Looking to study overseas in 2022? Here are the key aspects to look out for!

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Looking to study overseas in 2022? Here are the key aspects to look out for!

Each year comes with its set of possibilities and uncertainties. In this article, we discuss what 2022 might have in store for Indian students looking to study overseas based on certain key aspects. So, let’s get started.

Teaching styles

Teaching styles saw a significant change over the last 2 years. Universities worldwide switched to online teaching due to the pandemic. As learning institutes are looking to go back to face-to-face teaching, they want to mix in the good parts of online learning. Most UK universities have been using high-quality Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) since before COVID, but the pandemic sure has highlighted how important these spaces are. When choosing your university, look for such facilities.

Enforcing safety measures….again!

It looks like this year, too, will be all about COVID and how each country deals with the situation. In the UK, universities are limiting the number of people on campus so that students can have access to all the facilities. Teaching staff along with the support professionals remain, whereas staff not facing the students are working from home again.

Another safety measure is going back to wearing masks on the premises, helping control the spread of COVID and other infections.

To ensure safety, the UK is also rolling out a vaccine booster campaign. Indian students pay for health care during their visa process, and they are entitled to all health care services provided by the UK NHS.

Better career prospects/hot degrees right now

The health and technology sector has witnessed a massive number of students coming in, choosing to move away from business degrees. Studying ICT has always been in demand for Indian students; however, the last two years have shown just how important this field really is. Areas like artificial intelligence and cyber security hold key for the future. Health-based courses don’t just include traditional MBBS and nursing degrees but also areas pertaining to medical research, such as biomedical science.

Funding your education

Many students studying abroad rely on part-time jobs while they study in order to support themselves. However, that mechanism took a major hit amid COVID, with students not being able to afford food or rent. The business sector, just like everything else, suffered a huge blow from the pandemic. Businesses in need resorted to financial support from the government, furloughing their staff and paying part of their wages. Obviously, that does not bode well for students working cash-in-hand jobs.

Looking to study overseas in 2022, students must be smart and adhere to the rules and restrictions placed on part-time work, such as registering and paying taxes. Job security is better when organizations follow employment regulations. Students can also call upon their universities to help them out, but that kind of support isn’t always guaranteed for international students. So, it’s always better to check before signing up.

Being prepared for change

The only certainty one can count on in 2022 is change. The pandemic influenced education seekers’ decisions in many ways. Learners changed their education destinations at the last minute. Many prefer the UK or USA as Australia is no longer a big focus. The best way to deal with it is to have a plethora of options. Consider more than one option, just in case regulations change, or something major happens in that country. Look at different universities in different locations for each country.

Try to learn the language of the country you wish to go in the meantime. This will help you a lot when you do go there.

Studying overseas is promising, appealing, and offers a unique experience. Nevertheless, in order to get that coveted spot, one must do careful planning. So, undertake due diligence and choose what’s best for you.

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