Personality Development and Soft Skills Training

The Word personality has come from the Latin word ‘persona’ which means mask. There are numerous definitions for the word ‘Personality’ but most often it is thought as a mix of characteristics of an individual that outlines his uniqueness of his characters. Its more a make-up for one’s physiological thoughts and feelings that is projected through his behaviour. People often try to mask their actual behaviour and present themselves in a very organised manner. But very few are successful in doing so. Actually one needs to master the art of controlling his behaviour and presenting himself in the right way. A person is said to have good personality if he has the ability to impress others without much effort.

Hi All, We are glad to inform that we have started Personality Development and Soft Skills Training in Marathahalli and Jayanagar, Bangalore as well. Please visit our website of Marathalli Branch for more details. Please visit for Jayanagar Branch.

Our training on personality development and soft skills help you identify your personality and improve it.

Personality Development and Soft Skills Training

Course contents

  • Determinants of personality development. Determining and molding the personality pattern. personality theories
  • Physical, intellectual, emotional, social and various other determinants
  • Determinants of soft skills
  • Hard soft skills and soft soft skills
  • Emotional intelligence, controlling emotional stress, anxiety, frustration, jealous and envy
  • Self-awareness, developing healthy personalities and elements to success
  • Critical thinking skills, handling conflicts and ethics
  • Adaptability, developing positive altitude
  • Communication skills, speeches and presentation