give the exams in a method followed by French which is different from the pattern of exam of any other country. At this level, the student gains proficiency in this language.


In India, especially in schools who follow STATE, ICSE, IGCSE Syllabus have introduced foreign languages as one the language subjects either as second or third language. As we are aware that in the classroom, it is difficult to provide individual attention, both in schools and colleges, language learning becomes too difficult.

At Indian Institute of Foreign Languages, we provide training by giving individual attention which makes learning easy and fast. For these students, we follow the text prescribed  by the STATE/ICSE/IGCSE Boardess.

At Indian Institute of Foreign Languages, as the trainers are highly experienced, dedicated and efficient, we ensure right training so that the students can be confident in learning.

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