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Study Abroad consultants in Bangalore – Indian Overseas education services help students to understand the process and procedure to apply for universities across the world.

Students Always will have dilemma to choose country & course.  It’s not good idea to choose a country just by looking at GDP or economic prosperity of a country.

Indian overseas education Services helps you to choose best country to study.

Steps to be followed to choose a country to study abroad.


Plan well in advance before making decision on choosing a country  don’t rush, Decisions which are made out of impulse will not be good decision. Once you choose a country you must have to stay in that country for at least three to four years depending upon the course. We strongly recommend you to make a list of your objectives of study abroad; it means make a list of things you expect out of study abroad.  Once your objectives are ready do initial research in Google and speak to people around you and collect some information regarding your decision.

Destination culture and Personality:

Usually Indian students who want to study choose commonly US, UK, Canada, Australia Europe –Germany, France, Italy, and Norway Japan. These all the common destinations for Indian Students. If you

University Ranking

While choose university to study abroad you have to consider university global ranking. If you are confused and have doubts regarding choosing universities contact Study abroad consultants in Bangalore.

Academic Score of yours

Even though if you dream  to join best universities, If you have low academic score it would be tough to get into best universities, So in that time choose universities which offers best course for you. Ultimately making best career is not dependent on university its dependent on choosing course which meets your passion, course which you can offered and course which has good future. Choosing college outside country is very difficult task if you are looking for any assistance and if you are looking for study abroad consultants in Bangalore feel free to contact us.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Indian Institute of Foreign Languages provides IELTS training .  Students who needs to go abroad for higher studies and people who needs to go

Welcome to Japanese Cultural Festival @ Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (IIFL) – Banashankari branch on 18th March 2017 (Saurday) at 5: PM to 7: PM.
We are organizing an event on Japanese language and culture in a simple and educative way. The event, through a unique manner combines fun filled and interactive methods involving a different activities.
So come and join us and get to know about it, making a event a huge success.
Your presence will surely be of great pleasure to us.

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages is conducting a fun activity based on English language for all the candidates of IIFL. Kindly register your name for making if convenient to organize for you.

Venue: Banashankari Branch

Date: 12- March – 2017

Time: 12 : 00 PM – 2: 00PM

Study in Germany Workshop

If you are planning to study in Germany and if you want to understand the process of shortlisting universities, Applying to college,preparing necessary documents, Visa process and departure preparation this event will be very helpful. If you have queries regarding Study in Germany you can ask speaker.

If you want to understand part time and full time job market this event will be helpful to you.
This event will be conducted by Shashikanth is he currently studying in Germany.

Venue: Banashankari Branch

Date: 5th March 2017

Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm

If you are planning to appear for German A1  Goethe exam in March. This event will be helpful.

In this event an instructor will be giving you tips and  overview of Goethe exam pattern. This event includes video & audio sessions.

Only 15 students can participate in this event. First come first serve basis.

Join event if you are interested to participate.

Venue : Indian institute of foreign languages Banashankari branch
                 On Saturday 25-02-2017  at 5 PM to 7 PM

If you are planning to appear for German A1  Goethe exam in March. This event will be helpful.

In this event an instructor will be giving you tips and  overview of Goethe exam pattern. This event includes video & audio sessions.

Only 15 students can participate in this event. First come first serve basis.

Join event if you are interested to participate.

Venue : Indian institute of foreign languages Banashankari branch
                 On Wednesday 22-02-2017  at 5 PM to 7 PM

We invite you to watch German Movie , It helps to improve your listening skills , pronunciation & vocabulary.

Watching movies is an effective way to develop an ear for the language. You also get to experience the spoken language in many different social situations you would probably never find yourself in .

Limited seats available confirm your registration on or before 17th feb.

Click below mentioned link for further details.


Japanese Language Classes in BTM:

 Japanese Language Classes in BTM

Japan (Nippon): The Country of Rising Sun

The name Japan or Japanese has become synonym with words like Sayonara, Manga, Anime, Shushi, Sakura bloom etc. Japanese culture, heritage & traditions are world renowned. Japan is an archipelago located in the Eastern part of the Asian continent and surrounded by many water bodies such as the Pacific Ocean, Philippine Sea, East China Sea and Sea of Japan. It consists of 4 islands Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu, of which Honshu is the biggest. The capital city of Tokyo is situated in Honshu Island. In our Japanese language classes in BTM, we introduce students to the various interesting facts about the major cities in the Japanese mainland.

Geographically Japan is located on the Pacific ring of Fire and has many active or extinct volcanoes. These natural phenomenons have shaped the Japanese landscape beautifully. Japan has a mixture of nearly 6 different types of weather. For a small island Japan has varied landforms like mountain ranges, fertile plains, long coastal plains, deltas, peninsulas & estuaries. The rivers in Japan are not too long, however they are very swift. The longest and the River Shinano itself is 342 km in length. The world famous Mount Fuji which is the tallest mountain peak in the country is a major tourist attraction as well the numerous natural hot springs across Japan.

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The Mysteries Evolution of the Japanese Language:

The language form taught in our Japanese languages classes in BTM is called the “Modern/Standard Japanese”. This standard form has evolved from old, late old and middle Japanese forms since the early 8th.

There are many theories regarding the evolution of Japanese language, some weirder than the other. For example: some linguists believe that during 9th  century Korean rice farmers travelling to Japan bought with them the predecessors of the language which then combined with the crude native language spoken by the hunter gatherers of Japan and the Chinese language. The result is what we now know as the “Modern Japanese”.

However none of these theories have any documented proof about the actual origin of the spoken form of Japanese. The Japonic language family is unique and there are no other language systems matching it in this world. Spoken Japanese closely relates to Korean phonetically as both the languages share the same vowel sounds and syllable stress. However written Japanese is a mixture of Chinese characters (Kanji), the 2 kana’s (Hiragana & Katakana) and many loanwords from English known as the Romaji.

Our experienced trainers handling Japanese language classes in BTM deal with each of these scripts separately and will explain the context in which they have to be used while framing or reading sentences.

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The Present and Future of Japanese in India:

In India foreign language presence has been gradually increasing over the past decade. Japanese is one among these foreign languages which is becoming quite popular within students and professionals. As is the level of complexity involved in learning this language high, so is the financial perks gained after completing each level of Japanese language classes in BTM. The gap between supply and demand i.e., the number Japanese language experts available in India and number of open job positions is very wide.

Due to accelerated trade relations between Japan and India, in terms of increasing Indo-Japanese joint ventures, investment in Japanese FDI in automotive sector and the increase in the top ranking university in Japan has resulted in demand for Japanese language specialist / students in India.

Many universities like JNU, Pune University, IGNOU etc., are already teaching Japanese at diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s level. The private sector has taken a lead in this regard and numerous foreign language schools have sprung to life across the country to teach Japanese at different levels. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages is one such institute which has been training students in foreign languages for more than 3 years including Japanese language classes in BTM.

Finally learning Japanese can be slightly challenging but not impossible and it can be highly rewarding financially and professionally for any individual with zeal to learn.

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