Online German Classes in Mumbai

Learn German language at the Indian Institute of Foreign Languages, one of the leading Foreign Language Institute based in Bangalore, trained over 10,000 students from all over India for various foreign languages, including German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. We also train students for various tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. Also, we have started online German classes in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and other major cities in India.

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Online German Classes in Mumbai


Being a language training provider for the past 8 years, we have trained our students with specially designed courses and an international standard syllabus that helps students in cracking Certification exams and, at the same time to get them fluent enough in the languages in order to compete in the job market.

Why you have to choose IIFL?

• We are a member of the European Language Council (ELC)
• 11 years of experience in Language training
• Internationally framed syllabus and training techniques
• We also prepare you for Certification exams
• Get trained under native speakers and also certified Indian trainers
• Internally compiled materials to make understanding more easier
• Fully equipped classrooms for offline and Online platforms for online classes
• We also assist students planning to move abroad for studies
• Flexible batch timing and customized batches

Looking for German language classes in Mumbai? 

With a rich cultural heritage and a thriving international community, Mumbai offers plenty of opportunities to involve yourself in the language. Whether you are planning to travel, study abroad, or enhance your career prospects, learning German can open up a world of possibilities. But with so many options available, how do you select the right German language classes in Mumbai?  Indian Institute of Foreign Languages is now providing German online language classes in Mumbai, 10 years of expert tutoring will guide you through the language learning program. The effective class timings, brilliant study materials, and expert trainers make a  perfect German language class in Mumbai. 

Benefits of taking online German classes in Mumbai

Taking online German classes in Mumbai comes with a range of benefits that make language learning more convenient and flexible. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to learn from anywhere, at any time. With online German classes, you can stay away from Mumbai’s traffic and instead, learn comfortably from your own home or office.

Another benefit of online German classes in Mumbai is the flexibility it offers in terms of scheduling. Online German classes allow you to choose a time that fits your busy lifestyle. And choose time according to your commitments. Furthermore, online German classes in Mumbai by the Indian Institute of Foreign Languages, provide interactive learning materials and resources that enhance the learning experience. These may include virtual flashcards, quizzes, and multimedia presentations which make German language online classes in Mumbai learning engaging and fun.

Additionally, online German classes in Mumbai,  usually offer personalized attention from experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping students succeed. You have the opportunity to ask questions directly and receive immediate feedback on your progress.

Moreover, taking online German classes in Mumbai opens doors for networking opportunities with learners from different backgrounds. This allows for cultural exchange and provides an enriching environment where you can practice conversation skills with others who share your passion for language acquisition.

Opting for online German classes in Mumbai brings numerous advantages such as convenience, flexibility in scheduling, access to interactive resources, personalized attention from instructors, and opportunities for cultural exchange.

German language online classes in Mumbai offer a unique and convenient way for individuals to explore the rich cultural heritage of Germany. German language online classes in Mumbai provide a comprehensive curriculum, delivered by experienced and qualified instructors who are well-versed in both German grammar and conversational skills. learners can participate in interactive sessions to improve the learning environment from the comfort of their homes. The German language online classes in Mumba cover all aspects of language acquisition, including vocabulary building, pronunciation exercises, reading comprehension, writing practice, and listening skills. Moreover, these German online classes in Mumbai incorporate multimedia resources such as videos, audio clips, and texts to expose students to diverse German accents and regional dialects. Furthermore, regular assessments are done to ensure constant progress monitoring while personalized feedback helps learners address individual challenges effectively. Joining German language online classes in Mumbai presents an invaluable opportunity for individuals seeking to broaden their horizons through language proficiency in one of Europe’s most influential languages.

Why Learn German in Mumbai?

Mumbai, also known as the “City of Dreams”, is a melting pot of diverse cultures and languages. Among the many languages spoken in Mumbai, German has gained significant popularity in recent years. More and more people are enrolling in German language courses to enhance their career prospects or simply for personal growth. 

But why do we choose to learn German in Mumbai? Here we discuss the reasons behind the growing trend of learning German in Mumbai and how it can truly benefit individuals.

To learn German in Mumbai can greatly enhance your career prospects. With Germany being Europe’s largest economy and home to several multinational companies such as BMW, Siemens, and Deutsche Bank, there is a high demand for professionals who are proficient in German. Knowing the language can give you competitive skills in job applications and open up opportunities for work or study abroad. To learn German in Mumbai allows you to explore rich cultural heritage. From literature and music to cinema and philosophy, Germany has made significant contributions to various fields of art and culture throughout history. Being able to understand the works of famous writers like Goethe or Kafka in their original language gives you a deeper understanding of their works. learning German in Mumbai can improve your cognitive skills. Studies have shown that multilingualism strengthens brain function by improving memory retention and problem-solving abilities. As German has many similarities with English (both belong to the West-Germanic language family), it can be relatively easy for English speakers to grasp certain aspects of grammar and vocabulary. Furthermore, learning  German can also facilitate travel


Online German classes in Mumbai:

If you are looking for the best institute for learning German classes online you can choose our Online German classes offered at Indian Institute of Foreign Languages. Our online classes are unique with certified trainers, a standard syllabus, and a training methodology. We have a unique student portal that facilitates us to monitor our online classes, Training quality, Student attendance, and feedback over each and every class. We will have a complete track on the quality of each and every class and syllabus being covered so that we make sure that students are not missing out on anything and getting the best out of our training and they are completely satisfied. On the other end, students can also view our course details and watch through our free demo classes by creating an account and Logging In. For Free demo classes Login our portal

How is German Language course structured?

How many levels are in German language?

According to CEFR( Common European Framework of references) German Language course comprises of 6 levels starting from A1 Beginner level to C2 Advance level.

CEFR Levels Our Courses What do you learn?
A1 (Breakthrough or Beginner level) A1 You learn how to make simple inquiries in speaking and writing, and to give instructions. You build on your basic grammar skills and increase your vocabulary.
A2 (Waystage or Elementory) A2 You learn how to express yourself adequately in familiar, everyday situations and to read and understand simple texts.
B1 (Threshold or Intermediate) B1 You consolidate and revise basic grammar structures, and learn to lead discussions on interesting topics.
B2 (Vantage or Upper Intermediate) B2 You have a command of the essentials of German. You practice reading, writing and discussing difficult topics and work-related issues.
C1 (Effective operational proficiency or Advanced) C1 You learn to express yourself clearly both in speaking and writing on a large number of topics and to understand almost all texts.
C2 (Mastery or Proficiency) C2 Individual; You can express yourself fluently in German. You work on literary, social-political, cultural and scientific topics.


Our syllabuses, Course duration, Training methodology are strictly as per CEFR standards and guidelines, so that our students get fluent enough to crack certification exams.

If you are looking for online German language classes in Mumbai, Indian Institute of foreign Languages offer online classes at best price that you cannot get out of any other institutes. We do offer classes for quite attractive prices, our prices includes study materials comprise of Text books, Work books and Audio CD’s and also additional internally compiled materials.